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Memories of Zeus
Zeus, Zeus'll, Little Man, Young Man, Stinker, I can't really believe that I am writing these words to you and not speaking them to you as you lay curled at my feet (even though you didn't hear well towrds the end, we had developed a sign/body language so we each knew what the other was thinking or needed).

You will always hold a special place in our hearts and I look forward to that day when we all (you, me, mom, KeKe, Stacia, Kona, Asia, and future family members) meet again, never to leave each others sides for all of eternity. We are so thankful to God for allowing us the privilige of sharing your live, although our itme together was far, far to short!!!!

Even now I know you are with Stasie, Kona, and others from years before we all became a family (Priss, Keisha, Cutie, Lou, Peppy, Fred, Terri, Lady and countless others of all breed and species). I also know that Dr. Johnson is with you and all your fiends, as he loved you all so dearly.

Mom and I are so heart broken that you had to leave us so soon, and we can tell that KeKe is not sure what is going on, you were so much older and smaller than she is, but you were pure heart and were her leader and strength.

Everything here in the house reminds us of you, the food we eat and your love of pasta (how mom found you would go "bobbing for pasta" if a few dropped in your water dish), you curled up by our feet at the computer(even as I type this, I feel you are here still here by my feet), your tags jingleing at night, you reminding us morning and night that it was time to eat, chewing holes in you blankets, your first little rope toy, your amazing vocabulary of understanding human words and your abilty to teach us your language of looks, different barks, body stances and movements, our hike together along the river (when you were tired, you would stop and jump, I would carry you for a few feet and you would want down agian), riding in the truck to run errands, go to the vet, get donuts and othe goodies, your funny little "poop walk" in the yard, you peeing on JoAnn when she sat in my chair, you laying under the blanket while mom watched TV and sometimes literally being a "stinker", your marking everything is sight (outsiide, because once you were house trained, you never "went" indoors), you spending all your time outide if I was anywhere nearby, you laying by my side on camping trips, letting us know when you wanted to go outside, and so many more things we remember with each passing day.

Zeus, you were absolutely the most strong willed loved one we have ever had and that was one of the many, many things that set you apart from our other "children" (and trust me, mom and I consider you, KeKe, Asia, Kona, and Stacia to be our "children" and just because you are no longer with us here on earth, you will be our children foreever) and you Zeus, you will always be my most special child!!!!! You fought the good fight once you got sick and if prayers, pull will, and medicine could have pulled you through, you would still be here with us, but alas, God had a different plan for you and now you are well and healthy in a land with all other creatures until at last we all join you to cross the rainbow bridge into heaven!!!

You were an anniversary gift to me from mom and she wouldn't tell me where we were going that day, but we pulled up to your home and I got to pick a pup from the 5-6 crawling around. I chose you, because the others just sort of layed there, but you were always on the go, even at that age. I can remenber as clearly as if it were yesterday holding you in my arms as a puppy and your loving trusting eyes looking up at me and thinking, "I know the day will come when those little eyes will be cloudy and the end will be near, but we will have a blast until that day comes, and we did!!!!!

Zeus, my dear little friend, I am and animal lover by nature but I love you more than any animal I have ever had the joy of sharing my life with, you are a once in lifetime friend and your memories will live with me until the day I also pass on and then we will again be reunited again walk and play, and eat, and love.

We love you Zeus and miss you dearly!!!!!!

Dad, mom, KeKe, and Asia

Sunday 7-15-12

Zeus, our little man, we miss you dearly and know that you are having fun with all your other new friends at the Rainbow bridge!!!!

We have heard from a lot of people who like us have lost a loved one and while we are sad because we no longer have you in our presence, we are happy because we know you (and thier loved ones) are waiting for the time we will join you, then to cross over the bridge together to live in heaven forever.

It was one week ago that I took you to the vet as an emergency and as we sat on the living room floor before we left, I cried my eyes out because I knew you were not well, but still hoped and prayed you would return safely to our home.

Monday was very long as we waited for you gain enough strength for the operation, and then Tuesday was the big day, where we hoped you would soon start healing. Zeus, the time I spent with you those afternoons will always be very fond memories and I hope I was able to bring you comfort and joy....

We spent Wednesday evening (the afternoon you passed on), Thusday and Friday in deep mourning as we miss you so much!!!! Yesterday we went to Cody to see B&B - "your boys" as they were off work for the day. They were very sad to hear you had passed on, but like us all, they are happy you did not suffer.

