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Memories of Poppy
poppy loved to go the nursing home to visit the children and adults learning to live with their disabilities. she did tricks and played with them. she met every person that came to her own home with a toy in her mouth to greet them and make them feel welcome Poppy lived with a pit bull and a Doberman and was the queen of the house. It was funny to see her make the other dogs mind their manners. I still see Poppy's place on my bed even tho I bought a new spread. I know you use to love summer and floating on your raft in the pool.Brandi has come back to live here for a while and she still loves to swim and float too. she like Rebel are both getting old and bit stiff. I miss you very much. I hope you found my dad to be with you until I can join you both. Have you seen Diamond? She left a few months after you. She tried to kill Rebel and since she only loved me and food there was no way to get her a new home. I hope she made it there with you too. Please look for a german shepherd named Ice. I tried to help him but he did not make it. I have missed having a little dog and wished one would come my way. 5 minutes later I found a shih tzu sitting in the middle of the road. We never found his owner. He is so much like you, except in color I wondered if you sent him to me. please know that no other pet will replace you but they are loved in their own way. I have lost Brandi and now Rebel. I hope you are all together and having fun. I hope my sorrow at losing all of you gets better. I still cry when I think of all of you. I do feel better knowing all of you are feeling free and happy. another year has passed. I have lost my Mom this year. It is so hard some times to just keep going, but I must. You would have loved my new grand daughter Maddie I wish you could have been around for her but you will see her some day. I still love and miss you another year. They pass so fast. You are still missed here. I think of you often. I am getting old and moving slow. We now have 6 dogs here and can not find them homes like we used to. Folks just don't have the money to care for them. I will have to stop the rescues for now. Love Mom Yet another year has passed and now Kristi snd Maddie have move in with us with their dog Abby. We are hoping to move to the country so we will have more room. I hope you are not tired of waiting for me just run and enjoy yourself I miss you still Here has been another year. I hope you have seen mom and dad. we did find a home for the rescued pitbull. you would have loved meeting Maddie. She really has a love for animals for a nearly 5 yr. old. I still miss you love mom WOW yet another year, how they fly by now. be free and wait awhile. still love you and miss you Mom Hi Poppy life just keeps rolling along, We had to put poor Abby down, She had cancer she felt so bad she was glad to go, so please look for her. There are so many of you there now. love you Mom Hello my love can't believe it another year and I still miss you, at work we have lost a few greyhounds, very sad they had finished racing and come to us to find them, homes and they did not make it. So if you see any there say hi for me hope you are still enjoying your self. all here is still the same. I will be 70 this Jan. moving slow, but I still go to work, swim in the summer, and of course still love to read and ride horses. love and miss you. Mom this hasn't been a very good year for us. Paw Paw has been very sick and then I got an infection in my foot and had to have on leg taken off just below my knee. I did very well though and was able to walk the day I got my new leg. Still working and doing most of the things I enjoy. Love you this has been another bad year. Paw paw passed away. hope you may have seen him there, Prada my other standard poodle passed away as well as Tuffy, then to top it off I had breast cancer again and had my breast removed.Please look for the 2 furbabies I lost. I have been bummed out and haven't written these last dogs up here at the bridge. enough complaining I still feel pretty good until next year my love mom Oh my sweet girl I often wonder why I'm still here. I do of course have 2 new little rescues and Bully dog. I am making it spring time for you, I know it was your favorite. We had a big snow this year, you would have been lost in it. You have been there a long time, just wait I'll be there before you know it. Love forever Mom I'm going to let be fall for awhile when the air is cooler.I'm still with the Alabama Greyhound And Adoption Center. We are now taking hounds all over North America as well as Canada, Nova Scotia. There adoption groups that work with us. Now Greyhounds find homes. Another of my rescues is up there with you now. Guess I have a giant pack waiting for me. For now, remember I will always love and miss you. MOM Please look for a little dog named Toto. She lived a rough life until I took her to live with me. She had 4 good years. The Greyhound adoption has closed and I have moved. Love to all Hi little one. I'm still alive and moving around. I'm no longer working, just sitting at home. No one seems to want a 77 year old to work. Thy did away with the greyhound adoption. Covid did away with racing here in Birmingham. You may run into 2 cats I had Oreo and Patches. I love and miss you and all the others up there.

Please also visit Abby and Rebel.

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