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Memories of Missy
My sweet angle. Missy always liked to be at home; when she went somewhere with me she couldnt wait to go home. Sometimes she would stomp her paws on the floor to get her way. She was a wonderful best friend for 16 1/2 years. I miss her so much. She always loved to lick ice cream from my spoon and would always have a dot left on her nose. She loved to go outside and had to look and smell everything; squirels loved to torment her, they would stay just out of her reach and then shoot up a tree and sit and watch her. Another thing she did when she was younger was sit on the back of my recliner and look like she was wrapped around my neck. There is so much I want to say but know I cant; my life has such a huge void in it without her. God thank you for the many years we did have togather. I'm sure someday we will be together again when she greets me at the bridge.Missy my love; I have now sent you another friend of mine..NEEKO I am sure you have already met him. Have fun in heaven and someday we will be together again. I love you both so much.

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