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Memories of Yoda Samuel
It was Thanksgiving week 2002 & i was so Despondent very very Depressed still Grieving the loss of Your Brother Samuel Carlos & thats when i got the phone call from Robin my Vet at the Aspca in Jamaica plain. Robin was so excited over the phone she could barely contain herself She excitedly told me that she had a dream the night before that while she was doing her morning rounds she found this Beautiful tiny White Ball of Fluff with the biggest pink ears and the whitest Blue Eyes & them her dream ended but lo and behold when she had came to work she did her morning rounds and there u were just like her dream had fortold her the nite before !!! We all agreed it was an act of God for something like this to occur so Robin told the adoption super to hold off on adopting You out to anyone except me so i rushed to jamaica Plain to meet this special kitty of the lords Divine Intervention. You were just out of Neutering Surgery doing flip flops in your cage when i came to yourcage door all of a sudden the last flip u made brought u and your claws face to face with my Face and u cocked your head to the side and said a Meow Hello and thats when i knew that you were a keeper !!! Then your name was Blake but when your Daddy saw your ears curl down You became our Yoda Samuel our Beloved Puppy Dog who could run circles around most Dogs when it came to Bone Fetching who could stand on his feet what seemed to b endless minutes waiting for your treats and who did the most amazing water dance ritual just before you Drank from the Water Bowl !!! You were born Deaf Yoda but that didn't slow you down one bit u had a lions shaped chest and was built like a boxer dog You were a Khou Manee Which means "White Gem" you happily learned our own version of sign language my love YOU WERE SO INTELLIGENT especially when it came time to vacuum the rugs instead of running away from the cleaner u decided to ride it like a horse cause u enjoyed the vibration !!!! Soooo Many memories of all the Joy u brought to me and your other Brothers and Sisters lol Your favorite thing to do was to dress up with my hats scarfs Bandanas & Glasses YOU WERE HILARIOUS A Ham for the Cameras My Sweet Child o Mine and u were TRULY TRULY LOVED BY ALL WHO U TOUCHED for your short time on earth . You slept by my head every nite to keep me safe & when Baby Remy was 8 weeks old you took him under your wing and taught my emotionally challenged kitten how to Groom himself and helped him to eat and drink ......... YOU WERE SOOOO AMAZING as a therapy Kitty to me and all my Furbabies & over the years u got slower and started to sleep longer i didn't think anything of it my love because u were almost 14 but then i noticed u dropped 4 lb's and ur eyes were always dilated and u were walking funny that's when my heart sank & i knew u were getting ready to leave me ....... You stopped eating and i fed u by syringe around the clock for 3 weeks and groomed your sick body till your fur started to show a glimmer of life back into it but to no avail u got weaker and weaker til finally that fateful day came when your lung collapsed and fluid was building up in your chest ........... I was so Scared Puppy i rushed u to the clinic where u received oxygen but i was told u were critical so off u went to the VCA in Weymouth where they went into action to save you ...... They tapped 120cc's of bloody fluid from your right lung and did all kinds of xrays and scans and still they had no idea what you had so finally a smear of your lung aspirate went off to oncology to check for infectious or cancerous processes and i was told to go home and wait and those 24hrs were the most agonizing Yoda i continually prayed to St Francis for u to b healed and that i would get good news when the Dr. called the next morning unfortunately my Love The Lord had other plans and thats when i was told that you had malignant Melanoma that spread from the moles on your nose to your eyes brain and Right Lung ....... That was 9:30am on March 22nd at exactly 3pm you closed your eyes for the final time wrapped in your Blue Knit Baby Blanket as i held u close to my heart i told u how much i loved you as my tears flooded and closed your eyes and then you were gone a flutter of a soft warm breeze caressed my face as your spirit was being lifted to the Bridge that took you to your garden of Butterflies ......... It's been 7mos my Sweet Furchild and the Grief i feel is never ending you took a piece of me when u left to b with God I MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH YODA SAMUEL my sweet funny caring & extremely Frisky FurChild Till Next Time My Sweet Angel Love Always Mommy, Ariel Rose,Alexa Rose, CeCelia Tabitha Rose, Remy, Rushka, Rylee, OliverJames,Shiagro And say Hello to Beryl Madison Rose, Bob Marley, Eugenie Cleopatra and Samuel Carlos May You all Continue To Fly Free In Your Garden Of Butterfly Angels R.I.P.

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