Welcome to Xi Xon & Cha Gio's Rainbow Bridge Memorial Residency
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Memories of Xi Xon & Cha Gio
Hello Xi Xon. It is 11/21/12. Daddy and mommy held you in our arms as God decided to have his angel home with him. No words can even begin to describe our sorrow, sadness, and yet our happiness today.

You came into our world fifteen years ago and forever changed our lives. You forever are, and will always be, the most perfect creation God has ever made. You are the sweetest,friendliest, most loving, and sometimes most hungry baby Meihr ever. Everyday we would wake up to your licks and kisses on our faces. Then we get ready for work, and it's always so hard to leave you behind, with your loving face looking at us. Both yours and your hubby Cha Gio's faces.

Daddy would try to come home a little early to walk you both. We know how much meihr loves to sunbathe outside. Yaw, however, just does his bizness and goes inside. Occasionally daddy would find a few accidents if he comes home late, and he pretty much knows who they're from. He used to grumble about it, and mommy would find it funny. Boy, daddy would do anything to clean up meihr's mess again.

Dinner time is always your favorite time. Lately you would eat like there was no tomorrow. Daddy has been making you special meals, since you were diagnosed with kidney disease a month ago. You love the new food. Brown rice, sweet potato, boiled chicken, celery, bok choy, carrots, and broccoli. You would chicken-hawk your way to the food, then would try to bamboozle Yaw. In fact, you pretty much bamboozle yaw during dinner, morning and night-time treat. You do it to his ice cream too, if we didn't separate your bowl from his.

When grandpa and grandma come over, you were so excited to go to them every morning. You would let grandma cheat and give you bread and all kinds of goodies, even when you were getting pretty round in the "belly".

What we will miss most is your sweetness and loving way to us. You would allow mommy to hug you all night, and occasionally get out of the blanket only when it gets a little warm. Then you would let daddy hug you all morning when mommy gets out of bed. You give us kisses at any time, unconditionally. You wag your tail when you were happy, even when the vet is examining you and you really didn't like it. You were loved by all of our friends, and they agreed that you were the sweetest thing ever.

Daddy and mommy are so happy that you spent 15 years with us, an eternity for a Doxie. Perhaps you were here that long because your love tank was filled by everyone's love for you. Everyone wanted to hold the little beige. However, daddy and mommy know that you were here this long to make better human beings out of us, and you taught us to love unconditionally.

To the end, you were a brave little 9-, well 10.5-pounder. You sunbathed with daddy, and even went to work with mommy to cheer her up. You wagged your tail even when you were getting shots from Dr. Toth. You were strong and held on long enough so that mommy and daddy can look into your eyes and say good-bye to you peacefully. Today, we are so very sad and heartbroken to see you go. However, we are so happy that you returned to God peacefully and painlessly. Your husband Yaw misses you very much too. Most importantly, you taught mommy and daddy to be good human beings so that we can reunited with you in eternity. We hope that you enjoy all the pupperoni's, rotisserie chickens, ham hocks, sweet potatoes, ice cream and carrots up there. We love you as long as God loves mankind.

11/22/12. Hello little Meihr. It is exactly 1 day, at 3:25am, when mommy and daddy looked into your loving eyes and said goodbye to you, and when you became 100% whole again. We may not recognize you right now because you have your brown patches again. Hehe. Are you playing with your new friends, Pressy and Pedro, up there? Have you been eating the heck out of rotisserie chicken and sweet potato? Don't forget not to eat too much skin, or the housekeeper may not like it too much. Yaw misses you terribly. He sniffs for you all the times, and is very sad. We are getting ready to go and see Gramps, and the Asian gang, including Kona and Kingston. They all miss you and love you too. Have fun sweetie.

11/23/12. Hi baby Meihr. We spent T-giving with the families and friends yesterday. They all miss you and talked about you too. Cha Gio especially misses you. We went to Gramps to drop him off, and he was looking for you there. We hope you had a wonderful T-giving up there, with all the turkey, sweet potatoes, rice and sweet rolls. Those are some of your favorites. Please keep a look out for Yaw and bless him. We will write you every day. We are constantly thinking of you and missing you. We you more than anything and anyone in this world.

