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Memories of Zoe
Although Zoe was a severe challenge due to her aggression, we recognized that it was fear based, and we did our best to give her a good life despite that. We know she loved us, even when she tried to bite us, and we loved her. David, Jake, Sarah, and I will miss her forever.

7/26/18: It's been three weeks now. We miss you very much, Zoe. We realize now how much you filled the house with your personality and energy. Unfortunately, it wasn't positive a lot of the time, but walking with you was a joy, and playing with you in the yard was so much fun. I think Roxie misses you, but Layla is happy you aren't attacking her any more, as it really bothered her arthritis and caused a lot of stress to us all. I have wind chimes with your name on it under the tree where we would sit together, and I would brush your fur. You always liked that. I have your ashes over the fireplace, where you would warm your fur, with your picture and some candles. I so wish we could have figured out why you behaved the way you did, and come up with the way to fix it, but we couldn't.

We lost Jasmine the week after you, and I hope that you two are together in dog heaven now, playing like you used to, before she went blind. You two had so much fun, and I also found pictures of you snuggling on the sofa together, looking so happy. I hope you are both happy and free. I think of you both every day, and always will.

8/2/18 It's now four weeks. Just wanted to say that you are never far from my mind and I am keeping our good times together first in my thoughts of you.

9/5/18 Two months have passed, Zoe. I was thinking about you the other night as I lay in bed. Layla can't jump up to cuddle anymore due to her arthritis, and Roxie only cuddles a little bit, but you were a great cuddler. The only problem was that you would growl and snarl at me if I tried to pet you. I still miss you, though, for all your faults, you did have some sweetness and we had some good times. It's just that the bad times were SO bad. I hope you are happy now and playing with Jasmine in doggie heaven.

11/5/18 Thinking of you, Zoe. Missing our good walks together. You were the best girl on walks. Love you, my crazy girl.

12/5/18 Today is five months, and as you know, we lost Layla on 12/1/18. I sure hope that she is with you and Jasmine now, playing and cuddling together as you did in life, years ago. I know the last time you were with Layla, you weren't really very nice to her, but now you have moved beyond that, and all those fears and stresses are gone.
I love you all and miss you all so much. You all were so easy to love, and it's so hard to say goodbye.

3/25/19 Heading into 8 months, and it's now spring. I miss our walks together so much. For horrible you could be inside the house, on a walk, you were a different dog. You were calm, attentive, and sweet. You worried about going too far, and jumped at every sudden leaf movement, as despite your growling and snarling, you actually were very fearful. I still wish I could have found a new home for you with that one person that would understand you, but we just couldn't. You will live forever in my memory, and I will never forget you. I hope you are hanging out with Layla and Jasmine without any fear or worry. Love you, my Zoe butt.

7/5/19 It's been a year. A lot of changes, and a new puppy in the house, giving Roxie both a hard time and love, just as you did. I miss you so much, Zoe.

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