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Memories of Zoe
Zoe was an adopted dog. I was wanting to find a friend for my dog that was 3 years old, and she was a Rottweiler/St. Bernard mix. She was beautiful & athletic. We had moved to a place where I had alot of land, & a pond, and my dog would just run & run, and I thought it would be great for her to have a buddy to spend time with. I was working for a veterinarian at the time, and I asked her what type of dog she thought would be a good choice to pair her up with. She said, "Well, there is this dog back there in the kennel, a Weimeraner, that we have been keeping here for a while. She is older, (10 years old), and a handful, but all in all a great dog. Why don't you check her out, & spend some time with her, & see what you think?" So I took her out, and played with her, took her for a walk, & just spent some quiet time with her as well, & very quickly, she took my heart completely. The veterinarian said, "The story with Zoe is that the owner loves her deeply, but she recently started a job where she is away for long periods of time, and she doesn't want her to live in a kennel. They are very close, and this hurts her as much as it hurts Zoe, and she would like to find someone to love her, and take wonderful care of her. I will call her, and see about you taking her for the weekend, and see how it goes." We made the plans for the weekend visit, and Pam, (her owner), came to the vet clinic with her bed, blanket, collar, toys, leash, & treats, & she gave her some love, and we headed to my house. When we got there, I slowly introduced her to my other dog, and when I could see that they were okay together, I went to the car & unloaded her belongings. I set up her bed right away so that she would be comfortable, and she went right to it, after of course, sniffing the mess out of our house!! (I never had a hound dog before, so I was very fascinated about how much she sniffed everything! As time went on, I reaized the sniffing was just Zoe looking for trouble!) She made a place with us as soon as my dog went up to her in her bed and looked at her very sad-like. Zoe just got up, and stepped out of her bed, and nudged it, letting my dog know that she could lay down in it. That was ALL I needed to know she belonged with us. Very quickly, she became MY dog. She was and still is the love of my life. She was something else, I say, she loved to eat toilet paper, and paper towels, and dig in the trash. She barked CONSTANTLY, and never, ever stopped, even when I got her prescribed anti-seperation medications. She was loud & obnoxious, and was quick to kick you out of your bed, or off of the couch. She was very dead set on being covered up under the covers, and she would dig her way in them, and push them around until she was comfortable. She couldn't sleep without having blankets on her. Once she got settled, she would let out this loud sigh, kind of sounded like a grunt, and then you knew she was ready to go to sleep. It was funny. She was so charasmatic. She would climb up on the furniture, and she would get behind you, and push you with her feet until she accomplished getting you out of her way. There were many times that I woke up on the floor in the middle of the night from her pushing me off the bed! I always found humor in it, and told her she was just so spoiled! I would never let anyone or anything take my bed away, except for my Zo-Bug. She always had to be close to someone. She would bark like crazy if you went into the bathroom and shut the door. She never wanted to be alone. She was the most lovable animal I ever met. Zoe had such an awesome personality, and she would make the craziest faces. She knew how to communicate with me, no matter how I was feeling, or what I was going through. I have never in my life had such an amazing friend, nor will anyone or any animal ever get close to what she did for me, and for the joy of knowing her the short time that I did, I will always be eternally grateful. Zoe brought such joy to my life, and to my daughter, and she stayed by my side for as long as she could. She knew that I needed her, and we had a very special connection. She was awesome in the way she was tolerant of certain things, and some other things, she was not so tolerant. She was very outspoken, and outgoing. She would push her way past you, and make you move. She would put her head between your legs when you were standing up to let you know that she needed to go potty. If you didn't let her out, she would push your legs apart until you lost your balance. I wondered if she had been a seeing-eye dog for a blind person because I was told that was how they let their masters know they needed to go outside. I know that she would have been amazing at helping someone like that, and she would have given them lots of love and affection. She would just let you know how she wanted things, and she would do things her own way. She was a stubborn old dog! The saying about, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" was so true about her, but let me say this, "She sure could teach her owner new tricks!" And that she did! She was the best cuddle-buddy! One of her many nicknames was Cuddle-Bug. I also called her Zo-Bug, ZoMeista, Zo-Zo, and sometimes she was even called BoZo-ZoZo....cause she did do some silly things! She loved to be brushed, and if you stopped brushing her, she would bite the brush, and yanked it from you until you started brushing her again. She also made me wonder if she wasn't from outer space sometimes, because we had a game we would play where I would take the flashlight, and shine it at the ceiling, and swirl it around. She would chase it, and go bonkers about it. If I turned it off, she would bite at it, and then she would bark like she was losing her mind until you turned it back on. If you didn't swirl it for her, she would get mad, and bite at it still. I always wondered if she was looking for her spaceship!! One time, she was sneaking into the trash can, and we had one of those flip-top trash cans, and I caught her, and yelled out, "Zoe!, what are you doing?" She jumped back and looked at me with her innocent face, knowing that the evidence was sitting right there on top of her head...and acted like she was doing nothing wrong! She was looking at me, and