11/24/12. Good morning baby. There's not a minute goes by that mommy and daddy don't think about you. We miss you terribly, and our heart aches so badly. Not a day goes by that we don't shed tears for you,because we miss our Meihr so much. However, we know that you are in a better place. It is comforting to know that our baby Meihr never suffered in the end. You never had a bad day in your 15 years of life down here. You were so loved by us, Gramps, all of our families and friends. Aunt Trisha and Aunt Minh made a frame with your pictures in there for mommy. She's going to display it in her office. We hug the pillow that has your picture on it nightly whenever we sleep. We imagine it is you that we hug. We're very happy that you have made many friends up there. Have fun and eat all the food and enjoy. Careful not to get that "belly" too big. Just big enough for us whenever we see you to make fun of you a little bit. It helps us to know that we can still smell all of you, especially your cute feet. We're going to spend the next 2 days with Gramps today, and we're going to be looking at your pictures. There will be lots of tears shed for you, because we all miss you more than anyone has ever missed anything in the world. Mommy and daddy agree that we could never love anything or anyone more than you, even if we ever have a child. Yaw has been eating pretty good at Gramps. We know that he misses you terribly too, so please look out for him. We love you so much baby. We can't wait to see you and spend eternity with you. Sending many hugs and kisses to you.

11/25/12. Hi baby. You'll be glad to know that mommy and daddy had a pretty decent day. We hung out with our friends and went to the Bucs game. Of course we talked about you a lot. We still miss you tremendously. Honestly Meihr, there's not an hour that goes by that we don't think about you, and how perfect you are. We miss you licking our faces so badly, and how you run to us whenever you spot us from a distant. We are not looking forward to driving home tomorrow, since everything around the house reminds us of our sweet angel. You've made many friends, and we hope that you are having fun and eating well up there. Cha Gio misses you tremendously too. Please keep a look out for him. We love you always.

11/26/12. Hello there Meihr. Thank you baby for blessing us and allow us to have a safe trip back to Atlanta. It hurts so bad to come home and not having you in our arms. Yaw is missing you tremendously too. He's not eating much, but he seems OK. Everywhere in this house reminds us of how precious you are. Have fun with your new friends up there, and eat plenty of food. We will write you soon baby.

11/27/12. Your ashes came home today baby Meihr. We put it at your shrine. We also put your favorite camo sweater over it to keep you warm. We miss you so much. Cha Gio misses you tremendously too. Every time we think about you, our heart aches. I told mommy that I am no longer afraid of dying, so that I can see you again very soon. Until then, have fun with your new friends. We love you always. Mommy and Daddy

11/28/12. Hi baby. It is exactly 1 week since you went to the Rainbow's Bridge. We miss you so much and are hurting because it is so empty around the house. We are happy that you are well now, and have made lots of friends. We can close our eyes and smell you, smell your kisses, your sweet feet and your breath. Every night, when I walk Yaw, I would miss your face looking at me and barking. You just know that you want to get back in to get your treat. I miss your cute face looking at me with your cute ears. Baby, we can't wait to see you and have you rain your kisses on us again, for an eternity. We love you more than anything.
**Mommy loves seeing your sweet picture in my office. Your eyes are so warm and your face is the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen. Everything on earth pales in comparison to you baby girl. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Hope you are having a wonderful time up there where the sun is always shining**

11/29/12 Good morning Sweet Angel Meihr. We wake up every morning thinking about you & missing you. Yaw is especially having a hard time not having you by his side everyday. He misses licking your face and snuggling next to you. You were the center of his world, and of ours. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH SWEETIE. Sending lots of hugs & kisses to our perfect little baby girl. We miss you SO very much.

11/30/12. Hello baby girl. We hope you are eating chicken and sweet potato up there. We took Yaw to Dr. Toth today, and he has the same sickness that you did. We know that God intended this to happen, so that you both can be reunited together happily. We know that maybe this is your way of letting us know that you miss him and want to be with him again. He misses you terribly, and is looking for you all the times. Daddy let him smell your sweater and jacket, and he was sniffing it for a long time looking for you. Now when you see him, you're gonna have to take him under your wings. You know how paranoid and scared he is. You both will get to lick each others' faces for eternity. Mommy and Daddy are so hurt of losing both of you, but we are so happy that you are both reunited and waiting for us up there one day. All 4 of us will be together soon baby girl. We love and miss you more than words can ever describe.

