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Memories of Zoe Fitzpatrick
Zoe came to us after the loss of our tiny Poodle Cosette. My daughter Courtney and I drove to Christiansburg to see her after reading an add in the paper. She was my Christmas gift that December 30th of 2001 and, in many ways, my hope restored. The unexpected loss of our precious Cosette had followed the most difficult transition of having our wonderful son Fielding leave for college for the first time and the horrific tragedy of 9/11. I was truly struggling with overwhelming grief at times. My sweet husband Carter and our darling daughter decided that a puppy would be the best gift. When we first saw that little ebony fur baby with huge brown eyes, I scooped her up in my arms and knew she was ours. She gave us a wild few weeks in the beginning. We changed her name from Absolutely Amazing Grace or Gracie to Zoe because Courtney loved that name as did we all. It suited her so well! Nothing was safe from her quick little mouth and sharp little teeth for a time. Her craziest habit was to jump in your lap to kiss you and then to bite your nose!!!! We had some work to do!!! Puppy training at Petsmart helped a great deal. She made lots of friends and learned very quickly. Her favorite boyfriend was Bear a St. Bernard who loved her. She graduated with some fine skills. Car riding was never a strong suit! She unfastened her puppy seat belt somehow every time! Pulling when walking was taken care of after we bought a Gentle Leader. Her little spirit filled the house with joy and life!!! She would wiggle her whole little bottom with excitement and joy for everyone and anything that made her happy. Lots of people just called her Wiggles!!! A gentler spirit could not exist in this world. When Courtney brought her little Yorkie Lola into our lives nearly 8 years ago, Zoe became Lola's favorite sissy in the whole world!!! They were inseparable from the beginning and remained so all of Zoe's remaining life. Zoe loved all of her family and friends with a love that just exploded from her very being. She was love with big brown eyes and beautiful shiny black curls. Our precious irreplaceable angel gave us more joy than anyone could ever hope to have!!! Those who will miss her are too numerous to count and we are forever grateful to our darling Zoe for the gift of love she gave to all. Her family here in Roanoke, Mommy, Daddy, and little Lola are missing their beautiful girl today as we begin life without her. Her human sissy Courtney, her human bubby Fielding, Fielding's lovely fiancée Vicki, Roxie and Dolce, Zoe's little fur cousins, Granny and all of Zoe's loved ones, family, and friends will feel her loss forever. She is truly one of God's Angels. Thank you with all the love in my heart for the countless moments of love and joy you gave to all, darling, beautiful girl. Never forgotten. Eternally loved. Mommy and Daddy
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