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Memories of Zoey
You came to me unexpected and changed my life. I had no idea how much I would love you and adore you. You were so special to me and now I feel empty. I know you are no longer in pain and at peace, I only wish you would have never had to feel pain. You were the best friend I could have ever asked for. Always by my side and kept me safe. I had to let you go because I loved you so much, I hope you felt how much you were loved. I think you did because I know all my kisses drove you crazy. You were so beautiful and no one will ever replace you. I wish we could have been together longer, as it was such a short time. I'm forever grateful for you coming into my life, showing me unconditional love. I will always love you my sweet girl Zoey.

When I went to sleep last night, praying for you I heard a bark. I'm not sure if that was just my mind playing tricks or if you were sending me a goodnight. I miss you so much sweet girl and the house is so empty without you. I hope you have made plenty of new friends and are having all the treats you so deserve. I really hope I will see your beautiful face again someday, you are so pretty! I love you so much. Always in my thoughts!

I picked up your ashes yesterday along with your leash. I was happy to be able to bring you home, I have you on the fireplace mantle. I am waiting for your pictures to arrive, should be today. I miss you so much pretty, I wish you were here to comfort me. I hope you will always feel the love I have for you. You were so special to me, not a day has gone by that you were not on my mind. Mornings and bedtimes are the worst, I so miss you waking me up and me tucking you in with your warm blanket. I love you sweet Zoey girl! Always in my heart.

Your Urn came today, it's beautiful. Gramma was here today like our usual Saturday routine, but it's not the same without you being with us. I Miss you so much baby girl. I miss telling you I love you and how pretty you are and you looking at me like I know mom. I still tell you this everyday and I hope you can hear me. I hope someday I will see that beautiful face and those loving eyes and be able to kiss your head. I miss you so much, you were so sweet. I will always love you and you will forever be in my heart. I will be lighting my candle for you sweet girl. Love, momma.

Zoey girl, I am missing you so much. You were the love of my life, you were so loveable and so pretty. I love you so much and I can't imagine my life without you. It hurts so much still. I so wish you never had to feel any pain and I wanted you to have more time. I pray everyday that I will see you again and that you are at the bridge and happy. I know in my heart that you knew how much I loved you and I know how much you loved me. You are so beautiful and you will always be in my heart. Everything I do, I keep feeling you are missing out. I really hope you are with me and can feel the love still. Missing you and always in my heart baby! Love, momma.

I love you Zoey girl! I miss you so much. Thinking of you and hoping you know just how special you were and how much everybody loved you, especially me. You are the sweetest and prettiest girl, sending my love to you in heaven! Always in my heart. Love, momma.

Hello pretty girl! I'm still missing you so much. It's getting nicer out and I keep thinking how much you would enjoy sitting in the sun. It's still a bit cold, but the sun has been shining on the deck so it feels warmer then it really is. I love you so much and hope that you know I am thinking about you everyday. You were the love of my life sweetheart. Love, momma.

Oh my Pretty Girl, I miss you so much. I had a dream I had to let you go because a little girl needed you, I cried so hard. I believe maybe this is why you had to go. They needed you in heaven! I pray everyday that I will see your beautiful face again and be able to give you kisses! Love and miss you, Momma.

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