12/1/12. Good morning baby Meihr. Daddy has uploaded some pictures, so that everyone can see how cute our sweet angel is. We miss you so much every minute of mommy and daddy's lives. I can still smell every part of your cute body next to us. We kiss you all the times at your shrine. Good news baby, Yaw is going to join you up there tomorrow. He is giving us the signal that he wants to see you soon. I wish we can see how happy you both are going to be. Daddy and mommy wishes that the Mayan calendar is true on 12/21/2012, so that we all can be united together again. We love you sooo very much.

12/2/12. Hi Honeybear. You would have loved to sunbathe in the backyard today...it's so pretty out. Anytime the sun is shining we remember how much you loved to squint your eyes and enjoy the warm light. Yaw is tired, but hanging in there for Mommy & Daddy. We are having a hard time letting him go. We know that you 2 will be together soon sweetie, but we hope it is okay with you for us to keep him for just a little bit longer. We miss you so much & You will always be in our hearts and prayers. We love to kiss your pillow and the camo sweater covering your ashes everyday. We hope that you can feel our kisses up there in heaven. Sending you all of our love baby girl. Forever & Always.

12/3/12. Hi lil cutie. Every day Mommy listens to music that reminds me of you. I remember how if you weren't sleeping in with Daddy, you would sit right on top of my feet as I would get ready in the morning. You always wanted to be so close to us. In a way, Yaw is like our last physical connection to you on Earth, so it is hard to let him go. We have your old clothes, your ashes & of course all of our beautiful memories...but it is still difficult. Yaw was a little bit sick again early this morning. Please watch over him, and when the time comes, be ready to greet him so that your perfect face is the first thing that he sees. Sending you so many kisses & hugs sweetheart. WE LOVE & MISS YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING.

12/4/12. Hello little Meihr. Cha Gio joined you at the Rainbow Bridge at 1:15AM today. By now, you are probably leading that paranoid hubby of yours to meet your new friends. We are sure that prior to this, you both are licking each other's faces like crazy, since it has been 2 weeks since you last saw him. Please take him under your wings, esp now that he can see and hear again. Mommy and Daddy have bittersweet feelings. We both miss you more than words can say. The house is so empty now. Within every inch of the house, we can see you both everywhere, esp. on the bed and in the bathroom. However, we are so happy that not only you both are reunited, but are 100% well again. Now you both can hear how many times we say we love and miss you each day. We are leaving your jackets, blanket, and the clothes we wore when we said goodbye to you both by your shrine. Both of your paws are there. Your shrine is where you spent most of your time with us, in our bedroom. Take great care of each other up there. We will write our little meihr and yaw every day until we see both of your sweet faces again. Who knows, we may see you in 17 days, according to the Mayan calendar. Mommy and daddy miss and love you both SO MUCH.

12/5/12. Hello our sweet angels. We hope that you are having fun just like old times now that you are reunited again. You can't imagine how much daddy and mommy miss you down here. We came home to an empty house yesterday for the first time ever, and it hurts so very much. Our babies were not there to greet us. Every moment in the house and every inch of it reminds us of you. Daddy misses walking you in the morning, afternoon, after you eat and at night. He misses preparing special meals for you both. Mommy misses snuggling with you in bed. She misses kissing you in the morning. We kiss your toe imprints and clothes every day to remind us that you are there in our hearts. Daddy is crying as he is writing this. However, it comforts us knowing that our bears are together again. You both forever have changed our lives for the better, and you have left such wonderful imprints in our hearts. We love you always and forever, and can't wait to see you again.

12/6/12. Good morning babies. It is still so hard to believe how quickly 16 years flew by. I can still remember holding you as a little puppy & showing you off to all of my friends. I remember when the 2 of you first met. It took a little while for Yaw to warm up to Meihr...but once that bond was formed, you 2 were never apart. You did everything together, all the way up until the end. Thank you for blessing our lives. The highlight of my day would be to come home & see your eyes light up as soon as we saw one another. I hope that in those moments you could see my face light up too, because you both truly were the sunshine of my life. Daddy & I miss you SO much. We're sending you so many kisses today & always.

