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Memories of Ziggy

April 25, 2005 - June 16, 2016

We are probably the only people in the world that can say "we got our puppy from Wal-Mart". I remember it like it was yesterday. Eleven years ago I was going to Wal-Mart for just one little thing. I stopped to pet this gorgeous little black lab puppy this woman was holding outside by the door. I just assumed she was waiting for someone in the store. I came back out and she was still there so I petted the puppy again and talked to her. It turned out that she was looking for a home for this little guy. I knew instantly that he was for us. I loved him from that moment on. I called my husband at work and told him we have a new member of the family. He said ok! We had 2 other dogs at home, Pud and Zoe. He fit right in with them. We named him Ziggy. He was a typical very wild, crazy and destructive lab puppy. He destroyed anything that wasn't hanging from the ceiling!! As time went on, Pud and Zoe passed away and we continued to get more dogs. Eventually we ended up with 6. Now we only have 5 left and our lives have changed completely and the house will never be the same. Ziggy brought so much joy and happiness to us. He loved to go for rides and walks, but no water! A lab that doesn't like water, imagine that? He lived for his walks in the park with his dad and all the squirrels. He never failed to bring us the remote or a pillow. He tore up everything for the first 3 years but we didn't care because we loved him soooooooooooo much. His coat was so beautiful. It was so shiney and had a blue tint to it. We loved brushing it. I don't ever remember getting annoyed with Ziggy. He never needed correction or yelling at. He was just a good boy.

Ziggy was diagnosed with cushing's disease 2 years ago. Fortunately it was the treatable kind. He took meds for those 2 years and did well. Finally a few weeks ago, his back legs gave out on him, along with some other issues. We did everything we possibly could, but I guess it was just his time. He had a wonderful life and was treated like the king that he was. Ziggy made our lives that much better for the short 11 years he was with us. I honestly don't no how I am going to get thru this painful time. My heart is broken. My husband feels the same way. Ziggy was definetly a daddy's boy.

He was my big beautiful Bubba boy and was the heart and soul of our family.
We look forward to the day we can be together again with Ziggy, Pud, Zoe, Charly and Daisy.

C ya soon Bub.....we will cherish the memories.

Love you forever Bubba,
Daddy, Mum, Melani, Erin, Randi, Ozzie, Roxie, Joe, Jazzy, Izzie and all the family.




June 21, 2016
Oh Bub. What can I say? It's been 5 days and I cannot stop thinking about you. Everything I do and say revolves around you. You were the love and light of our lives and we miss you so much. I can see a noticeable difference in Ozzie and Roxie too. They must be so confused as to where you are. Well, someday we will all be together. Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

June 22, 2016
Well Bub. You are the first thought in the morning and the last thought at night. I miss you so very much. Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

June 24, 2016
Good morning Zigler. Another day of missing you. I'm told it will get easier with time. I love you. Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

June 26, 2016
I opened my eyes this morning and the first thought that entered my mind was "oh my God Bubba's gone".
I didn't have to get up so early today but after that thought who could go back to sleep. I miss you so much. This heartache is going to be around for a very very long time. It's been a week and 3 days since you left us and I just now can listen to the music on here. No music anywhere else. Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

June 28, 2016
Good morning Bub. We attended the candle lighting tribute for you all last night. It was just what I needed to honor you. I'm coping a little better with this heartache, but life will never be the same.
Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

July 3, 2016
Hi Bubs. I hope you have adjusted well to your new life. I'm sure Charly, Daisy, Pud, Dusty and Zoe are with you making you feel at home. I was just looking at all the pics we have of you all. I am starting to adjust a little better too. You had a great life and you know you were loved more than anything. I will never stop missing you. Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

July 5, 2016
Morning Bub. I just want to give a big hug and kiss so badly! Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

July 8, 2016
Morning Bub. Well we finally got you back last night after 3 long weeks. It's good to have you home. although it was very difficult. I miss you more than you could ever imagine. Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

July 18, 2016
Morning Zig. How are you? Great I hope. I would love to see you running around again. Someday I will.
We went to the Candlelight Memorial at Animal Friends. Daddy just planted the flower seeds they gave us
on your favorite spot in the yard. I cannot wait until they grow. I miss you so much. Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

July 20, 2016
Oh Bub. I'm still in shock. Today is Pud's 9th anniversary at the RB. I'm glad you are all together.
I miss you so much, you will never know just how much. Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

