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Memories of Zoe
Zoe Marie, goodness...where do we start! It's hard to believe it will be five years since you left us...I will always remember the day my friend Matt and I saw you at Petsmart in November 1997. When I saw you had been there since September 19, 1997 (my and Brad's planned wedding date in 1998), I knew it was a sign we had to adopt you. Well, the next step was going home and telling Brad we were getting a new cat (haha). I remember when I took him to meet you; he wasn't wild because you scratched/tore up his new coat. But, scratched coat aside, you had definitely found your forever family.

Of course, since we already had two cats in the apartment, we had to try to "conceal" you because we were not sure if we would get in trouble for having a third cat. Thankfully, we didn't stay in the apartment too much longer after you came home with us. The new home is where all the stories began.

There are so many memories of how you made us laugh with your antics, or, should I say, our antics with you. These are in no particular order, but how about when we would "make you do the thing"? Brad would hold you "upside down" and you would reach to the floor (almost like a gymnast doing a hand stand). Of course, we certainly cannot forget how you loved to be tossed in the air and land on the bed! After we would toss you, you'd come running back to us, asking to "do it again". And, when we would spin you on the kitchen floor; you'd come back and say "come on...spin me some more". You were our certified kitchen floor cleaner, that is for sure.

We certainly cannot forget how you LOVED ice cream and Brad's cereal...I always knew when you were "in trouble" when I heard the door close so Brad could "eat in peace". I know he would give anything to have you try to get at his food now.

I know Travis (Mr T) always gave you a hard time, chasing you up and down the stairs..well, you might be happy to know (yes, this is silly to write, I realize), we have a few new cats here now..and they kind of give Mr T the "business", just like he used to do with you. He's getting older now too though and I know he missed you after you left us.

After we found out about the tumor in your lung, I am so thankful we were able to have another 10 weeks with you after the diagnosis. It was so wonderful to see you looking out the window at the birds, hanging out on the ottoman with Travis and relaxing in the sun. You continued to always greet me at the door every night when I came home from work.

Since you had been sick, I thought it would not be "hard" when we had to let you go. Boy..was I wrong. I will never forget that day when we made the call and took you to the vet. I remember Brad had to play a show that night in Iowa and I wandered Walmart (I don't like Walmart..not sure why, of all places, that is where I chose to go).

I can only hope the "bridge" does exist and you are perhaps playing with Jordan (2002), Abby (1998) and Paisley (2003 - who was only with us for a short time).

Zoe Marie, until we meet again - Hugs and Purrs - Love you - Nikki & Brad

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