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Memories of Yuki
On Thanksgiving day, I cooked a turkey for you, but you couldn't eat it. I knew you were pretty sick, because all your life, you loved to eat and would never refuse food. I called a doctor to come see you, and you had a very high fever. He gave you a shot to make you better, but then had to leave because he was going out of town. You didn't feel any better and were in a lot of pain, and I could see that the doctor didn't help you, instead you felt worse, not better. I am so sorry. I had to call the emergency vet, but it was a holiday and no one was around, but they agreed to meet me at their office. I called Hugh and he came right away, and we tried to get you in the car. We couldn't move you because you were too heavy, and I begged you to help me get you in the car. You lifted your front legs up onto my arms and let me walk you out to the car, and we were able to get you up into the car. The doctor met us at the hospital and she said she'd take care of you from there, and that I could hopefully take you home tomorrow. The doctor asked me if I wanted to say goodbye, and I said no, I didn't want to say goodbye, I wanted to take you home tomorrow. I regret that I didn't say goodbye, because you died the next day.

Yuki, I am so sorry, I should have said goodbye to you, I should have given you a big hug, you are my life, you are my spirit. You were mine since you were 8 weeks old. You were my companion and my good friend, you loved me unconditionally and I loved you as well. Now my life is so empty. Every time I come home you are not there to greet me, and I miss that so much. How I wish you were there, but you're not -- you are gone for good. I wish you peace and that you are in a good place to rest. Perhaps you might be able to look for Tigger up there, she's been there for over a year. Maybe you can reunite and keep each other company and you won't be alone. I love you.

2012 - One year ago on Thanksgiving, you were gone for good. This year Kale cooked a turkey at his house, and I was thinking of you all day. The very next day, i made a turkey dinner to remember you. I wished you were there, you would have loved it. A year ago today I made a turkey dinner for you but you refused, you were too sick. Then I knew you were very sick, because you loved turkey. Ever since then I've missed you so much! Every day when i come home, you are not there to greet me. However wherever you are, I hope you have peace and happiness. I love you. Mama.

2013 --Dear Yuki, I am thinking of you today on Thanksgiving, two years since you left me. I miss you so much and have been thinking about you all day. I lit a candle for you and put it on the table on the deck with some flowers for you. I love you - Mama.

Hi sweet Yuki,this is Aunt Debbie. I am sure you already know this, but your mama Jean left this world two weeks ago at the age of 92. I know it must have been a wonderful reunion when she joined you at Rainbows Bridge and knowing that she was going to be reunited with you and Tigger gave us all some comfort. She loved you more than anything in the world and life was not the same for her after you were gone. Take good care of each other, and give a nuzzle to my Ginger and Tessie up there! Love you, Yuki girl!

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