For me, this is so hard to say
One of my daughter's dogs passed away
I never had a pet or dog of any kind in my life
This time we had five dogs living with us
And they are all a special delight
Sadie had her own kind of personality
And she had this one special specialty
Whenever her brothers or sister walked near
They all made sure they stayed clear
Sadie always loved the food that we ate
Sometimes my daughter tells me she is gaining
To much weight
I think one of her favorite food was the doughnuts
I guess she considers this her bonus
She always wanted to be the first in line
And make sure none of the doughnuts were left behind
If I walked from the kitchen to the living room
Sadie would have to see if I had any food to consume
When she started her way to heaven in front of me
I didn't know I had so many tears in me
And I knew anytime Sadie was going to be pain-free
When I said my last goodbyes
I cried and cried
It had to be one of my toughest goodbyes
Saying goodbye with her eyes wide open
It will be in my life of one of the toughest times
Sadie, you gave me that special love
That no other dogs could give
I know God is calling
You will leap with open arms in heaven
And finally, your pain and suffering will be released

Sadie love you always Grandpa

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