there, on her head, was the entire trash can lid with her nose poking out of the flipper! It was just hilarious! The cool thing is that even though she is gone, we still hear her at night digging into the trash can...I would have to keep her in a kennel while I was gone at work because she would eat & destroy everything. She once ate her wire kennel into pieces by the time I got home, and she had the trash all over the house! One Thanksgiving, I had put absolutely everything away after I cooked a very large meal, and had to make a quick run to the store. I decided since she had a good dinner, and was sleeping, or so I thought, I would allow her to stay out of her cage. I would only be gone about 10 minutes. Well, I returned, and to my surprise, she was not at the door barking like a fool when I pulled up, so I was suspicious. I walked in, and I found that she had opened the refridgerator, and pulled out the turkey, ate it, all of the bones, the toothpicks, the aluminum foil, the apples, the pinapples, cherries, cranberries, and the aluminum roasting pan!!! I snatched her up, ran to the store, and scraped up all the change I could find, and bought the last bottle of peroxide they had, and dumped it down her throat to get her to vomit. (a trick I learned as a vet tech) She vomited a massive pile in my car, then 4 massive piles outside, and then she went to eat them all! She felt fine!. She ate a very large container of wet, mosquito-larva infested cigarette butts that were outside, and she also ate a egg salad sandwich that was outside for about a week!! She would eat EVERYTHING! Sometimes, she would even try to eat my momas' Pug, or at least want us to think she was eating her. The Pug would get jealous, and try to bite her, and Zoe would just wrap her mouth around her head and look at me like, "Um, can I?" If I was making 'yummies", which was dry food mixed with canned food, she would be in the kitchen waiting, and whine, whine, whine, then start her hound dog barking til she got herself so wound up that she would fall over. She was so funny, and sorely missed. She loved alcohol. I was drinking some Yagermeister, and she kept stealing the glass from me. I think out of 2 bottles, honestly, I had about 5 sips. She drank all of it, and was still going strong! (This is where the nickname Zo-Meista came from) She had a lot of health problems, and she took alot of pills for them. She loved her medication, so much that, if by 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., she still hadn't gotten her meds, she would go over to the cabinet where they were kept, and she would bark like crazy! I never ever had to trick her to take them, she would gobble them up!! I would ask her, "You want your dope?" She would go nuts!I could just hand them to her, or throw them up in the air like a treat, but never fear, she would always take her pills without any issues. She was very, very smart, and I truly believe that she knew that the medicine made her feel better, and it took her pain away. She had a grade 3 out of 6 hesrt murmur, lung cancer, hip dysplasia, (Which caused her bottom to shake when she walked, looked like she was shaking her butt with a sexy walk!) teeth 'nubs', and old age. She was doing really well, and the doctors didn't see any reason to put her down. She felt great, and looked great. I found out that she had a larger health problem that that when I took her to the vet that I was working for, just for a routine checkup. I wanted to have her heart murmur checked to see if the grade had increased, and just check out her vitals, and her hips. I took her outside to potty, and when she urinated, it looked like black oil. I knew that was very bad, so I rushed inside and grabbed the doctor so she could see, and she said, "We need to do an ultrasound right now!" So I snatched her up, and ran her in, and we did it. The doctor found that she had a very large growth in her abdomen. Weimeraners are very lean dogs,and she always had a bit of a belly. I would call her "Fat Dog" sometimes. I thought it was just old age, and because she wasn't very athletic in her ago, and the doctor assumed the same thing. The doctor said that she could die if this tumor were to burst, so she suggested surgery as soon as possible. Zoe wasn't in the best health, and she was 15 yrs old at the time, so concern about how she would make it through was very high with me. The doctor that performed the surgery was a wonderful and attentive doctor, and the only one that I would trust to do it. He had the best of the surgical staff watching her vitals and assisting, and I was there the whole time watching her vitals myself. She came through with flying colors!!!! She eased out of the anesthesia just fine, and recovered in 3 days totally! The tumor weighed 14 lbs, and it was HUGE. It was sent for a biopsy, and the doctor said it was benign!! She was going to be absolutely okay! (I wondered if that tumor wasn't just a big ball full of all the toilet paper and paper towels she ate!!) The most amazing part of that whole ordeal was that for the first time since I had adopted her, she was running & jumping!!!!!! It was the best feeling to know and be able to see that she had a whole new lease on life!! She felt so so so so good! The surgery was done in August, and although I had to put her down in April, she lived those months so freely and happily, and I was glad that she was able to feel as good as she did, and live her life as full as she could for that time. She was so happy, and so was I! When Zo-Bug was 14, I entered her and my other dogs in a dog show, that was basically a local show for dogs that weren't registered, or too old to be registered with the AKC. This was a show that was put on by a small time kennel club, and she won best in breed, almost best in show, best in hound group, and best in herding group. She even got ribbons for her efforts! It was an awesome feeling getting to show all those people how amazing she was, and how strong she was. That was one thing that I always respected the most about her, even though she was so old, and had so many health problems, she was very strong!! Physically & emotionally. She got alot of attention at the show, and so many people just wanted to hug & kiss her. She really made herself known there, and the crowd was