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Memories of Zippo
Zippo was an 18th birthday present to our oldest son. Not being dog people, my husband and I had a huge argument about keeping him. Of course I won and Zippo stayed. As time went along, his easy good nature and sloppy kisses endeared him to us. At age one he started having grand maul seizures; symptoms of idiopathic epilepsy. The next nine years of his life we gave him pills, worried over him when he was going through the seizure thing, took him for bloodwork and acupuncture. When he was coming off seizures, had to be outside in all sorts of weather because he was too wound up to be in the house. Overall he hated being outside; if he could've used the toilet, he never would have gone out, except when it was time for a car ride. He would try to drive, but his feet couldn't reach the pedals and he couldn't figure out how to drive a stick shift. Zippo grew up with my children, and taught us all how to love unconditionally. He didn't have a mean bone in his body; very good natured dog, in spite of his disability. He loved to chase squirrels and the cats. He and our Rainbow Angel Alley girl were fast friends; she would always sit with him when he wasn't feeling well. Somehow she knew when he was sick with seizures. She went to Rainbow bridge two years ago almost to the day, so I know they're romping around again, free from pain in bodies that won't quit on them.
Zippo loved to give kisses, sleep on our bed, chase squirrels and lie in the sun. He was here for us last year when we buried my parents within eight months of each other. He would lay his head on my lap and look up at me with those big sad brown eyes; somehow he always knew how to make me feel better when my heart was breaking.
David and I saw a cardinal on Daddy's car when we came back from taking you to the SPCA. It flew off into the trees. I never believed in one's spirit inhabiting other creatures, but ever since mom and dad died, there have been a lot of cardinals around here. And now one very special one comes, right after you went to Doggie Heaven.
I will add more later as time goes on, but right now my heart is breaking. Goodbye to my Dog Dog. Thanks for all you did for us.
Daddy and I came back from dinner tonight; just before he opened the door, he said, "This is going to be hard...." because you were always there to greet us.....

6/10/15 - We all just miss you so terribly. Your empty dish, the dreaded cone, your coat, your toys. Even the cats are looking for you. I was getting ready to leave today and was sitting in your van doing paperwork. When I realized I forgot something, I went back to the house, and all of a sudden there was a dog standing by the front door. Part pit and part something else. She didn't bark or growl. I got back in the van, and she ran off around the corner of the house and disappeared. I somehow think that was you checking up on /me/us. We miss you so. You were such a good boy (even when you were being bad). I've been looking for funny pictures of you so we can all remember your sweet puppyness.

If there are no dogs in Heaven, I want to go where they did. -----Will Rogers

Daddy reminded me today one time years ago, when Grandma was there, you got out and decided to run down our busy street. Daddy said he was tired and said you'd come back when you got hungry. Grandma said, "Oh no, we have to go get him!" So she grabbed a piece of meat she was preparing for dinner and went running down the road after your silly butt. She got you home too. Please tell Grandma we love and miss her too. Take care of her and Grandpa til we get there.

6/11/15 - TicTac knows something is wrong. He is sitting by the sliding door in the morning waiting for you to come get a drink so he can rub your legs. He sits and waits, then comes over to me and complains. He disappeared in the house today; couldn't find him anywhere. I put your toys and collars and such in a box and put it in your kennel. Touching your things without you there really hurt. We all miss you SO much. I keep thinking if I'd come home 15 minutes sooner I could've saved you, but I guess God needed you more. Daddy picked up the last of your poop in the yard. I keep looking in the back yard and at the sliding door; I keep thinking I'll see your sweet puppy face. Joseph is really sad and David is walking around with big eyes. You will always be our Zippadee do da doggie, our Dog Dog, our "Puppay", our Pretty Boy, our Conehead dog; Our Bubba Dog. You are now our Angel Puppay. It's so quiet here without you.

6/18/15 - Brought your ashes home. You and Alley are now together again; on the shelf in the family room above the sofa you used to push me off of with those big brown puppydog eyes. Coming home is not the same anymore without you there to greet us. There was a cardinal butting up against the glass on the landing window right after I placed your ashes on the shelf. I know your'e in Heaven out of pain and running around with Alley and all the animals you loved to play with. Daddy really misses you and doesnt know what to do with himself. Until we meet again Bubba Dog...be sure to look for us when we cross over. You were always the best dog ever.

6/25/15 - The next door neighbors asked about you and we told them what happened. Said their dogs keep running to the corner of the yard for the morning barking ritual, only no barking emanating from our side of the fence. I know how confused they must be. Tic Tac misses his morning leg rubbing ritual with you too. Its so very quiet and boring without you here. Give Alley, and Grandma and Grandpa my love.

7/3/2015 - Last night Tic Tac was sitting on my lap on your loveseat. He was looking up to the shelf where yours and Alley's ashes are. He was just staring there for the longest time. Odd. Was he seeing you? Did you come to visit? I swear I saw you a couple days ago. I thought I saw you outside at the sliding glass door, then I thought I saw you on the loveseat. We miss you our sweet Zippadedodahdog.... take care and tell everyone there we love and miss them. Love Mommy

9/10/15 - Its been three months and we still miss having you jump all over us as we walk in the door, or as we sit down with a treat. I swear I saw you at the back door the other day. Today we had some ferocious thunderstorms. When I was upstairs working on the computer, I could swear I heard you bark. When I went downstairs you weren't there, of course, but I had this feeling you were not very far away. The house 'felt' like you were there. We don't worry about you having seizures during thunderstorms anymore, but every time we have a thunderstorm, you know daddy and I are both thinking of the time you had with seizures every time a weird weather front came through. We know now you are free from that awful condition and that makes us happy. When your heart stopped beating and you went to Rainbow bridge our hearts broke with your leaving us. We will see you again someday our sweet Zippo Puppay. Love, Mommy

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