12/7/12. Hi little angel-bears. Early this morning Daddy & I watched a short video that had all kinds of pictures of you both in it. Mommy started making the video 2 years ago and is going to continue adding to it. You both were (and always will be)SO adorable and perfect. We miss snuggling with you so much. We miss it when you used to sleep right on top of our heads. We miss spoiling you with special treats. This time last year we would have you wear all kinds of Christmas sweaters & outfits. Mommy remembers how this used to make Daddy grumble :-) We miss your kisses, your warmth, your scent. Things will never be the same without you. We hope that you are having an amazing time up there. SENDING YOU ALL OF OUR LOVE!

12/8/12. Good morning Meihr and Yaw. This is the first weekend that we're without you. The pain and the sadness linger on. We received Yaw's ashes yesterday, and have put them right next to Xi Xon's on the shrine. Your jackets, paw prints, camo sweaters, towels and the clothes we wore when we brought you to God are there. We had our Christmas staff party last nite. While it was fun, Daddy and mommy were constantly thinking and missing our babies. Please know that we miss you both sooo much. Have fun and take care of each other. We LOVE U both forever.

12/9/12. Hi babies. Daddy and Mommy just came back from church, where we prayed for both of you to have so much fun and eat a lot up there. It's so hard without you, but we can close our eyes and smell you both. Our friend, Tom Reichert, who goes to Guatemala with us, drew a beautiful picture of you two. He framed it, and we put it by your shrine. We miss you both so so much. Everything still reminds us of you both, and we wouldn't want it any other way. Lick each other plentifully up there. We will see our Meihr and Yaw soon. We love you forever.

12/10/12. Hi sweet angels. We miss you both SO SO SO much. Sometimes when Mommy listens to music that reminds her of you, she cries. Last night Daddy woke up crying in the middle of the night because he misses hugging you 2 so much. We are both happy to know that you are in paradise together, but we just miss being able to hold you & give you kisses. You were our perfect babies, and nothing could ever hold a candle to the PURE JOY that you brought into our lives. We LOVE YOU more than anything & hope that you can feel our everlasting love for you both. XO

12/11/12. Hello our angels. It has been exactly 1 week since yaw joined meihr up there. We would trade anything in the world just to be with our babies and hug you both at night in bed. It is still so hard to acknowledge our babies are gone. Our friends bought Mommy a doxie necklace, so that she can wear it as if you both are with her always. We kiss your ashes every second we get. There are so many things we want to say, but since we want to write you everyday, and there's a limit to words, we will keep it short. Please just know that our hearts ache to see our babies so badly, and that we miss you so so much. We love you more and more each day. Take care and lick each other up there. Hugs and kisses to our babies.

12/12/12. Hi baby-bears. To say that we miss you is such an understatement. Our hearts ache for you both each & every day. We miss hugging you at night & watching you sleep the most. You were the epitome of LOVE & PERFECTION. Literally the BEST part of our day and the BEST thing in our lives. Daddy & I always say to one another that it is so amazing how something so small (the cutest 10-14 pounders ever),can bring us SO much joy. We Love you little angels. Always know that you are constantly in our thoughts & in our hearts.

12/13/12. Good morning our babies. Mommy and I had a rough day yesterday. We missed you so much that mommy cried a lot. We know it's a roller coaster. One moment we are so happy and blessed with your love and memories, the next we feel so terribly empty, weak and heartbroken without our meihrs. Mommy says it doesn't feel like Christmas without you, and I agree. It doesn't feel like anything without your presence in our lives. We hope that you are having so much fun and eating a lot up there. Watch the bellies, or you're gonna be very rounded when we see you. Love and hugs always.

12/14/12. Hi babies. Grandma & grandpa had sweet potatoes yesterday & were thinking about you both. Everything reminds us of how perfect you were & how much happiness that you brought into our lives. Nothing could ever compare to our sweet angels. We miss kissing your cute bellies & paws. We loved watching you eat ice cream & milkshakes :-) How did 16 years go by SO fast? A thousand years could never be enough time with you. Sending you all of our love, every minute of every day, until we have an eternity together again. XO

12/15/12. Good morning babies. There was another mass shooting ytd. Please look over the families and bless them. We're sad to know that they lost their loved ones like we lost you, since you both are our children. Of course we miss you much again last nite, and always. We still can't believe you're gone. We want to be with you both again so badly. There's so much phantom pain wherever and whenever. Can't wait to be with our babies again. Love and kisses always.

