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Memories of Zoe Gould Wyatt Eaton
Zoe Gould Wyatt Eaton
Born 10/19/2001
Died 3/27/2013

Best dog ever!

This little chum brought joy wherever she was. Her heart was big and deep.

She loved to play. She loved to walk, She loved to fetch -- ball, Frisbee, Chuck-It.

She loved Miss Maureen. Miss Maureen was her dog (god) mother. Best dog godmother ever!

She did quadruple spins for Miss Maureen. I think that was the record. Miss Maureen called her Baby Cakes, and she cooked special things for her. And she played with her. And she gave her Pupperoni treats. Her life was good with Miss Maureen.

Zoe loved her yard at 561 West Crystal Lake Avenue. That was her Queendom, and she reigned supremely.

Then we moved to 132 Citation Lane, and there she quickly developed a reputation as the amazing dog who fetched, and hid behind the trees while waiting for her owner to make the next throw. She was able to catch the ball on the fly. She was able to catch the Frisbee on the fly. And she was even able to catch the Chuck-It, which was about as big as she was, on the fly. People at Plaza Grande would stand out on their balconies watching her. She made them laugh with her antics. She won over everyone but Inez.

She loved Steve and Debbie who so delighted in her. They took wonderful care of her.

She loved Miss Linda who often picked her up at lunch time and kept her all afternoon until I could pick her up. Miss Linda played endless ball with Zoe and Zoe loved it.

Zoe loved spending time with Miss Krista, Miss Betsy, Lars and Oskar. Zoe expecially loved Nutmeg and Nutmeg loved Zoe. We lost Nutmeg when we moved to Florida, and then lost her for good this year when she passed away. I imagine their spirits reuniting and romping together again.

Zoe loved going to the shore to visit Miss Jillian, Miss Deb, and Jack. They were so welcoming and wonderful to her.

Zoe loved Miss Lois and David and Judy.

Zoe loved exploring. She loved shopping. She loved going into people's homes. She loved having a bite of my burgers. We used to go to Wendy's and then over to the park for a picnic. She loved that!

She fell in love with Ray. She would sit beside his chair when he was at his desk. She loved how he petted her.

Zoe was not so fond of Miss Kip Kitty, but she liked Kip Kitty's food. The Kipster will not miss Zoe so much.

Zoe loved doing her tricks for treats. Miss Jennifer taught her to do "knuckles", and that was always her first attempt. She also did "shake", "dance", "down" and "roll over".

Zoe loved having visitors stay with us, and she would go looking for them after they were gone.

Zoe and I had a special thing -- I called them her "Licky Lou's". She had a habit of licking noses, including up into the nose. She was fervent with her kissing!

Zoe was a trooper. She had a rough puppy hood with her hip surgery, and had to go to Pet PT, swimming in a pool. She was SO earnest. She was a very earnest dog about so many things.

She was brave. She was bright. She was gorgeous. She was a fashionable pooch. She had the most adorable prancing walk. I loved walking behind her. Always made me smile.

As I write this, she is still alive, lying here beside me. Her legs are shaking, her whole body is shaking, maybe she is dreaming. She followed me around like a little shadow all her life. I couldn't go to the bathroom and close the door without her scratching to get in. Now she is tired, she hates taking pills, she has no appetite, her tail is down, her legs are very stiff, her breathing is shallow and wheezy. We feel she is telling us that she is done now and we need to let her go. She has congestive heart failure. The vet told us that Zoe was only alive now because of the meds we were giving her. Zoe doesn't want the meds. This is the hardest thing I've ever done. We take her at 1:30. The vet will make a paw print for us, and she will have a private cremation so we can have her ashes. Not sure yet what we will do with the ashes.

Zoe stood by me for several years while I went through a tremendously sad but necessary healing time. She helped me learn to love myself. The apex came while we spent a long weekend at Wildwood Crest in late July 2011. I realized for sure how happy I was, and what a wonderful life Zoe and I had. Shortly after that weekend I got the message about Ray Eaton on LinkedIn, and that changed our lives completely.

Zoe is in the hearts and memory of so many people. I will continue to list them as they come to mind. The name, Zoe, means Life, and Zoe was full of life, and joy.

Here are all my names for Zoe -- Zoe Bear, Chumma, Chumma Lutz, Zoe girl, Baby, Chummanet, Sweet Pea, Zoster, Doodabacheen, Girly girl, Principessa, Sid Vicious, Chummalootie, Pooch, Poochie Pie, Darlin', Shee Shee Monjszhe, Dootie, Toodtie. Toodtie is probably the name I've used most over the last year. There were many others and there was also the rap I used when we played. Those closest to her will remember her stalking moves -- hysterical and oh so cute.

Last year in early April she was diagnosed with cancer. She had the middle lobe of her left lung removed in April followed by 6 chemotherapy treatments. It left her pretty ravaged and I'm sure didn't help her heart at all. But she rebounded and had several good months before her heart started to completely give out.

She was a huge part of my life and she leaves a big hole. Much of our last year together has been worrisome and filled with doctor appointments and giving Zoe her meds. My husband asked me today what will I do with all the time I'm used to spending with her and in support of her. Good question.

Zoe left this world the same way she was in the world -- holding on til the end, trying to be brave. She is now at peace -- hopefully her spirit soaring through the Great Beyond and having reconnected with Nutmeg. This is how I will imagine her.

Rest in peace my adorable, sweet Zoe.

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