August 1, 2016
Morning Zig. Just dropping in to tell you how much we miss you. More than you will ever know.
Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

September 7, 2016
Hi Angel. How are you? I hope you are running free like you did in your younger days. We miss you more than you could ever imagine. Everything reminds me of you. We will see you soon. Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

September 30, 2016
Hi Bub. Today is the 27th anniversary of Charly's passing. You didn't know her but I know you would have loved her as much as we do. Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

November 3, 2016
Hi Bub. I miss you so much. Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

November 24, 2016
Happy Thanksgiving Zig. I cannot think of a strong enough word that describes how much we miss you. These holidays are going to be almost unbearable. Losing you in June is still devastating to us. And as if that isn't enough for us to handle, now Ozzie is very sick. He will not be here for Christmas. No one is going to convince me that he hasn't suffered from depression from losing his best brother and buddy in the whole world, you! He would have gotten cancer eventually, but I think the loss of you brought it on sooner. I'm glad you will be there to greet him. We love you. Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

December 6, 2016
Hi Bub. I'm sure you already know that Ozzie has joined you all. He left us on Sunday 12-4-15. It is heartbreaking for us. We love him so much. I know you will take good care of him because he was your brother and best buddy. Heres hugs to all of you!! Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

December 25, 2016
Merry Christmas Bubba! We are devastated that you and Ozzie are gone this year. I'll never forget last year when you climbed inside that big Christmas bag we had with all your gifts in it. You were so funny. We miss you so much. The holidays are never going to be the same. I'm glad you are with Ozzie. He loved you so much. Have a great day with Ozzie, Zoe, Pud and Charly. Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

January 1, 2017
Happy New Year my beautiful Bubba!! Takecare.
Love, Mum

February 6, 2017
Hi Bubba. How is everything going? Great I hope. We are still devastated over you and Ozzie. I'm glad you are together and with Zoe and everyone else. We miss you soooooooooooooo much. Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

February 28, 2017
Oh Zig, what can I say? We are still in denial over your passing. I still see and hear you around the house. You are with us in the park also. Have a great day today, it's Zoe's 16th birthday. Think about you all the time. Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

April 2, 2017
Hi Bub. Zay and I were looking through all the photo albums today. It was bitter-sweet. You were the most handsome boy we ever knew. We miss you so much. Our home has not been the same since you left, and it never will be. I still feel your presence everywhere. Ozzie's too. You were my special boys. Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

April 16, 2017
Happy Easter Angel !! Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

April 25, 2017
Happy Birthday Bub. Today would be no. 12. And, I cannot believe you will be gone a year already in June. Time has gone by so quickly since you left us. But yet it has dragged on also. We miss you as much now as we did in June. We love you much. Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

June 11, 2017
Hi Zig. It's very difficult to visit you here at the RB. It's even more difficult to believe you have been here for a year. The 16th will be the anniversary. Our home still has a very large void in it. It will never be the same. I hope you have a great day celebrating Charly's birthday. I know you have helped Ozzie adjust. And I thank you. We love and miss you so much. Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

June 16, 2017
Dear Bubs, I miss you so much. You left us one year ago today and the house has not been the same and never will be. It's comforting to know you are with Charly, Pud, Zoe and Ozzie. We miss you all more than any of you will know. Today Daddy was walking Bailee in the park and she was attacked by 2 pit bulls. Her injuries are serious but not life threatening. I want to thank the other 4 people that helped daddy break up the fight. Bailee is a big black furry lab like you. You didn't know her but you would have loved her as we do. Take care Bubbba. Until we meet again.
Love, Mum

July 20, 2017
Love you so much gorgeous boy. I see you everywhere. Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

August 28, 2017
Oh Bub, I still cannot believe you are here. I want you to know how much we love and miss you. Think about you everyday. Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

September 30, 2017
Hi Bubba. Today is the 28th anniversary of Charly's passing. Time has gone by so quickly. I cannot even believe you have been gone for well over a year. I'm so sad without you all. We love you very much. Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

November 22, 2017
Happy Thanksgiving Bub. Oh Zig, what can I say, except I have missed you more than you could ever imagine. You were our big beautiful Bubba boy. Miss you very much. Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

December 4, 2017
Hi Bub. Well Ozzie has been with you one year today. It's hard to believe you both are gone. I love you all so very much. My holidays will never be the same. Take care Bubba.
Love, Mum

December 25, 2017
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Ziggy. We love you forever.
Love, Mum

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