12/16/12. Hi Tuhtie & Yaw. We miss you both SO much. Mommy went Christmas shopping yesterday, but it just doesn't feel like the Holidays without you. This time of year we would be buying you cute Xmas sweaters/shirts/treats; and now it is so empty. We remember how you used to peer your head across the corner of the bed to see where we were if we weren't right beside you. When we get up in the morning & see an empty bed, it's so hard to accept that you are both gone. The thought of you playing together & having fun up there keeps us going thru the day. We love you so much babies. Sending you so many kisses.

12/17/12. Hello babies. We are hurting and missing you both so badly. The house is so empty. We cherish your memories fondly and are hoping to see you both again. Is the meihr back to 10.5 lbs and yaw 14.5? Careful and not get a big belly. I miss preparing food for my babies and having meihr yell for going too slow. We will continue to write everyday until we run out of space, but we always close our eyes and think of 16 years full of memories with our babies. Take care of each other up there. We love you so much.

12/18/12. Hi Meihr and yaw. Mel and Oliver sent us a very nice frame of your pics. We looked at it and cried because we miss you so much, and it was very sweet of them. Your faces are so adorable. Meihr's face is so angelic. Yaw is so cute, non one would know how feisty he can be. We are going to Florida this weekend to see our families and friends. We are taking you both with us so that we'll always be together. We are so hurt not having Meihr sit on mommy's lap, or daddy having to look back to check on Yaw to see if he's sleeping. Hopefully we'll see you again in 3 days. Love always.

12/19/12. Hi Angels. It has been exactly 4 weeks since our little meihr went up to heaven. We think about you ALL of the time. We hope that you both know just how much you are missed & loved. When we had you on earth, we tried to show you each & every day just how much you meant to us. You were & always will be perfect. We would give anything to have you back. WE MISS YOU BABIES-Sending you all of our love, hugs & kisses. XO

12/20/12. Hi babies. Perhaps we are going to see you tomorrow, so be prepared to be hugged, kissed and tickled!! These last few days have been really hard. Our hearts ached so bad not seeing you around the house. Every second, something reminds us of you. Still shocking that you are no longer in our lives. We are glad, though, that you both are well and can hear again. We are going to drive you both to Florida tomorrow. Love and kisses from us forever.

12/21/12. Hi little bears. We are driving down to Florida now & we brought your ashes with us. We couldn't imagine leaving you behind. Hopefully you are making lots of friends up there & you are eating all kinds of new treats. We miss having you go on long car rides with us. We loved having you sleep in our laps. It's starting to get cold here, so we are happy to know that you are somewhere warm & full of sunshine. It's exactly one month since Xi Xon went to heaven, but seems just like yesterday. We miss you more than words could every express. Nothing could ever mean more to us than our sweet angels. XO.

12/22/12. Good morning angels. We had a safe trip to Orlando to be with daddy's family. BV is asking about you both. We put your ashes by us, so you're with us always. We put Meihr's sweater on top of Yaw's, just like when she lays her head on him. We think about you so often, esp. on the long car rides when you're not there with us. It is always empty everywhere without you both. Have fun up there eating and playing. Love always.

12/23/12. Hi babies. Today, An and Thuc came by and got us a beautiful blanket and Christmas card full of your pictures. It was very sweet of them. Of course looking at these caused us to shed a few more tears. No matter what, when and where, we are always thinking about you both. We love and miss you so very much.

12/24/12 Hi little angels. We miss you both SO much. With each passing day, the empty feeling is still there in our hearts. You were such a huge part of our lives...the most beautiful part of our lives. We wish that we could kiss your bellies & cute faces. Sending you so many hugs little babies.XO

12/25/12. Merry Christmas babies. This is the first one in 16 years that we are apart, yet you are always in our hearts. We hope that you had a great feast up there. We went to church last night, and of course we prayed for you both, and for us to be reunited with you for an eternity. We are missing you so very much, and would trade anything to be with our babies again. Take care Meihr and Yaw. We always love you.

12/26/12. Hi our babies. Grandma and Grandpa and us talked about you guys today. Gramps say every time they eat sweet potatoes, they miss you tremendously, to a point where they don't want to eat it anymore. Isn't it nice to know that you both are loved and missed so dearly? Our friends also wrote you nice words in your book. We will keep our messages short so that we can write you every day. Our hearts are always so empty and sink whenever we think about you both, which is all the times. We love you so dearly.

