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well, zacharina, it has been over four years since you have been gone. i have gone to this site several times and have been always so bereft, so grief-stricken to make this up for you. i still miss you terribly and am crying as i do this, but it is now time. you really were the best little girl in the world. you were so smart, so sentient, so full of life and my best friend. i miss you so much. you were there during all my bad times and all my good times. you always knew when i was depressed and gave me continual kisses until i would laugh uncontrollably. i miss all those kisses you gave me. i told my mom how smart and sentient you were. she came to visit me. you went to say hi to her, then came to me for a pat and then went back to her and looked at her with your sentient eyes. my mom said 'you were right, she can look right through to your soul'. what i didn't know then was that my mom was dying of cancer and you and she were the only ones who knew it. now, you are both gone and i miss you both so much.

you were such a playful and happy dog. you were so excitable that your little butt would shake back and forth so violently that i thought you would fall down. you just loved to play fetch. at first it was with a little red rag with a knot in it. you were only about 10 lbs at the time. we knew you were smart. we would throw the rag and you started to trip. you stopped and folded it into thirds and then picked it up and trotted happily back to us. how smart you were, even then as a small puppy. after that is was mostly a tennis ball. you just loved tennis balls. i think you liked them because they would bounce and travel really far. i remember taking you to the beach and picked up a stick. you totally ignored it, but jumped for joy when i got out your tennis ball. you were so friendly that a neighborhood boy actually would knock on my door and ask if 'zacharina could come out and play'. i thought that was so funny. i would go out and supervise while the two of you played.

you hated all my boyfriends. you wanted and were number one in my life!! you always tried and mostly succeeded in squishing your 30 lb body between me and them. you were so possessive of me. you were also a little rascal. i didn't realize it until after you were gone. i had blamed willie, my little beagle for all the bad behavior. once you were gone everything stopped!! i am glad i stopped blaming willie several years before. you always looked guilty when something bad happened. (i don't care what the professionals say - you LOOKED guilty) i knew when i came home and you were on the far side of the couch in a hunched sitting position with your ears flattened out that something bad had happened. i always thought it was guilt by association, but it was YOU you little devil! i had to get a lock on my refrigerator because you would get into the freezer and pull out my popcicles, my frozen dinners and the worst was my bags of flour. boy, did you make a mess all over with that! i am sure that willie helped you!

and then there was your love/hate relationship with kitkat. he was there a year before you and boy, did you let him know who was top dog/animal! hopefully, kitkat is there bugging you now :-) he has been gone since 12/05.

so many stories about you. you were such a smart and interesting dog. no one will ever be able to top you! i will add or change the other stories i have of you at another time. i miss you. i hope willie is there with you. he died october 2007 just shy of 16, you only lived to be 12 1/2. i wish i had had more years with you.

i love you and miss you! you are always in my heart and my thoughts even after all these years!

August 22, 2008

wow. i am still affected by your death. i still miss you so much. i was thinking about how happy a dog you were. your tail would wag at what appeared to be 100mph and your little butt would wiggle just as fast! you just could not stand still. you wanted attention so much. you wanted to show your love so much that you could barely contain yourself. you were so adorable. i finally went to a national forest. it was the first time in 16 years that i went to a forest for a hike that i wasn't tethered to a dog. i couldn't even get out to hike. all i could think about was what a great place to take you and willie out for a walk and how much you both would have liked it. both of you are gone. it is difficult to go places that i know you two would have loved. i have to move forward one of these days. baby steps. one day at a time.

Dec. 16, 2008

Well, it has been almost five years since you have been gone, zacharina. love and miss you. three years since i have seen you, kitkat and one year since i have seen you willie. you all will forever be in my heart. happy holidays in furball heaven! keep an eye out on my mom and my sister, up there,too, and me, of course :-;

ps. i tried to put a paperbag for you, kitkat, but no extra space, so i hid it in the present!

May 15, 2009

Been awhile since I have been here, but still think of all of you all the time. Finally went to the mountains and had a good time. Went to Kings Canyon and did some hiking and sight seeing and took lots of photos. You would have loved it, Zacharina and Willie. Unfortunately, you can't take animals all over like I could when I had the both of you. Too many rules against pets these days. Glad I had you guys when I did. We had so many fun times in the mountains, at the beach, and at all the festivals I took you to. Love and miss you all so very much.