All day yesterday I was sad and just watched out the window, and read as we rode with Grandma and Grandpa to and from Cody, but mostly I just thought about you and how short your time with us seemed, but then how many great memories we all shared together.

Then late yesrtday evening, Marc called and he told me he knows a family who have a younger dog that ate a toy and had to have about the same surgery you had. He survived, but Marc said it was a really hard, slow recovery and that because of your age, perhaps it wa just too much for your little body to take.

Because you had lived a good long life, I can now see that while we were praying for your full recovery, God knew that your quality of life would not good and for that reason, we had to say goodby far too soon!!!!

It was so hard seeing you struggle those last few days, you were such a fighter young man, but now in looking back, I can see God's divine intervention to see that you did not suffer. Mom and I replayed everything that happened that last week over and over agian, but in the end, you were happy to almost the end and then Dr. Julie assured us that you were not in pain and we thought there was a good chance you would still be with us today. I had told her above all, I did not want you to suffer and she was in at 4:00 am on Wednesday to see how how you were doing and try to pull you through.

I had planned to take you home on Thursday (your bithyday!!!) and when mom and I each left from visiting you on Wednesday afternoon, Dr. Julie told us that we would know on Thursday morning if you would make it. But at about 4:15, Dr Julie called and told me you had passed away. We were (and still are) so sad, but as the days move on, the sorrow is gradually replaced by the fond memories we have of our time on earth together.

Please know Zeus'll that I thought you would make it until Thursday and then we would know what needed to happen, had I had any doubt in my mind or heart that you would would not be with us then, I would have stayed with you all Wednesday afternoon and then overnight!!!!

I know that passage of time has no meaning to you (it never did, you just knew mom and I were there or were not there, and of course there was breakfast, supper and the possibility of food in between), and in an instant, we will be with you and the rest of our family to cross over the bridge to Heaven. Until then, it's just like when eithr mom or I were gone for over 5 minutes, you were just thrilled to see us agian, that is how it will be when we join you.

If you have the time, come and visit us, we won't be able to see you, but we will know you are there!!!! Now each night when I go to bed, I rest much easier knowing that you may be stretched out by my leg like when we would go camping!!! When I am out in the yard, hiking, working, or watching TV, I will know you may be there with me and that fills my heart with great joy.

Have fun at the Rainbow bridge with all your new friends and welcome all the new ones as you are all loved much, much more than you ever know!!!! Remember, you are so missed because you are so loved!!!!!!!

Dad, Mom, KeKe and Asia

Tuesday July 17th

Little Zeus, It's been over a week since your surgery and we miss you so much!!!!!

You came home yesterday and you are now in your bed (which is on the chest in the front room) with with your blanket, collar, leash, ball, and red thing. While that is not how we planned for you to come home, now that you are back with us at least we have you here and I know your spirit is alive and well at the Rainbow Bridge (aka doggie, kitty, pet heaven). When mom and I both leave this world, we will meet you agian for the final journey and have your ashes spread with us in Hawaii.

Although we are heartbroken that your little body is no longer here with us, we rejoice that you did not suffer and are now in doggie heaven. While we will mourn loosing you for the rest of our lives, we are so blessed to have you as part of the family, you (and all our animal friends) are truly gifts from God and your loving spirits continually bless our lives. We are so much better because you are part of our family.

We love you and know you are well, happy, and having a great time!!!!


To all those kind folks who have signed Zeus's guestbook, we are so very greatful, your kind words have been priceless! If you left your loved ones site, we will visit it very soon as they raised truly remarkable parents!!!!

Thursday, July 19th

Little Guy,

Yesterday was one week since you left us and to celebrate your life, mom and I went and ate at Bosco's. Knowing how you loved to eat, especially pasta, it just seemed so fitting.

We are gradually adjusting to life without our little man, but we have to be careful not to use your name or KeKe goes looking for you. Mom says that each morning when she gets up, KeKe goes and looks in the room where you are now and sometimes sniffs your bed, then kind of mopes around....

Over the last few days, I can feel your little spirit here with us and while we cannot see you, I know you are here. We love you dearly Frickle, and always will. Enjoy your time with the rest of our family who went before you and also with your new friends at the Rainbow Bridge as me, mom, Ke Ke, adn Asia will all join you in due time.

We love you dearly miss you more than words can express.


