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Memories of vodka, rascal, & sam beispiel
You were a very imporant if not the most imporant part of our lives. You were there when I cried, when I laughed, when I smiled, or just there!!! Your souls are there forever. That nobody can take away. May you all be in doggy heaven and are all playing together. I hope I can be as great you were and be there for you again someday. Life is so fleeting. We have so little time together and we should use it wisely. When I adopted you[Vodka] I was young. But we did all we could for you. You lived to be almost 15 1/2 years old. Then I found you [Rascal], running loose. You were just 3mos old[not quite sure]. I found you sitting on my mother's doorstep the day my father died. Incidently my father had said to me if he could come back it would be as a poodle so I could take care of him. You died 6mos after I put Vodka to sleep. You must have been so lonely. I know that shortened your stay with us. Cancer played a factor too. Then I said no more dogs. That lasted about 3mos. Stuart and I went to the humane center and I found you[Sam]. You were just a little puppy. I named you Sam after my father. My mother gave you the name. She wanted to have somebody named after my dad. You left us 9 1/2 yrs later. We have missed you all so much. Our love for you guys has never diminished. Your pictures, collars, ashes, but most of all the marvelous memories you left are always are a part of us. We keep you in hearts and minds always.

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