August 30, 2009

Wow. Summer is almost gone and I am just changing the season. I am trying my best to not miss you all so much. I have been volunteering at a dog shelter for a year and a half now. I can now see myself adopting a new dog one of these days. I wanted to wait until I would see a new dog as a new family member and not a replacement. I have finally reached that point. Love and miss you. Mom.

December 28, 2009

Gee, I missed Fall entirely. I am sad. I am starting to not think about you every day. I can't believe that it has been 6 years this month. I feel like I am forgetting you, although I know that is really not the case. I am just moving forward. I am still grateful for all your unconditional love. THAT I will never forget. I have been volunteering at a dog shelter for a year and a half. My favorite dog, Squirt, who reminded me of you FINALLY got his forever home. I will miss him as he was a very friendly, spirited dog just like you and similar size and coloring of you. He had been at the shelter for over a year and a half. Momo is doing better, getting more domesticated, at least with me. She is terrified of anyone else. Her vet has to treat her like a feral cat! That is ok. She is my baby and I will do what is necessary for her. Love and many, many kisses to you Zacharina, and Willie and Kitkat. ((Update 2/20/00 - Squirt was back at the shelter 6/10. His new owner lost his job and then his house.:(( Wish I could adopt Squirt. He is still a doll.))

P.S. I forgot to include an explanation of the Chinese food. I had my Chinese food on the coffee table and answered the door. I stepped outside to talk to a Girl Scout and had to run back inside as you, Willie, my little devil, was eating my Chinese food! She was a great salesperson. She came back the following year to sell cookies and said she hoped I didn't have any Chinese food on the table. Smart young girl to remember that. !

April 3, 2010

A part of me is so sad that I am moving forward in this life without you, Zacharina. I can now look at your photograph in the living room and sigh, but no tears. It took me so long to move on. I miss you that much. You were that special. I still walk by things or go places and think Zacharina would like that or Willie would have fun here. Hopefully, some day I will be able to afford to adopt another dog, but even if I never am able to do that,I will always have my memories of Zacharina and Willie. Don't worry Kitkat, I haven't forgotten you either. :)

February 20, 2011

Wow, almost a whole year has gone by. OK, I was wrong. I misspoke. There are still tears, just not as often. I still miss all three of you so much. Once in a great while I will call out your names as if I was calling you to me just so I can hear your name out loud. Momo didn't know Zacharina , but her ears perk up when I call Willie's name out loud. :) She hasn't forgotten you, Willie. Love you all so much. Mom.

April 8, 2013

Wow, it has been two years since I wrote anything on here. I do come occasionaly, but often don't write anything. I think of all three of you all the time. Every year around Dec. 19th, someone reads your information here and sends me a nice email. I avoid responding as I still get despondent around that time and then I just sort of forget. It is amazing how one animal, that is you Zacharina, can have such a long lasting effect on a human, but you did. Oh, and Momo still perks up her ears when I holler Willie's name. it is sort of funny that after 5 years she still remembers. I miss snuggling with Willie and Kitkat's kneading me. Kitkat, you were an indoor/outdoor cat and I always thought you had a great smell. It was probably the smell of fresh dirt, but it smelled smokey to me. Zacharina, I miss throwing that ball to you over and over. I miss your atempts to get my attention - you would drop the ball on my toe, or put your muzzle under my thigh or put the ball under my thigh to get my attention. You were so persistant, so smart and so loveable! Miss all you guys.

December 20, 2014

I don't get on much anymore. I don't have a computer at home, so I must go to the library to borrow one of their's. I will miss all of you forever and ever. Yesterday was the 11th year of Zacharina's passing. You will always be in my heart. You too Willie and Kitkat. I can't believe my current cat is already 10 years old. I have so many wonderful and comforting memories of all of you.

March 30, 2016

It has been one and a half years since I have been on here. I still miss all of you. Momo is now getting old. She is almost 12. I am going to copy this to have a permanent reminder of all of you. Hope it prints. I will never forget any of you.

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