12/27/12 Hi Sweethearts. We spent the day with Grandma & Grandpa again today. They also touch your ashes & miss you so much. This is our last day here until we head back home to ATL. We talked about you constantly. Any time when we were shopping or eating, we would mention how much you would have loved certain things. Everything around us reminds us of you both. We shed tears for you every day because you were both SO PERFECT. Truly our perfect little angels who captured our hearts. XO

12/28/12 Hi Meihr & Yaw. We are driving home today. It was sad when Grandma/Grandpa said goodbye to your ashes. We all miss you so much. It will also be sad to come back to an empty house again. When we ate french fries during the car ride, we thought about how much you would have loved to eat them. We will have a house full of friends coming to visit us tonight/tmrw, and they will be bringing their dogs. It will be so strange not to see you interact with them. We hope that are having fun with your new friends up there while you wait for us. WE LOVE & MISS YOU SO MUCH. Life will never be the same without you. XO

12/29/12 Hi angels. Our friends are visiting us today (along w/Kona, Kingston, Remy & Daisy). We miss you SO much & wish everyday that you were here. Our friends gave us some special dogtags with your sweet names inscribed, and we put them on the frames in your shrine. They also gave us some beautiful silver boxes where we now have your ashes stored. You have such a strong hold on our hearts. We will love you forever. XO

12/30/12. Good morning babies. It's really cold this morning, so we hope that you two snuggled up under the blanket like you always do. We miss snuggling up to you during cold nights and feeling your warmth all night long. Daddy wrote greeting messages to other furbabies who joined you up there recently. We hope that you welcomed them the same way others welcomed you..well, at least Meihr did. Yaw just napped. We love and miss you so very much.

12/31/12. Hi babies. Today marks the end of a very difficulty year, one where you both said good bye to us. We will always remember this year, and we will always think about you both every minute of our waking lives. Even when we're sleeping, we dream of your sweet kisses and presence. We miss you both fondly, and take care of each other. Love always.

1/1/13 Happy New Year Sweet Angels. It's hard to believe that in 2013 we will not physically have you both here with us. But no matter how much time passes, the memory of you will remain with us forever. We love you so much & long for the days when we were able to shower you with affection. Nothing compares to kissing your cute faces & snuggling with you at bedtime. We miss you SO much. XO

1/2/13. Hi sweeties. Although it has been a few weeks since you both left, it seems like just yesterday we were walking you both in the backyard. Our friends came with a couple of Doxies that reminded us of you. Remy even wore Cha Gio's sweater, and it reminded us of Yaw, except Remy was skinnier. Daisy had Meihr's sweater too. It kept her warm, the way Meihr always kept us warm. Please know we cry every day thinking about our angels, and we miss you both so much. We love you always.

1/3/12. Another day has passed, yet our pain does not go away. We love you both so very much. Daddy tells mommy all the times that he would give anything just to be with you two forever. We would surrender all the materialistic things in the world just to be able to live in a shack with nothing but simple food, clothing and you both at our sides. We miss you more than words can describe, and love you both forever.

1/4/13 It's been exactly 1 month since Yaw joined Meihr at Rainbow Bridge. Of all the joy felt in my life, you were definitely the greatest...And of all the sorrows, nothing compares to losing you. It will never cease to amaze Daddy & me how something so tiny could capture our hearts so tightly. Thank you for making the past 16 years so sweet. We will never stop missing you or loving you. XO

1/5/13. What are our babies doing up there today? What are you eating, and is yaw sleeping 23 hrs per day? We're sure nothing has changed for you both. We miss all the little things you used to do and the ways you loved us. We long for the day where we can reunite and do all those things such as walking in the yard again. Love our babies always.

1/6/13. It's Sunday morning. We're going to church and will be praying for you both to take care of each other and be well at the RB. We often wonder if somehow there's a miracle, that we walk to the front door and see you both standing there looking at us with your loving eyes. We can still feel and smell your kisses like it was yesterday. We miss you so much and always think of you. Love always.

1/7/13. Even though we say it all the times, we miss you both so badly. At night, esp. when it's cold, we miss snuggling up to you both and feeling your warmth. That used to be our favorite part of going to bed. On a nice like today, daddy misses walking you in the sunshine. We hope that you are getting plenty of that at the RB. We can't wait to walk you again one day. Love.

