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Memories of Panther
Butthead, Black & White Cookie Chin, rubberbands, hostas, fights, knee surgery. You loved the rain, getting groomed, eating off a fork. I miss you curling up in my arm to sleep, with your head on my shoulder. There are so many wonderful and loving memories of you. Clancy & Rusty miss you. See you one day soon. It has been one month today and i still miss you like it was yesterday. Be good to your new family. two months are past and i still hear your bell. your picture and the rainbow bridge poem are up on the wall now. i miss you terribly. happy 10th birthday, my precious butthead! 4 months have now past; my life will never be the same...how i miss you...11/12 it's getting cold...keep warm my friend. come visit me in front of the fireplace, buddy. happy thanksgiving, buddy! i really miss u cuddling up real close to me in bed...i miss your warmth.MERRY CHRISTMAS, MY SWEET! i am sure you are happy, baby.no snow yet..how you loved to play with the fresh fallen snow. i have something to tell you..santa brought me SIMBA...please watch over you new little brother. well, my dear one, spring is right around the corner! the crocus and daff's are starting to poke their head above ground. And I planted tulips just for us! Thanks for showing Simba the ropes, and for being there when I need to talk to you. I love you and miss you, butthead! (you need to show that to Simba, ok?) HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY AT THE BRIDGE! I still miss you like it was yesterday. I am sure you have made many friends at the bridge. I put a candle and a red rose on you grave..did you see me and Clancy? HAPPY 11th birthday, my dear one! We all had cake for you and your brother Rusty. Summer is over, butthead. I love you and miss you. 10/1/00 just thought i would visit, buddy. i still miss you terribly - a piece of my life is gone - it still hurts so much - you will never be replaced...6/12/01 panther, baby, please forgive me for not visiting you in such a long time. its not that i do not look at your picture every day and think about you...well, life has been kind of tough since you are not around to talk too. i found more pics of you and mama daisy and your brothers when you were just born! how tiny you all were! they are going into your photo album! rusty, as you know is getting very chubby - always into baby simba's food. and lenord, tweedledee & tweedledum are all still well & loved! how is mama daisy? i promise to come back more often, sweet. I love you and miss you... happy 12th birthday, buddy! we all had birthday cake here, and had a piece for you too! You have to find Toby and be good friends to him, show him the ropes up there...a good friend had to put his beloved pup down. make sure Toby is well! oct01. baby, there are terrible things going on in the world right now. but hopefully one day soon, we can all get along and respect each other. i miss you....happy 3 anniversary at the bridge, my darling panther. you need to say a prayer for clancy - he is at the hospital right now. we will find out tommorrow why he cant walk. thanks. happy 13th bday, my love! i look for you all the time, needing u to cuddle in my arms as i fall asleep...Rusty is getting old for 13, he cant jump and is pulling the cabinets open and climbing up on them! what a sight! Clancy is getting better but he will always now run like a bunny. the docs at red bank were great! we will have a birthday cake for the 4 of u tomorrow. look for us by your grave, darling. see you one day real soon.....10/02 a friend has just lost a furbaby...please look for 'buddy' and keep him company. happy halloween! 5/04 - its been some time my baby, lots has happened. patrick passed away last september, and i am attempting a new life. i hope you see him there and tell him i am doing fine, and that i hope his pain is over. tell him clancy is doing fine, and that we are taking good care of each other. i am sorry that i had to leave you and budd lake, maybe i will go and visit you one day soon... 9/04 happy birthday to you!15! rusty and simba and clancy also! we will celebrate this weekend in honor of you, my wonderful furbaby! i still miss you like it was yesterday! xoxoxo. 6/05 - happy 6th anniversary butthead! still cry when i think of you...my life is ok, but i am lonely right now, things will be ok, i am a survivor...be good and come visit me in a dream some night...feb 07 - hi panther! many wonderful things have happened in the last 8 months...i have found the love of my life, his name is mike, and i am a stepmom too (not officially yet, but soon!) And sadly, last May your brother Rusty joined you at the bridge. I am sure you two have found each other and are hunting and playing away! I have to set him up on the bridge very soon. Make sure he is eatting and getting fat again, he was sick and lost much of his weight. I tried to keep him comfy for as long as i could, but you could see in his face that he was ready to find you at the bridge. tell him i miss him and his cuddling close! love you both!!! will NEVER forget you! friends and family, please also visit my furbaby panthers page at //members.aol.com/lizrick2/family/index.htm
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