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Memories of Zoe
Zoe was the Best ever!Truly one of a kind! She had a Big heart and loved everyone. She was always wagging her tail and full of joy! She would always keep an eye on me and always wanted to be with me. Followed me everywhere I went. And would keep looking for me until she found me. Her favorite thing to do was sit on the porch with me and of course, a peanut butter filled Kong! She loved to play with plastic water bottles,chew on sticks and eat bubbles too! And loved to go T.U.O! She loved life and people and loved unconditionally . She changed the world one heart at a time. She brought us so much happiness! The best 12 years of our lives! May your memory live forever. We will never forget you. You will be in our hearts forever.WE LOVE YOU AKA ZOZO

10/27/16 Daddy was remembering today how you would look at him and want his plastic water bottle when he was finished with it. He left it for you on your bed today.
Ava was remembering how you would always come to her room with us to watch her get ready for school in the mornings. And want us to rub your belly :)

10/29/16 Today I am remembering the games you and I played. How you loved to play hide and seek and would chase me around the kitchen island. I could hide anywhere in the house, and you would always find me! I'm remembering how I would hide behind the doors! You always had to know where I was :)
and How I would say " I see you" and you would wag that tail.
How we would play freeze in the yard and you would take off like a galloping horse! That was so much fun!
I'm thankful today for being able to remember a few of our fun times and not just the sorrow of losing you and those painful last few minutes of your life. And I'm thankful God allowed us to be together when you took your final breathe and you could look into my face. I will never forget how you fought to live and didn't want to leave me. Your big heart was so full of love!

10/31/16 We saw the brightest star tonight and we know it is you. It shines the brightest and I can see it from the front door where you are shining to guard it.

11/01/16 A dear friend of mine gave me a book to read this morning named Dog Heaven. It really brought some peace to me. It helped me envision your new home. Glad you can still visit the backyard and that the clouds are dog beds.

11/01/16 We brought you back home this evening. Your final resting place.

11/06/16 I'm really missing you. Especially on Saturday mornings, when we had our special times together before anyone got out of bed.

11/17/16 I'm not able to sleep tonight and I'm thinking about how you would be up with me. I really miss those moments with you. Because I'm remembering how much you loved chips, I left you a bag. Such happy memories I have of you eating chips! Love you

11/25/17 Yesterday was Thanksgiving and one month since you went to Rainbow Bridge. We are missing you! Sometimes I still can't believe you are not with us. I'm leaving you a stick to play with. I was remembering you playing with the sticks the other day. I'm starting to decorate the house for Christmas, so I'm leaving you a Christmas tree to enjoy. I love and miss you

12/19/16 It's almost Christmas and we really miss you. Your stocking is hanging up in your memory. We are remembering how you loved Christmas! and we are finding joy in remembering how you loved opening Christmas presents! Merry Christmas! I left you a gift today.

12/29/16 We really missed you at Christmas :( we missed seeing you open up your presents and playing with the bows and wrapping paper. Christmas Eve was two months since your passing. We lite a candle in your memory. Love you much

01/11/17 I took down your Christmas decorations and left you your favorite snack...french fries! It's a new year and we still can't believe you are not with us. I miss my best friend.

01/23/17 Three months today since you went to Rainbow bridge. We miss you everyday. I left you your favorite chips and some pretty white roses. Love you

03/20/2017 It's the first day of spring and I am remembering how you loved this season. We miss you deeply. i left you a few of your favorite spring time toys :)

04/24/2017 Today is 6 months since you crossed. It doesn't seem possible. I still look for you sitting on the steps watching me and I know in my heart you are still there in spirit. You are missed so much! Planting some flowers in the garden today to remember you by. Leaving you a stick to enjoy! Love you always my best friend.

05/10/2017 You have been on my mind this week. It was really hard not having you with me to celebrate my birthday. Really missing you, I still can't believe at times you aren't here at the house with me. I left you some new goodies.

05/30/2017 Hey Zoe, We celebrated our Anniversary yesterday. We missed you and remembered you being the Love dog. We missed the three way hugs! It sure is different without you. Miss you so much Zoe the love dog.

07/15/17 Missing you and thinking about all of our summer adventures we had. It's still really hot in Texas during the summer! I'm sure where you are the temperature is perfect!

09/01/17 Happy Birthday, Zoe! We miss you so much! I'm sure you are having a wonderful birthday party at rainbow bridge today. We are celebrating here and remembering how special you are to us. Happy Birthday! my best friend. I love you

10/02/17 Thinking about you today. The weather is cooling and Fall is arriving. I remember how you liked to sit on the porch and chase sticks this time of the year. I left you a stick to play with. We miss you

10/24/17 It's been a year since we lost you. It still seems like yesterday. You are truly missed. I miss your loving ways and happy tail! I find some comfort in knowing you are fine where you are today. God is taking care of you now. We think of you daily and can still feel you sitting on the stairway watching us and looking over us as that big star in the sky. One day we will meet again my Zoe' , I left a candle for you today, I have one lit at home today in your memory.

11/27/17 We missed you so much at Thanksgiving. I decorated the house for Christmas this weekend and I came across your stocking. I hung it up in your memory. Christmas isn't the same without you but we have so many happy memories and we talking about you as we were decorating. I left you a Christmas tree and a gift and your teddy bear. Merry Christmas my best friend. I'm sure Christmas in heaven is beyond what I can imagine. Love you. Miss you

1/15/18 The Holidays are over and we missed you and thought of you often. I still placed your stocking out in your memory. I decorated your memorial today for the winter. I left you a kong with peanut butter..your favorite! and a blanket to help keep warm and some pretty green shrubs. We miss you, but we know you are happy and whole! Love you

3/5/18 Spring is in the air! I'm starting the yard work and of course, I'm thinking of you! Remembering how you loved being outside this time of year and how you loved sticks. And how you would run around the yard like a galloping stallion. Lol Miss you so much

4/9/18 Missing you! brought you some fresh flowers and left Chucky with you to play awhile.

6/26/18 I went on vacation to one of my bucket list places. I know you'd be happy for me! Missing you still. Here is a pool, I'm remembering how you loved to play in the pool. Summer is here!

9/1/18 Happy Birthday! We miss you, I know you are having a great birthday in heaven. I made you a peanut butter cake!

10/24/2018 It's been 2 years today since you went to Rainbow bridge. I will never forget that horrible day. I miss you much and think of you often. Thank you for being the best dog anyone could've had. I know you are happy and whole up there. We will meet again! I left you some pretty flowers and a candle lit in your remembrance today. Love you!

12/8/18 Merry Christmas! I stopped by to decorate for Christmas. We miss you and really think a lot about you during the holidays. Remembering how much you loved to open presents! I placed your ornament on our tree. woof you!

1/3/2019 Christmas has passed and you was missed! We thought of you often. Remembering how you loved to open your gifts and play with the toys. Its cold here in Texas this week. I left you a blanket to keep you warm and a big juicy steak to eat and your favorite french fries! Love you

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