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Memories of Zion Oneal Johnson
Zion I know I was suppose to take care of you. However many times you was caring for me. Zion you have saved me many times with no clue. When life knocked
me down to my knees somehow you knew what to do in order get me to pick myself off the ground. When I had knee surgery You have never left my sidefrom day one.You were always present when zi didn't feel well . laying at the end of my bed. You were a loyal,loving companion ,and I will never forget you. This past 17 years you have brought our family endless amounts of joy. I miss you everyday very few moments pass in a day without thinking of you. Everyone in our inner circle have a Zion story's to tell because you meant so much to many people. Zion I've cried for you everyday since you left this earth on 12/21/16. Zion you've done your job as a loyal loving companion. I know your looking down on us with them beautiful brown eyes making sure we alright even from heaven.I know all is well with you in heaven. I can just see you walking around looking for food and being nosey . You can hear, see ,with no pain in your hips. I expect your eating whatever you like whenever. Casper loved you so much he looks and cries for you often. Daddy he does not know what to do with himself. He continues to come to bed each night and many times saying your name with tears in his eye and says lm supose to be bring Zion upstairs. Zion we will never forget you our first born nor do we want to. My dear sweet boy you were our Prince and for all the tears Ive shade and the pain in my gut I feel I will
never ever forget you. You took a portion of my heart with you on 12/21/16. We will alway be joined together forever. I know Im selfish but I just miss you so much. The one thing that keeps me going is God taking care of you and no more pain.When I think you that unconditional everlasting love you had for the family just stands out. As much pain that I feel right now it worth it because I got to love you,and be loved by my Prince. My love you rest

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