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Memories of Zoe
This tiny ball of fur came into my life when she was only 10 days. I became "Mommy", feeding her with an eye dropper ever 2 hours, using a wet warm cloth to make her pee. We graduated to a babydoll bottle every 4 hours. Boy could that kitten put away the formula! Zoe would grasp the bottle with her front paws & suck the bottle dry to the point the at bottle caved in. I would hold her up to my should & burp her & what a BURP it was. Always sounded like gown man. She was so full of antics.

12/18/12= This morning I heard several meows that sounded like Zoe, the other 2 cats were asleep. She is letting me know she is okay. The afternoon was sunny, mild temps & a slight breeze. As I walked around the pool garden I told Zoe what a perfect day for her to sit outside but she would need to stay out of the direct sunlight so she didn't overheat. (she's an indoor kitty who only took supervised trips in a fenced backyard.) I kept asking her do you have any idea how much I love you, when I spotted a large yellow daisy blooming in the dapple sunlight. It was the only flower blooming in the garden. Zoe answered my question, she knows!

12-24-12- Well Zoe this morning I watched the clock turn to 8:33. It has been exactly 1 week to the minute that you left me. I grieve for you and in my selfishness wish you were still here. But I also feel happiness & contentment inside, knowing that I made the right decision. I know you are happy & healthy, your spirit full of adventure again. Rainbow Bridge has given me a place to come to to share my sorrows and memories with people just like me who understand, it has helped me cope. I know you have made new friends like Zander, Zianna, & FiFi. You & FiFi have a great deal in common. Her mommy talks about how the counter was lined with medication. You too had syringes & vials for your arthritis, topical ear cream for your thyroid, oral medication for the arthritis, herbal supplements for various ailments, & lets not forget the hemorrhoid cream. And despite all this you still fought to live. Your courage is inspiring. But that last week together I could tell you getting tired. Sunday night when you looked at me with those beautiful eyes I saw sadness & weariness. You told me it was time to let you go. I have been dreading this decision for 2 years knowing sooner or later it would come. But our love & trust in each other told me what I needed to do. I had always promised you I would never leave you to face this final journey alone, so holding you close in my arms, kissing the top of your head as I have done since you were little, I whispered how much I love you and it was okay to go. With 1 final soft meow you peacefully drifted off & were gone. I don't know how long I stood there rocking you, tears streaming down my face. Lisa cried too; you have been 1 of her special patients. I finally handed you to Lisa. Your ashes will be back soon. Lisa said she would make me a paw print to keep. Go run now & play with your new & old friends that have gone before you. I love you.

12/25/12- Merry Christmas Zoe. Mommy misses you. I know you enjoyed the day playing with your friends. Make sure to play & be friends with the little animals who have no family. You were so blessed with a warm bed, good food, clean water & a loving mommy who made sure you stayed healthy & lacked for nothing. Share your blessings.

12/28/12- Picked up Zoe's ashes this morning. She's in a lovely wooden box, but I know her spirit is running free & happy at the bridge.
Zoe please be Barkley's guardian angel today. She is having minor surgery this morning to remove a fatty growth near her elbow. I miss you sweetie pete. The weather is cold & rainy & miss your snuggling.

12/31/12-My little Zoomy, this is my 1st New Year's Eve without you. You have always been part of my celebration for the past 18 New Year's. I know you are having fun with your friends celebrating your new life. Always remember I love you. Happy New Year Sweetie

01/02/13-Well ZoBaby, Mommy is taking down the Christmas tree & you're not here to supervise. It always amazed me that you never messed with the tree. I showed you your ornament & told you that was the only 1 you could play with & it was the ONLY 1. As I reflect back I guess God did grant me my only Christmas wish; that you were healthy & doing all the things you loved to do again. It was not as I pictured it, but God doesn't always answer our prayers the way we want, but what is the best way. But I know in my heart that you are healthy again & racing around & exploring. You were always inquisitive, climbing on the computer, sticking your head in the washer as I did laundry, jumping in the dryer, leaning over into the toilet to watch it flush (you were a flushing fanatic), walking across the top of my clothes hanging in the closet, sniffing every rock & plant when we went outside. How about the time you keep climbing to the top of my 10 ft ladder while I was painting the living room? I miss all these things we did together. I love you my little Zoe, enjoy the sunshine.

01/07/13- I miss our time together just us 2. I miss your rough tongue giving me kisses. I miss running my cheek across your soft fur. I still am unable to speak of you to others without bursting into tears, so instead I talk to you softly & write in your Rainbow Bridge page. I love you my little girl.

01/08/13- My heart aches for you my sweet girl.

01/11/13- I picked up the mold of your paw print Lisa made for me. I set it next to your ashes. I close my eyes & see tiny ball of fur go zooming by, sliding across the floor as it disappears around the corner. You definitely earned your nickname.

01/28/13- Wish you were here to share my cheese. I love you ZoBaby!!

02/05/13- The picture of you sleeping fills my computer screen. You look so peaceful & content. I know it's foolish but I reach up & stroke the spot between your eyes like a did thousands of times, it gives me some comfort but tears fill my eyes & my heart aches for you. Thank you for all the joyous moments we shared. Forever my ZoBaby.

02/24/13- The weather is getting warm again & the trees are starting to bud. I preped the purple martin bird houses for this year's arrivals. Last year you keep your promise that you be around to watch the babies become fledglings. This year I will have to watch alone. I miss you everyday & think of you so often, so many things to remind me of you. Enjoy all the blooming flowers at RB.

03/01/13- Hi Sweetie Pete! It's a beautiful sunny day. The trees started to get buds on them last week & your iris bed is getting new leaves. Spring is definately here. I will miss your help in the garden but I know you have a big new garden at RB to help with. I wish you were here to hold. My arms feel so empty without you.

03/17/13- My 1st vacation. I kept expecting Mad to send me my daily photo of you. She took such good care of you. You were her little buddy. When I arrived home tonight I called out to you, but as I approached the bedroom door saddly I knew you would not be there to welcome me home. The house seems a little too quiet & empty without you,

07/21/13- I found your little life vest. I know you are glad that I don't make you exercise in the pool anymore. You were always such a good sport about it. 1 of my former officers precious furbaby has come to the bridge. I want you & your friends make her feel welcomed. Her name is Tula and her mommy misses her very much. Like I miss you

12/17/14- It's been 2 years since you left for Rainbow Bridge. The 2 little kittens you sent me have kept me busy, but I still have time to think of you. Your Christmas ornament is hanging on the tree next to where I sit. My memories of you are as vivid as ever and I will never forget you. I will be looking for you when my time comes. I love you little girl!

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