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Memories of Zoeee
Zoeee-when you came to us in the spring of 95, you were so little and adorable. Daddy knew you needed to be with us. I never saw a kitty so tiny. You really never grew to be the size of your sister Zippy, but that was okay. She thought of you as her little sister and at times, used her size to get what she wanted. Funny thinking of how you two would bat at each other at times but you did stand your ground. One would think you didn't like each other but Daddy and I knew there was a special bond between you two. Everybody couldn't believe you were almost 17 and was still so little. I laugh when I think of that.

I miss you meeting me at the door with your little hello and your beautiful green eyes that showed nothing but pure unconditional love, sitting with me on the couch or following me around to each room I went to-you wouldn't leave my side. Life is and has been very empty without you. When Zippy left, we tried everything to help you through your grief. I know you helped me through mine and for that I thank you.

Words cannot describe how we felt when we found out you were sick. Having lost your sister a year and 1/2 prior, I was not ready to lose you at that time. You were my baby. When you became blind, I couldn't believe how well you adapted but knowing you could no longer see us through those beautiful eyes was heartbreaking. What was more heartbreaking was finding out the blindness was a result of the lung cancer that had spread. I hope you know we did everything humanly possible to help you during your sickness. That Thursday you were having such a hard time breathing, we just could not let you suffer any longer and though you are a fighter, it wasn't fair to keep you with us. It was time for you to meet your sister, and I know she was waiting, as were the other pet children on the bridge.

Because I was having such a hard time with your loss, Daddy decided to try and cheer me (both of us) up, and adopt a rescue puppy. He found Fizz, and though I was not ready for another pet child, I did go with Daddy to meet her. As it were, she was with her brother Smooch and I told Daddy if he wanted Fizz he had to take Smooch as well. No breaking up the family. We now have both. No other pet children will ever take the place in my heart for how I feel about you and your sister Zoeee but having Fizz and Smooch with us has helped me deal with losing you. I look over at the little cat house where you and Zippy are at and smile. I know my two girls are with me. Your pet siblings go over to the cat house and say hi at times. I know they feel your presence, as well as I do. That gives me comfort. I know you would like both of your pet siblings.

Please know it has been very hard to try and tell you how I'm feeling and that is why it has taken me so long to do your memorial. Though I still feel your loss, knowing you're with your sister and are healthy once again...........makes me feel better.

As with Zippy, I want to thank you as well for giving us almost 17 years of unconditional love and kisses. I thank God every day for giving me the opportunity and privilege to have been your pet Mommy, but most of all, I thank you for coming into our family. I will be forever grateful for you enlightening our lives.

All My Love,

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