Wednesday July 25th

Hi little man!!! Hope you are doing well and having a good time with all your friends!!!! We miss you dearly but don't cry as much, it's the new normal. We can't talk in the plural when we come home or it brings back the realization that you are not here with us.

I miss not feeding you in the morning and evening, not having you everywhere I go, but I often have the feeling none the less that you are here with me. Mostly I just miss you always!!!!



Saturday August 18th

Hey little guy, we love you and miss you dearly!!!!!

While the pain of your loss will never leave us, the memories of the years you spent in our family bring us continual joy.

Last week I had an experience that I believe you shared with me, but I want record it here so I don't forget as it brings additional confirmation that but a thin veil seperates those us in the physical world from those you you in the spirit world (both animal and human).

As I believe you know (because I think you were there with me), last Saturday B, B, and M were hiking down around Ryan Park and at about 11:30 - 11:45 AM I had the distinct feeling you were with me, hiking just like many years before when I was training for the Grand Canyon hikes. However, this time (on a long uphill slope) I remenber thinking you could do it even faster than in your younger days (you were probably wondering why I was so slow, it's because now you are forever young and I am older and heaver than 10 years ago). I talked to you as I hiked and I know you were there with me, it brought me such joy!!!!

If that was not cool enough, when I got home the next day, mom told me about her experience while I was gone. On Saturday she was downstairs and she said she thought she heard my voice and it was calling you!!! She thought, Willie's home and then realized I was not and would not be until the next day. The time was about 11:30 AM, the same time you were hiking with me.

I know you come to visit often (a lot at night when we go to bed) and I hope I always sense your presence, but if not, please forgive me and know we love you dearly, but just may not be tuned in to the spirit world as well as at othe times!!!!

We are now starting to consider getting another Min Pin, not because we want to replace you but because you brought such a joy to our lives and both us and Ke Ke feel like we need 4 in our pack.

Ke Ke is adjusting, she has really been affected by your death, but seems a lot better (as are we), but if/when we get a new Min Pin, he/she will be from a rescue as we want to be able to provide a good life to a dog that is curently not being loved as they should. We don't know if we will choose on that looks like you (it will bring back great memories as well as build new ones), or perhaps one that is different. I have told mon that if/when we get a new Min Pin, he/she will need new furnishings (bed, collar, etc as I will always consider yours sacred).....

Take care my little friend, enjoy you life at the Rainbow Bridge, mom and I will be along for you and the rest of our families on God's time.....



Zeus'll, sorry it's been so long since I wrote, but life does go on regardless of our losses. But, as I think you know, just because I don't write (of course you can't really read this, but I think you know when you are in our thoughts) doesn't mean that we don't think of you very very often.

I have started walking to work (except for the past 2 weeks) and when I do, I can feel you with me. Also at night I often feel like you are there and in bed with us!!!!

Zeus for years my biggest worry about (hopefully) going to heaven is that I wondered if there would be animals, especially dogs and most recently specifically you. Earlier this week I got the answer to that question in reading a book named "Heaven is for Real" by Todd Burpo. Mr. and Mrs Burpo had a 4 year old child that died and went to heaven then returned to life and over the intervening years revealed snipits of heaven. At the end of the book, the father was talking about frequently asked questions and one of them (usually asked by children) was whether or not there are animals in heaven. Colton (the boy that died had told them there were all sorts of animals including dogs. Reading that Zeus reassured me that if and when I get to heaven, not only should I be with Jesus Christ and the other human family members who have gone before or after me, but also that I will be able to see my pets agian, especially you!!!!

And Zeus you saved a dogs life earlier this week!!!! How? Well, Paul (an engineer at work) and I were talking and he mentioned that his dog (Mazzie?) wasn't eating. I told him he should take her to a vet right away, that it was probably not serious, but after what happend to you to not take any chances. Well, he took her to Julie Horsch the next day and she figured out very quickly what was wrong, and it would not have gotten better without medical help and could have killed her. He thanked me and told me I had saved her life, but I told him that you were the one that saved her, because of your death, I knew to warn him. Paul is so greatful little man, even though you have benn gone for almost 4 months, you still bring joy to our lives and have saved another dog's life also!!!!

We think we are ready for another min pin, KeKe is doing well, but she will like a sister (we will get a female, hopefully from a rescue shelter in either Colorado or Nebraska. You opened our eyes to the min pin world and we want to give a good home to a dog that may never know it (or may have lost a good home for some reason). Probably we will get a red/tan girl, but if one that looks like you tugs at our hearts we will not be able to resist, but I'm afraid the physical similarity might make me feel like I am replacing you and that will never happen as you were my once in a lifetime pet (I have had dogs and all varielty of other animals all my life, but I never had an animal friend like you and you can never be replaced!!!!

