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6/13/2016 One of God's angels born July 2003 called home on June 9, 2016. You took a piece of my heart & soul. My sweet girl i miss you so much.
6/14/2016 Hey Zozzzy I wish I could ask you if you're ok,if you're happy. I wish I could hold you're sweet little head and kiss that wonderful nose. We all will love you and miss you but will be OK till we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.I hope you know you will always be the best of the best for all of my life!! Love always grammy
6/15/2016 Hey Zozer I can hardly do this it makes your not being here to real,to final.I'm so alone but now i'm lonely.I have all our memories in my heart but to relive them without your physical presence is almost impossible. I pray they'll help me to another time where I'm with you again forever,in my heart,my soul.Forever you are the best of me and forever you are my love,always grammy😥
6/16/2016 HI big girl!I really miss you! Wish you were here for our midnight snacks
. Save me a place right by your side, cause we will see you again! Love you my big girl grandpapa
6/16/2016 Another day another heartache! I picked up your ashes today but it will take me a long time for it to be real! Love you always, grammy😩😩😩😩😩
6/17/2016 Hey my sweet I miss you and your annoying squeaky toy,your cute little waddle down the hall, your rollie rolls in the grass just your very presence is missed so,so much.Remembering our trips to get you your baby cone at hamb.stand and they all came t o

the window to give Zoe her baby cone,trips to the doggy park in the snow at late night,so 4you had the whole park! Love grammy

6/23/2016 Sorry I haven't been writing but it's to hard I feel like I'm say goodbye to you and I can't believe thatJust know I talk to you every day and I love you and miss you always sorry for the tears,send me some drops!I's okay my love go play Lovvvve gtammy
7/1/2016 Hey my love! I wish you were here with me for my aniversary,you were my party girl,but there has been no party since you're gone,but always with me in spirit!! Lucky really needs some Zoe, fireworks whoa! I'm always looking up grammy
7/9/2016 Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, I'm picking you up tomorrow Zozer but tomorrow has not come yet!!I miss you sooooh much and love you forever and forever. Please forgive me and don't forget me!!!Love grammy
7/19/2016 Sitting here missing you so much Zoe!! Still working on your little prayer area so lucky and I can visit you lucky goes there a lot to see his zozzzzzze.He goes there ever day.Eric is moving to Arizona,more to cry about!!! I wish you were here with me somedays I wish I could hold you're sweet little head and kiss you to pieces love you forever and always Grammy😦😦😦😥😥😥😥
7/28/2016 HI baby girl just sitting here thinking about how so very much I miss you. Just gave lucky a bath and I wish you were here so you could have one Too! I miss you more than ever Zoe!!I love you always everyday and forever I hope to see you soon. Love grammy
8/9/2016 Well today marks the 2mo aniversary of yourjourney without me Zoe. Funny but I always thought aniversary was something good! This is sure not good. I wish I could have gone with you Zoe, I miss you so much. It is so lonely here without you.like am making

a scrapbook for me about you,like a memory book,not that I need a book to remember you Huh? I will remember you always my precious sweet pea.I better go because I can'tell see through the tears I love you always grammy
8/16/2016 hi baby it's grammy. Just missing you as alays! Little guy sure needed you tonight the rain and thunder scared him just like when you were afraid of it. But since it didn't bother you any more he needed his big sissy for protection,so I told him you were still here with us and he was OK! Thank you my baby. We love you so
ooooooooooooooooòòooooooòoooo much. Love always grammy and lucky
9/16/2016 hi baby well I know it's been a month but this is so hard because I always cry and I just want you to be happy so I should not be sad. I just miss you and loooooooooooooooooòòooooooòoooooVE you so very much!!! I will try to visit you here more because you will not ever be forgotten!!!!love always grammy
9/23/16 HI my love well I guess you know that Shasta has gone I hope you and cuddles have found her so please all of the fur babies with you please give her all the love you can because 17 years here is along time and I know you're all going to help her tell her we love and miss her too i love you baby girl and thank you I miss you grammy
11/6/16 you are my hero Zoe I still miss you so much it"s almost impossible to breathe or even live without you. I Pray us to to see you or be without you. Love grammy
11/26/16 HI my sweet baby!I hope you got your turkey,just another day here without you.They just seem to drag on and on .I'llucky always love you and prayers to see you again someday Zooey.I can't seem to find my way without you, but i'll keep trying.All my love always grammy
3/1/17 I love you always and I miss you soooo much you'll never Know! Zoe's you are my fore
ver love. I'm not going to say goodbye I will see you soon my forever love. Grammy6
6/10/17 I couldn't visit yesterday it was a year yesterday and I just was so upset and missing you more than ever I miss you more than ever zoes. I am so lost without you. I hope you are ok and having so much fun,you deserve that and soooooooo much more.well I will go for now but make sure you listen for MAIL CALL! Love you always Grammy and grandpa
7/18/17 Still missing you more than ever and loving you more than you can imagine! You are playing and being the sweetest baby just like You are here I know you are happy Zoe but I miss you so much but in time I'll be better Love you always Grammy and grandpa.10/20/17
Sorry I haven't wrote much lately I just don't have much to write same old thing I miss you so much and I know I always will my love for you are never forgotten and will always be my heart and sole that keeps me going for now we still have the little guy and the kitty but they aren't you my love. I hope Shasta is there please let her know we love and miss her to. Goog night for now my Zoe 😗😗😗😘😗😗😗😥😥😥😥😥😚
11/2/17 Happy Halloween my love missed not giving you a trick or treat bone! Give Shasta a kiss from grandpa me too. Love you&miss you so much xxx ooo for you &shasta

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