just in awe with her. Zoe was such a special dog, and even strangers knew it when they met her. She could melt anyones' heart with her hound dog eyes, and her silly personality. Zoe was 15 when I met a guy that became very special to me. I met him at the beginning of March, and not long before I met him, Zoe had a little accident that was the cause of her leaving for the Rainbow Bridge. She was up on my bed, and she jumped off. Zoe had a habit of throwing all her weight forward when she would leap. She jumped off the bed, and began limping. I wasn't too concerned about it, being thst I had seen her do this on a few other occasions, and it went away by itself. It always made me think about when you sprain your ankle, and after a few minutes, the pain subsides. Well, this time it didn't. So the next day, I took her to the vet, and they said her age could have a lot to do with it. We are going to put her on some pain meds, and she should be fine in a few days. Well she did okay for a few days, then it became a serious pain to her. I took her to the emergency vet hospital, and they did x-rays and found that she actually had osteosarcoma in her leg. I wasn't willing to put her through another surgery, and the doctor told me to put her on more pain meds, and sling walk her for a few days until it kinda heals itself. I bought her special shoes so that she wouldn't slip on the floor, and she wasn't allowed on the furniture anymore, unless someone put her on and took her off, and stayed by her so that she didn't jump. She seemed to do well for a while, and I spent all my time with her nursing her back to health, and getting her stronger. I rehabbed her leg, and ice packed it regularly, and took her for sling walks outside, and sunbathed her. I did what I could to make her comfortable so that she would get better. There was a day here & a day there when she would have a bad day, but for the most part, she was doing pretty good. We hit a patch for a few days where she wasn't eating, and wasn't wanting to go outside, or try to walk. I was very concerned, and I tried people food. I made her grits, scrambled eggs, & pork chops. She didn't eat any of it, and then I knew it was almost time. I called my vet, and talked to her about it, and she said, "I know that you aren't ready to let her go, but you can't be selfish." I agreed, but I told her, "I am scared that I am giving up on her if I put her down. I feel so horrible about the idea, and I don't want to do it. I can't bear the thought of being without her. I also can't sit here and NOT do what's in the best interest of Zoe for my own selfish feelings." She told me, "Give her one more day, she will let you know." The next day, I was laying with her on her bed, and I was talking to her, telling her how much I love her, and don't want to let her go. I looked into her eyes, and knew she was telling me something. My boyfriend was there with me, and he knew how deep my love was for Zoe. He had a special place for her as well. Since we had met, every second we were together, we were with Zoe, because I didn't leave her side. He was so understanding about her, and that I will always remember, and be grateful for. I started to cry, and told him, "I think it's time to let her go." I went to Zoe, and said, "I want you to tell me what you need. You know I love you, and don't want you to leave me. I need you here with me, but I want you to be where you need to be, and I think that you are tired. You have lived a full and happy life, and you have done more than your share of taking care of me, and bringing love into my life. Are you tired?" She looked at me, and then I asked her, "Are you ready to go home?" She said yes, in her Zoe way, and my heart sank. I knew what I had to do for the most special friend that I ever had, and it killed me. She & I had our last drink together, (Malibu Passion Fruit Rum), and she sucked down the rest of the bottle. I cuddled her, and cried my love to her. I called the doctor, and made the arrangements, and my boyfriend helped me load her into the car. We put her in the car with her bed and all of her toys and blankets. I sat in the back with her, and talked to her on the way. She told me that she knew he could take care of me now, so she could go with no worries about me, and she was tired. She didn't feel bad about leaving, and neither should I. I held her for hours, even after her soul left for Rainbow Bridge. I didn't want to let go of her. After I left the vet, My boyfriend & I went to find the perfect resting urn for her ashes, and I did. She stays very close to me in my room, and she will always be there, right by my side. She is still with me, no matter where she is. I keep pictures of her on my bedroom wall, and plastered across my desk at work, and she is on my phone, and my computer. Zoe was a bright part of my life, and she always will be. She is always with me, and she will never, ever, ever be forgotten. (She wouldn't allow it anyway!!) My Zoe, you are beautiful, amazing, strong, etherial, angelic, and in my heart, always...R.I.P. my Cuddle-Bug! Tris, Zai, Tsunami, & Nana all miss you greatly. Bear knows you too, even though he hasn't met ya. You are living strong & loud through him, and we know that you are teaching him to act like you, and do those crazy things you did!!! You are missed, and loved forever......LIVE well while you wait for our meeting day, make friends, and take good care of the other babies up there with you. I will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge one day.........I LOVE YOU....ALWAYS.....

***** HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY!!!!!***** 10/20/92. I wish you to have a beautiful and blessed birthday love! I know it will be wonderful to spend it with your new friends. Even though you aren't here to spend it with us, we are still together on this day, as we are every day. I will leave the trash can & the toilet open for you so that you can have dinner and drinks on me!!!!!! I love you always, and you are always in my heart and my soul. You will never be forgotten. Tris, Nana, Zai, Tsu-mi, Max, and Bear love you so much, and they think about you all the time. Love always, play strong, and love with wings....shine on me as I do for you. I love you!!!!!!!!!

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