1/8/13 We look at your pictures, your pillows & your ashes...and we miss you all of the time. You were our sweet angels on earth who became a part of our souls. Although time passes, the emptiness doesn't. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH & can't wait to hold you again. We hope that you can feel our kisses and all our good wishes up there. XO

1/9/13. Daddy had a dream of you guys last night. It was so real. You both were on the bed, and Yaw's butt was sticking out from a blanket. I went and hugged you both and was so happy. You both were exactly the same. Yet I knew it was a dream, so I didn't want to wake up. We still have so much pain whenever we come home to an empty house. Love you both so much.

1/10/13 We have good days & bad days. Sometimes the sadness of missing you is so immense that it's all that I can feel. We love you so much & talk about you all of the time. Just the thought of you fills my heart. We hope that you are happy in Heaven right now. We can't wait to hold & kiss you again. XO

1/11/13 Another day goes by, and we wonder what are our babies doing at the RB. Knowing you guy, Yaw is sleeping, and Meihr is licking her toes. Have you been eating well and playing with the other animals? When you were down here, we often wished you could've talked to us. Since missing you so much, we wish you still could do that. You will always be in our hearts.

1/12/13 It's a Saturday morning, and we are thinking of you. We miss having lazy Sat mornings with you on the bed, since you don't have to go to your room. Today is raining, so we wouldn't have been able to walk you in the yard later. Perhaps you are sunbathing up there, or at least Meihr is. WE love you both so very much.

1/13/13 Daddy had another dream about you both. He ran into a cat, which said that she had seen you both. She said Meihr is sweet and Yaw sleeps a lot, so of course she was right. We miss you and think about you both all the times and everywhere, at home or out and about.

1/14/13 We miss our little angels & pray for you both all the time. Meihr you had the sweetest eyes...We could feel such LOVE just by looking at your face. And Yaw always made Mommy laugh...Although you wouldn't warm up to many people, you would always let Mommy hug & hold you. It was such a blessing to have you both for 16 years. Looking forward to eternity. XO

1/15/13 We looked through pics today that Leesia took of you last year. We were so happy back then...Our family was complete. You both look so cute in every single photo. SO PERFECT. There will never come a day when we will stop missing you. Sending you lots of hugs & kisses. XO

1/16/13 Not an hour goes by that we don't think about you both. Even at night, we often dream of being together again. Not sure what you are doing up there, but we can only guess that Yaw is sleeping with his crossed legs, and Meihr is sniffling the rose bushes like she always does. It's still so hard to look at your wonderful pics and not cry.

1/17/13 Everyday when we visit you, it hurts so much, esp looking at your sweet faces. Although you are far, you are near us always. We have to remind ourselves that you are in a better place. We hope that you are looking at us the way we used to look at you when you were at the Pet Resort, when Meihr would come home with a scratch nose from sniffling under the door so much. Those are one of endless cute things we love about you.

1/18/13 We made a donation to a dog rescue group and thought how fortunate we both were to have you with us, for so long. Hopefully you both will welcome all the new dogs up there from these shelters. Please share with them the same love that you shared with us, well, at least Meihr will.

1/19/13 It's been cold here lately & we miss cuddling with you both so much. Your faces were so sweet & everything about you was so warm. We love you so much & wish we were together again. Sending you lots of belly rubs. XO

1/20/13 Weather was really sunny and warm today. You guys would have loved walking the yard, and Meihr would have loved to mess with the rose bushes. Since you left, we haven't been down there much. Not the same without our babies.

1/21/13 Xi Xon joined the RB exactly 2 months ago, though it seems like she's been away from us longer than that, yet seems like yesterday she was with us. Everything around our world reminds us of you babies. Our hearts ache constantly longing for you both, and just to cuddle, to receive your kisses, or to smell you. You are timeless.

1/22/13 We miss waking up to find you sleeping right beside us. Nothing compares to your warmth & the peaceful look on your faces while you were asleep. Grandma/Grandpa are coming to visit tonight. They will miss having Daddy drop you off to spend each day with them while we go to work. Life has such a void without your presence. XO

1/23/13 We grieve your loss everyday and will never stop missing you. You were such perfect babies. We always knew that there would come a day when we would have to let you go...I just wish that we could have had you for just a little bit longer. Thank you for 16 years of beautiful memories. Like our love for you, this will last forever. XO

1/24/13 Grandpa and Grandma are up here. They missed having Meihr whine at 4pm about being hungry and having Yaw curiously walking around. Just like us, every inch of their house reminds us of you both. 16 years bring lots of memories, everywhere. You both are missed terribly.

