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Memories of Zippy
When Daddy spotted you as a kitten, drinking water out of the bowl with your paw, he knew you were the one. When Zoeee arrived two years later, you weren't so welcoming but eventually, you came to love your little sister. Having taught you to 'speak' Ma-ma, was the highlight of my life. 16 years and 10 months was not enough for us. You put up a courageous fight with kidney disease the last 2 years. Not surprising. You had such a stubborn personality. You are now as you were before, healthy and very happy, my Zippy girl.

I miss your head butting when on the couch, your wanting to lay on my chest for hours and your little paw touching me, telling me "I'm here, pick me up", the cute look on your face hoping I'd give you some ice cream, even if just a few licks, you trying to sneak a lick of the popcorn bowl if left on the table because you loved the taste of butter and salt and you running into the kitchen when you smelled bacon cooking. Precious moments I will never forget.

I still see you laying by the furnace vent because you loved the warmth, or on your froggy blanket on the bed with the sun shining in. Then I realize..... you are gone.

Though we know you are having fun on the bridge, we miss you more than you will ever know. We hope Che and cousin Toonzes were there to greet you. When it's time for Zoeee to arrive, I know you will greet her with your little growl and little paw smack you two would give one another. You'll run up and down the bridge chasing each other, I'm sure.

We'll all be together again eventually but until then, have fun in the sun talking to the birds. Thank you for giving us your unconditional love for so many years. It was not only an honor but a privilege to have you as a member of our family.

All My Love,

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