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Memories of Zena
September 17, 2017 -- Hard to believe another year has passed without you in it my precious sweet Princess. I miss you and think of you every day. Life goes on as they say and so much happens but my love for you is deep in my heart and your spirit is with me. I had a wall painting of a beautiful field with a rainbow in the computer room that I am going to fix up as a memorial to you and your siblings. It is so pretty with a cloud even shaped like a heart! Mommy has taken in another big orange boy that was abandoned by his humans. Sonny is huge and I know you would love him just as you always welcomed and loved every kitty Mommy brought home. You were the sweetest and kindest kitty girl and I love you forever Zena. How do you measure the years and time spent together? By all the love we shared? By all the joy that was given? Or something else? No matter how we measure the time, we know that it is never long enough but we also know that the memories will last forever and can be recalled at any time. We know the physical body is gone from our embrace, but the spirit is always right there with us. I think maybe Pooh says it best...."If there ever comes a time when we can't be together, just keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever." and the words of this song playing "There You'll Be" I'll always keep a part of you with me and everywhere I am there you'll be! Mommy loves you Zena!

September 17, 2016 -- This is the day your physical body left this earth and my presence. But you have never, not even for a day, left my thoughts and memory my sweet Princess. That little wobble walk I still can see in my mind and there will never be another that gives me "nose luffs" like you did. Life goes on they say and it does but the life I shared with you will never be forgotten--you brought so much love and joy into my home and heart. Just like the words to the song says when I least expect it "there you'll be" in my heart and memory. I put a new picture up of you playing with your furry ball on a wire--you loved trying to catch that so much and we had so much fun playing with it.

So much has changed and Mommy has rescued some new kitties and tried to give them a chance a good home where they are taken care of and loved. I tell them about you and your sisters Scraps, Neek and GrayLady and brothers Bo, Jordan and Opie. One day our whole big family will be together and I will see you again
I love you my sweet Princess. Mommy

September 16, 2015 -- It is so hard to believe that tomorrow will be two years since you left Mommy to journey to Rainbow Bridge. Seems like only yesterday I would feel you jump on the bed and come to cuddle close to my side. I miss you my sweet princess with every day that passes. Time has certainly gone on but my love for you and memories of the times we shared have never dimmed or changed. Sometimes I can close my eyes and imagine you waddling down the hallway or hear the sweetest little meow. I hope you are spending your time with Bo, Scraps, Jordan and now Neek that has recently come to join you. And sure that Neek has introduced you to Opie. I wish I were there to rub your chubby little belly and hug you close. I will see you again my sweet princess. Love you foreveer, Mommy.

February 1, 2015 -- Happy Birthday My Princess! Hope you have a lovely day and it is on special days like this that Mommy thinks of all the happy times we shared. I love you and miss you so much. There is noone to give me a "nose luff" like you! But one day we can share our special expression when we meet again. I miss you and love you so much. Love, Mommy

December 25, 2014 -- Merry Christmas my sweet Princess! I hope you have a lovely day with all your siblings and those friends that are there with you. I miss your beautiful face and sure would love a Christmas morning nose luve--you always gave the best. I miss you so much my little peacemaker girl. Love always and remembering you every day. Love, Mommy

September 17, 2014--It is hard to believe that one year ago today Mommy held you as you made your journey to Rainbows Bridge. Not a day has gone by that I haven't thought of you. The softness of your fur, the beautiful diamond shape on your nose ending in a heart shape, the little short legs that waddled down the hall, the sweetest & softest meow ever. I picture you this way my sweet little princess. I put some pansies up to show that your memory will never fade. And hung the seed bell as I remember how you used to "cackle" watching the birds out the window! Be happy and play free my little girl until I see you again. Hugs and nose loves to you my Zena. I will love you always.

September 7, 2014-- My sweet Princess how I miss you! You soft and gentle mew and those short little legs carrying you down the hallway! Your sweetness has been like that of none other and you more than lived up to your name although you were not a warrior princess by any means. Always so gentle and loving to your siblings, soft and cuddly. I miss your sweet nose luvs and can't wait to get one when I meet you again. Mommy loves you my sweet angel.

April 30, 2014-- Hello my dear princess! I hope that you are doing well at the Rainbows Bridge and hanging out with your sisfurs Scraps and GrayLady and your brofurs Jordan and Bo. I bet Jordan is sticking pretty close to you, you two were always good friends. I miss your nose luvs so much my little girl and you laying beside when we went to sleep for the night. Sometimes I feel like I can hear your soft little meow--you were always such a gentle girl trying to always keep the peace in the house. Mommy is gonna go to bed now. I love you my Zena Bean!