Take care little man, I think of you many times each day!!!!


Monday August 26th

How aw are you doing Little Man? We are doing well (actually mom and I have each had a bad summer cold and I am home from work today) but othewise doing very well. Just because I havent' written in many months doesn't mean I don't think of you, in fact I think of you almost daily, but it's not as bitter as I know you are with God and all your friends and that one day all of our family will be togehter agian.

We did not adopt a min pin after all; WE ADOPTED TWO!!! When we got to the National Mill Dog Rescue in Colorado Springs, two of them tugged so stongly at our hearts that we had to get them both.

Zoey was 1st as she was ready to go when we arrived; she was very, very timid (didn't trust any males and hated one certain man on a TV add) and blind in one eye. She an Keela became instant friends and they are still great buddies as Keela has taught her how to enjoy life as dog and not be afraid of being beaten or mis-treated must have happend in her life as a puppy mill mom. She is doing extermemely well and loves to chase squirrels in the tree out back; she would spend most to the day out there at least in the summer (she and Sami did not like the snow, so we will see if they do better this fall winter). She is now very happy here and you can tell she knows she is part of the family. It has taken a while but she now loves to be petted and to lay at my feet in her bed ot to be on the couch curled up ther with mom. She is such a sweet and special soul and you can tell she knows this is home. When mom and I travel and we have to board them (I'm sure you remember don't you?) she is always the one most excited to see me. Keela wants to leave and Sami is really reserved at first but Zoey is just a bundle of raw energy. We knew when we saw her that she really deserved a good home and now she has one! Zoey is a lot like you in that she loves to be outside, is a true athlete, and is the typical black/tan min pin. She is very long and tall and is just a beautiful girl (I'm sure you come visit us so you aleardy know!!!) PS. Zoey has gotten very vocal about letting us know it's time to eat and that she wants to go outside. She just came in and let me know she wanted out and is now laying in the yard sunning!!!

Sami is whole different min min (as you all are) she is also like you in so many ways, she is daddys's girl as when I am home she either sleeps in her kennel or follows me around (as I type this, she is asleep at my feet by teh computer as you used to do) or is in her bed by my feet as we watch TV (Zoey will sometimes be in her bed by my feet, but she'd rather be on th4e couch with mom as you used to do). Also, Sami is all about the food (sound familiar?) and is not an athlete. She is just a loveable little lump and when we baord the "girls" she gains weight as we have to watch her diet as she is not very big, but her appitite is!!! Sami is very mellow unless it involves food or a toy she wants. She soes not like to be picked up (except when it thunders and then she wants to be held as the thunder terriifes her. She is content to eat, and sleep and prefers to sleep at my feet (she did like sleeping with me on the couch Saturday and Sunday while I was sick. While she is very mellow, she and Keela can get in fights and it's sad to say, but she intimidates Keela (who is also here in the computer room asleep - Zoey is still out sunning!!!) Keela is so sweet and loves everyone that she doesn't have mean bone in her body, that Sami intimidates her. Sami only has about 4 teeth left in her mouth (in puppy mills, the dogs are just the factory and they get minimal care and only as long as it pays to do so, then they are destroyed....) But even without teeth, she has a great appitite!!! Sami also has the cutest excited way of playing, sort of hops around and dags her head back and forth with he little eyes buggubg out. Sami is a beautiful red min pin and where Keela is Zoey's mentor and best friend, and mom is Keela's favorite dog or human, I am Sami's mentor and security blanket.

Zeus, you trained us well to be good min mim parents and we in good hands with Keela (who thinks she is a min pin as they are the only other dogs she have been around for any period of time!!!) Zoey and Sami, but thy are also in good hands with mom and I. We will take good care of them all until we each make that journey over the Rainbow Bridge....

Know we love you Little Man and think of you often!!!!!

10-22-18 Little Man, as you know, about a year ago Sami joined you at the Rainbow Bridge and I hope you both are doing well!!! I think of you both often and know one day we will all be together again.... Keala now has diabetes and is blind but otherwise doing well.. Zoey only has 1 good eye but she sees for Keala and know you would do the same if you were here.... I miss you and love you Zues!!! Love Dad

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