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Memories of Ziggy
From the moment I laid eyes on him when he was less than 3 hours old, till the moment his last breath was taken, he has been at my side. Wonderful puppy years and watching him grow into such a wonderful, happy and mature dog, has been one of the highlights of my life. He had such a unique personality that offered some of the most humerous moments to remember him by. He has traveled by my side over a hundred thousand miles being my line of comfort, the one I talked to, the one who took care of me, the one who gave me the strength to carry on. He was "The Man" in my life and will forever be engraved in my heart and my memory till I draw my last breath and go and be with him as I know he will be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.
Hey Zig Man= It has been 24 hours now and seems like a eternity already..Momma is so sorry to have helped send you on. I wish I had let you go back out that door like you tried to. I would have had today with you to tell you once again how special you are in my life. I wanted it to be easy for you. I wanted you to be able to breathe again. I wanted you to not hurt. I wanted you to be free from the ties that I think you kept holding on for. Now I wish I would have let you be here for as long as God and you wanted to. Forgive me. Please forgive me. I wish you were here today in body, but I want you to know, my heart is almost unfixable with sorrow. Please let me know all is ok. I love ya, Zig Man.
11/15/08 Hey Zig Man=Well I have made it thur another night without you. I did do alot of reading on the loss of someone as special as you are and that has helped me some. The guilt feelings are part of my grief, they say. When I do look at the quality of life you had recently, I know that you were not happy and I know that you were in pain with just trying to breathe. Your heart just wasn't able to do its thing anymore for you. I wanted to think that my heart could carry you, but it could not. So maybe with more reading today, I can get some more insight about how to handle this awful pain that I now feel.....instead of you. I hope that you are running thru the meadows with the whole gang up there. I have had some wonderful moms and grandpaws say that there babies are up there and they will be showing you around. I hope so. I may try and do a little fishing this evening and I will look and listen for you on the bank. If I do catch that trout, I will listen for your barks of excitement for me. I miss you, more than I could have ever shown you, even if I had that "one more day".
Hey Zig Man Well another night has gone by. I look at the bed you slept on and I can just close my eyes and see you there. Max...who always was a pain to you to have around....well remember how he use to steal your bed and I would have to make him move and give it to you...well the strangest thing is that he will not get on your bed at all now! He is very quite and sad as well. I can not hardly give him any attention at all right now. Maybe in time. I have to do some work this evening on my insurance claims and that means I have to go in the truck. It will be the first time since our last trip together. Please help me thru that as that will be one of the strongest memories for you and I. Traveling. Miss ya, ole man. Momma thinks of you each and every hour of the day and how much I miss you cannot be put into words. But I hope you know. Talk to ya later.Momma
Well, yesterday's ride was cancelled. Today I will have to go out to work. Zig man, you are still so missed. I look everywhere for a sign...of you...but nothing. Others talk about it. I want to feel your here...I want to know you have not left me. Maybe in time...you will. I still cannot believe it. Some look at me...like...get over it....but then again...they never you as I did. They did not hold you when you were a baby...they did not watch you grow...learn...they did not laugh with you...or feel the special bond...or feel the saftey...or feel the love.
Now I feel for them....for they have never known. Miss ya Zig Man. Momma
Well Zig Man...I made that first truck ride since out last one together. Very strange and lonely to say the least. I can't imagine how it will be when I get ready to leave this area and move on to my next job location. I know that I won't be able to express my feelings here totaly, but it does help to think that writing these thoughts down to you, somehow firms up the fact that you really are gone. Yesterday, Max...acted very strange...he was looking at your bed and then stood up and stared and kept working his nose over and over, like he was truly trying to figure out what he was smelling. Nothing was there that I saw...but I do think he felt something or smelt something that he was unsure of. Hope it was you. Hope you know that even though I am here and you are there....does not change any degree of my love. Your still my Zig Man and I miss you terribly and I know that you are no longer in pain and I am coming to grips with the fact that I did the last act of love for you. Love ya Momma
11/19/08 Well tomorrow will be the 7th day without you. I will come to where I laid you to rest to visit. I am starting to absorb the fact that you aren't here anymore on this ole earth. I do still feel you within my heart. Maybe that is what part of Rainbow Bridge is all about. To help me accept the fact that you now live within my heart and within my mind. I want you to know that you have such a wonderful place to live there as well as Rainbow Bridge. I miss ya, Zig Man. I look for you everywhere and I will always luv ya, just like the song says. Momma
Well Zig, I hope that you like how I have prettied up the area where you are resting at peace. I planted all those pretty flowers so that no matter what season comes, you will have beauty around you here. Your still "The Man". You keep running free and happy at Rainbow Bridge and someday you will see Momma getting ready to cross the bridge and we can both be together again. Miss ya.
Well Zig Man...been to see ya at your resting place and did my talking to ya there. But I wanted to remind myself that this place for you here is so very special. It's my way of saying how special you really were. I miss ya more than I can ever say....and who would have ever thought how Max is acting now. He still will not get in your bed at all!.... Wish you were here to see that...but then again...perhaps you are and that is why he won't get on it....Love ya Momma
Zig Man....Momma misses you so much. I look everywhere for a sign that you are still around. I keep reliving the last day over and over in my mind....still having a hard time with that one.