February 1, 2014 Happy 16th birthday my beautiful princess! What wonderful years we had together and what a purrfect day to tell you so. From the day I brought you home you were my princess and just made yourself at home like you had always been there! What joy and companionship you brought and it was just you and Mommy for those first couple of months helping each other heal...me from the loss of your big brother Bo and you from your illness. I know that you are with your brother Jordan and sister Scraps celebrating up at the Bridge. Enjoy my sweet princess--Mommy loves you and sends you a "nose luff!"

Merry Christmas my little Princess! Remember when I dressed you for Christmas? I put that picture down in your photo album below. Mommy loves and misses you so much especially this special time of year. You always loved your Christmas stocking and rolling around in fresh catnip and then would walk off with your tail high up in the air! You were my sweetest girl and always so mindful of the other kitties and tried to be a mommy to them all. What I wouldn't give for a "nose luff" right now! I love you and hope you are enjoying Christmas at the Bridge with your sisfur and brofurs. Love always, Mommy

How do you measure the years and time spent together? By all the love we shared? By all the joy that was given? Or something else? No matter how we measure the time, we know that it is never long enough but we also know that the memories will last forever and can be recalled at any time. We know the physical body is gone from our embrace, but the spirit is always right there with us. I think maybe Pooh says it best...."If there ever comes a time when we can't be together, just keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever."

November 5, 2013--Hello my Princess. Mommy is finally able to start working on your Rainbows page. I have missed you so much my little girl. Your place on the bed is empty and no one wakes me with sweet nose luvs like you always did my baby. I miss those nose luvs so much and your sweet little meow. Somedays if it is quiet and I close my eyes I can hear you. Scraps misses you and Neek howls down the hall calling for you and she lays in the places where you used to lay. My heart is broken as I think of the day you left for your journey to the Rainbows Bridge. Mommy expected to pick you up and bring you home that awful Tuesday. Instead I came to say good-bye and help you to the bridge. I hope you know how much Mommy loves you and how much I loved you every minute of your life and the time we spent together will always be near and dear to my heart. Tell Jordan I said I hope he is behaving and now that you are there you can help him to be a good boy. He always loved his big sisfur Zena. I know you have had a happy reunion. And I know that Bo has found both of you and taken you under his wing. One day we will all meet again. Until then you will live on in my heart and I always feel your spirit with me. I left the jeans on the stool in the bathroom for when you come to visit. Mommy loves you always my Zena girl. ______________________________________________________________________________________


Zena came into my life on Oct 16,1998. She was right around eight months old when I brought her home and as you read further you will understand why I have never had a doubt that my sweet princess was sent to me by my soulmate Bo who had crossed the Rainbows Bridge just five days before meeting Zena. When I lost my Bo on Oct 12,1998 I was left alone since my children had grown and it had been just me and Bo for so long.

Zena's story starts at Village East Animal Hospital--she had been brought in very ill after having had kittens. She had been on IV's and not sure she would make it. The vet wanted to spay her because she would not have made it to have another litter of kitten and with much coaxing her so called "family" agreed. So they went ahead and did that and then got Zena on the road to being healthy again. But...after unanswered or returned phone calls or letters from her "family" it was evident they had abandoned my princess! Who abandons a princess?? Anyway there were legalities to follow before Zena could become owned by my vet and a waiting period in order for them to adopt her out or anything. So...on the fateful day of Oct 12th when I said farewell for now to my Bo--on that very same day Zena became the property of my vet!! So my dear sweet soulmate Bo made sure that his Mommy had someone to love and that would love her back before he left.

That day I left the clinic as we took Bo home for the last time, my vet told me he might have something for me and to call him when I was ready. That was a Monday and on Friday after work I called to talk to my vet and he told me Zena's story. Of course I cried...he told me if I wanted to I could just come get her for the weekend with no obligation and if I decided I didn't want her I could bring her back. So there I went to pick my sweet princess up Friday after work. Of course you know the end of the story--Zena was definately a keeper!

As I picked Zena up she was so small and so shy and I remember the vet saying she wasn't much to look at!! We got home and I put Zena down and got her food, water and all ready for her. Almost immediately she jumped up to the back of the couch and laid down right near my head. For the next few nights we slept right there on the couch--I hadn't slept back in my bed yet since Bo had been gone. I looked at her and kept thinking of that remark "nothing much to look at!" Well, she had the most beautiful little sweet face with that diamond down her nose and then the tip of it formed a heart! She was more precious than a diamond and stole my heart right away! It was meant to be, I saw that from the very start. I needed someone so much and she needed someone two so after I called the vet on Monday to say Zena was a keeper, we started our journey together. It was just Zena and I getting to know each other and forming a strong bond for about three months. In was in those early months that we formed our special "nose luvs". She would touch her nose to mine -- all I had to say to her was "give Mommy nose luvs" as I bent my head to hers. She slept right beside me each night and we talked and played and I told her all about her big brother Bo.

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