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Memories of Ziggy
Ziggy was supposed to be mine always. I already had Chloe and said I was getting no other dogs. For Christmas my son kept asking for a puppy. I said no. But one day the first couple of weeks of January I decided to go,to the animal shelter (the kill shelter) and just look. The minute I laid eyes on this rambunctious friendly playful bundle I knew he was going home with me. When I went up to,see when he was available they told me today. Then they went on to tell me about 20 other people had signed up for him but since no one had shown up yet, he was mine for the taking. So I got him. And as kids are typically, the puppy became mine at home too. He was the absolute smartest dog I have ever had and I have had some smart ones. He is going to be missed so badly


We had to send Ziggy to Rainbow Bridge today. Even though we absolutely knew it was the right thing, it was still the hardest thing to do.
We had his favorite vet, come to the house and we laid on the floor with him as he went quietly to sleep. There is still so much guilt though we know it was a blessing, he wanted to stay with me forever, and he kept going for 17 1/2 years almost. But his arthritis and other issues were causing him too much pain and discomfort. Even with all the things we were doing to help him. Ther is an old saying something like, Such great loss comes from such great love. I am collecting many of his wonderful pictures. I will as some now but I miss him so terribly I'm not sure I can continue this work right away.. But Ziggy, you be brave now. Cross over the bridge and find Chloe. You and she can run and frolick for every together, in the fields and swim in all the streams. I can visual it and both of you, happy, and in no pain. I knew I had to be in pain to allow you to not be in pain anymore. That is what mommies do, they kiss the boo boo and make the hurt and pain go away. I wish I could remove my pain that way. It'll be a long time just to accepting and getting used to you not being with is anymore. That is only because we loved you so much and will continue to love you and miss you forever.


Ziggy came home to us today one last time, to never leave again. I should feel better, but I'm not sure I do. It is still so raw. I have so many good stories about my happy special fur baby and I intend to add as many as possible. I want as many people to know him like we did. He was THAT special. Ziggy loved his toys. The teddy bear he has with him on the grave looks just like one of his favorites, called doggie bear. He had another favorite called Zanie. He had many more including a monkey and a snoopy. We could tell him go get doggie bear or go get Zanie and he could go to his basket, pick put the correct toy and bring it for us to throw and play with him. I've never had a dog that liked squeaky toys so much. And water? Oh my goodness. He LOVED to swim. We used to go to the lake and the beach and he would take off running the minute the leash was removed and plunge into the water and just swim all over the place. I'd throw sticks and balls to him to retrieve and bring to me. That was the one thing he had problems with. He'd come out of the water and drop the toy right at the edge but not bring it a couple more feet to drop it right at my feet. Never could get him to do that part. I never had a dog that liked to swim like that. Chloe would go out and swim a little, but then decide to get out. Nothing like the way he did. What a lovely memory to part on tonight.


My sweet boy. I can't believe it has been 2 months since you had to leave us. In many ways, it seems like just yesterday. In other ways, it seems like forever since you have been gone. I hope you have found Chloe and that the two of you are frolicking around and swimming together like you always did. I have your picture beside my bed so you are the last thing I see as I go to sleep and the first thing I see when I wake up. Sonny is still having a hard time without you. The first month or so, he walked around meowing and looking for you and sleeping on your bed. He finally settled down some, but he still lays by where your bowls were and h doesn't seem to want to come into the bedroom where you slept so much in your final days. Cher, however, had become very mommyfied and sleeping laying on me pretty much every night. So the whole family just misses you terribly. I love you my baby boy.


I haven't been able to write to you because I have been sick. But April 13, one year since you had to leave us, did not go by with out us thinking about you and missing you even more than we already do. Just yesterday, I was looking at some videos, and one of you came up and you were spinning around wagging your tail and barking playing......such a happy boy. Then today when I started adding and updating your pictures it occurred to me that one toy they didn't have that you loved and that was bubbles. (I used the balloons instead). We had a bubble making machine and we would blow the bubbles out and you would jump in the air biting at the bubbles chasing them. It was one of the funniest things and I'm sorry to say I had not remembered that until now because a lot of my memories have still been of sadness and loss. Now that I'm starting to move past the sadness part I am able to remember a lot of the good funny things like the bubble chasing, one of the fondest memories. That and your stuffed animals that you loved but especially your doggie bear. I couldn't buy you a new one because you didn't like those you always wanted your original one. I finally found one that looked just like it and I had to sneak and swap the new one for the old one I think you were still too smart for that though. But you did settle in with that one as well. I love you baby boy and I still miss you so much every single day.


Never ever forgotten. I love you my special boy. I don't post on here as much as I'd like to but I have a keychain hanging from my bedside lamp switch with your picture in it. I miss it and tell you every night I love you and miss you. I hope you found CHER. She crossed over in June 2022. Tragic death and painful but I know she is happy there. Especially if she found her brothers and sister.

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