Tomorrow will be Thanksgiving and although I have alot to be thankful for in my life, I also have many sad and lonley times and now without the one thing that has been stable in my life for the last 10 years, I don't anticipate much celebrating. Why God decided that wonderful friends like you could only live a short time span...really does not seem right. Hope that God explains that one to me one day....Love ya...Momma
Hi There Zig Man....Haven't written here in a while, as I have been able to talk to you daily where Momma laid you to rest. It has been great feeling closer to you and being able to sit and try to feel your presence around me. I still have not found the correct realization that you won't be leaving with me soon as I take off to work again. I pray to God that in some way he lets me feel your presence and bring me comfort as you have done for years. Your memory will live forever, ole man, in my heart. I am trying to write a poem about you and I, but still cannot pull it all together to express our time together. But I am trying. Love ya and miss ya more than anything.....Momma
Well Merry Christmas Zig! I hope that you are running free among all your good friends there and hope that the Angels give you Christmas goodies. I miss you today more than ever. When you were here at least I had comfort that someone loved me unconditionally. I talk to you everyday, just like you were still here and in my heart you still are. I wish that you could be here in real life but life does not always let us have our heart desires. I pray that someday I will find another "best friend" that gives me just 1/2 of the love that you did. I miss you and think of you every single day. Your Momma loves ya!
Hey Zig Man
Well the New Year came and here I am without you. I can't explain to anyone the empty void that I have within me. You were so much more, than just a pet/dog. You were my best friend. Can't say that enough. I have conteplated looking for another "companion" but cannot fathom having to go thru the bonding attachment with another. Although I do think in time, I might. I don't know when the time will be right, but I guess I'll know when it is. Every night when I turn off the computer, I gently stroke your face which is there and hope you feel the loving touch. Moma hopes that your happy and running thru the fields with all your friends. Think about me sometimes and keep looking for me. One day I will come.
Hey Zig Man
Well my first long trip without you at my side has been lonley. I miss your sweet talks to momma
and your eager face when I say it's ready to go "Bye Bye". I have to really think about locking the truck, trailer as you are not here to take care of protecting me. I miss you so much. Kind people are still stoping by and visiting you and I here at Rainbow Bridge, and I really do appreciate them doing so. I know you do to. I hope that you are running thru the fields and chassing sticks with your friends. I miss you so much. Still. Every single day. Every single night. I hope you know that. Love ya....always and forever. You are the man! Momma
3/2/09 Hey Zig Man....You are the Man!....Been thinking alot about you the last few days....Momma went to the Dr and Doc says I need to get my blood pressure under control...or else. So, if the
or else....happens....you keep your eye out for me. It really is lonely here without you...but I do hope that God grants me more time here to finish some things that I have started and to help a few people that I know needs my help....Max is still Max....but different. I can honestly say that he misses you and I did not think that would happen with mr jealous himself...but he does miss you. I tell him all the time that if he does not act right....Zig Man will get him!...and he always looks around...like uh oh...better act right. Well got to go for now. Need to rest. Sweet dreams my man...keep your eye open. Miss ya Momma
5/18/09 Hey My Zig Man....although I haven't sent messages from here, I know that you get them every day from my heart. Just wanted to drop by and let you know all is well and me and ole Max still miss you alot and I hope that you are tearing up the fields there. Send me a message to let me know you are happy. Miss ya, Love Momma
Well Zig Man, todays is Moma's birthday. Wish you were here to spend it with me. I still miss ya
and talk to ya every single day.....but you know that don't you. It is so funny....that little Max still remembers your name. As you well know, he was soooo jealous of you. So now, if I want him to talk or do something, like take a goodie that he does not want....I just tell him....OK, then I will give it to Ziggy and call your name. He will immediately do what I want or take the goodie and eat it....cause he thinks you might show up and take it!! I am going to Colorado to work in a few days...miss ya ole man, so very much. Momma
Zig Man...wish you were here in Colorado! You would be having a blast. It is snowing and it is wonderful! Little Max played in the snow, but it almost covered his head. I can just see you running across the fields, barking and carring on. Zig Man, forgive me for not talking too much today....just missing you so very much. But you know that dont you. Momma
11/12/09 Ziggy....oh Ziggy....one year today. Although not as hard as it use to be....how does the lonleness ever go away.....the missing you....wanting the comfort that you gave in so many ways. I have kept your picture on my computer screen for a solid year now. I change it often to other pictures of you, to remind me how very special you were and still are. I have just finished my work here in colorado and guess I will be moving on soon. Don't know where. Don't much about anything today. One year. The Good Lord knows, as well as I know you do, your Momma misses you still.....so very much. Although I think it would be good for little Max to maybe have a companion....I just can't bring myself to get another buddy. I know that it probably won't be but a couple of years or so, before little Max comes to see you. I just don't know how to accept the gap or void that I will have at that time. Do I need to now, prepare with another...to keep the gap from being so big....in my heart and my life....without you or Max....I truly don't know what to do. Send me a sign, Zig Man. Let me know. I truly....truly....truly...Miss Ya Every Single Day!!! You were and still are...."The Man".......Momma
3/5/2010 Don't think I have forgotten you!!. Just the visit here sometimes stirs such emotions that it is so overwhelming. I love you, I miss you. Momma
7/2/2011 I'm back, never miss a day that your name does not cross my lips and my mind. Missing you! Momma
1/18/2012 Oh Zig Man....just bought a house with 2.5 acres and would you just be having a ball running around and chassing gophers with Max. He loves it and is so glad to have such freedom. We both miss ya and think about you all the time.
4/14/2013 Zig Man...please look for little Max. His heart gave out and he died in my arms. I now feel like a large part of me has died to. How will I make it, without either one of you. I don't know why I had to loose so much happiness by loosing you both. Show Max around...Tell God he needs his own TV....swimming pool and watch out for him chasing the Angels! It will be a show. Love ya both. I will see you both soon. My ole ticker is not so good either. What times we will have!!!
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