1/25/13 We look at the dog rescue site daily, but do not have the hearts to adopt just yet. All are cute, but NONE can ever come close to be compared to you both. We gave 110% of our hearts to you without any regrets, and would do it again no questions asked.

1/26/13 We visited some dogs for adoption today, but did not pick any. You both have left such a big void in our lives that it is hard to think of anything else in the house besides you. Grandmom thought she heard Meihr make noises around her. Maybe it's her imagination, but if Meihr is around, please come back to us. We miss you so much.

1/27/13 It was a nice and cool day today, perfect to go outside and snuggle with you both afterwards. When we're out in the living room with gramps, we miss you both on the couch, licking the leather. Yaw would go to town. Just one of the million memories we will have of you both.

1/28/13 We miss our perfect angels so much. There are so many dogs in need...it makes us grateful that we were able to give you both a good life. We take comfort in knowing that you always felt loved and never suffered a bad day on earth. We hope that now you are happier than ever, enjoying constant sunshine & yummy treats in heaven. We pray for this everyday. We also pray that you will continue to feel our love even though we're apart for now ~ It's never ending. XO

1/29/13 it is so hard to look at your pictures for more than a few minutes without feeling sadness and emptiness. What if this past two months were just a dream, we wake up and find you both next to us? Meihr licking the bed and Yaw licking Meihr. We long for that day so much.

1/30/13 We often wonder what you guys are doing up there. Wish there was a way we can watch you on webcam the way we used to at the Pet Resort. Maybe you both are watching us. Just know that if you do, no matter what we're doing, we're always thinking of you.

1/31/13 We received more pictures of you both yesterday from Leesiah Teh. They are so adorable. It's bittersweet because it is so hard looking at something so perfect, yet we know that you're no longer here with us. Be with God, take care of each other, and save daddy and mommy our place up there to be with you again.

2/1/13 We got a few frames for your beautiful photos, and we plan to put them around the house, in the office & at grandma/grandpa's place. We miss snuggling with you SO much. It's been especially cold here lately without you. We LOVE you & would give anything to have you back sweet angels. XO

2/2/13 As we're preparing for another mission trip to Guatemala, it's comforting to know you both are in a safe place. Remember how in previous trips we would worry how you are that week, and wouldn't be able to watch you on webcam. We hope everything will be OK, but if not, we'll be very happy to see you both again.

2/3/13 There are so many things that remind us of you. Sometimes certain photos, songs or memories make us incredibly sad because we just miss you SO much. But even the saddest moments that make us cry, also make us feel so closely connected to you. Sending you endless hugs & kisses. XO

2/4/13 It has been exactly 2 months since Yaw joined Meihr at the RB. Losing you both was, and always will be, the saddest thing we will ever endure. We always pray at church to be able to unite with you and spend eternity together, and never to part again.

2/5/13 We look at the pet rescue sites daily, and even though there are so cute ones, none can ever be like our babies. Who can be so sweet to snuggle at night, yet becomes a jerk like yaw? Who can be so adorable, yet snatches her hubby's food every chance she gets? These are some of the million things we miss about you both.

2/6/13 Nothing compares to the joy that you brought into our lives. No matter how difficult life got, everything always felt better when we were able to hug & kiss you. We miss those days SO much. Nothing could ever replace you or measure up to the love that we have for you. XO

2/7/13 How could something so small have such a strong hold on our hearts...We ask each other this all the time. The best part of each day was always coming home to you. You would always greet us with such warm affection. Such pure love. Your entire life, all you did was bring us happiness. Thank you sweet angels. XO

2/8/13 Mommy is in Montreal visiting her friends. No doubt seeing Dante and Dolce will make her sad and think about you both. We wish you would have been able to meet them. Meihr would have been fine, but yaw might be, well himself. No matter what, we love you more than anything in the entire world.

2/9/13 Daddy was at the old house today, and looking at the stairs, I miss seeing Yaw stuck in the middle. Yaw was too gullible to walk up or down. Meanwhile, Meihr is running up and down next to him being so cute. Please come back to us soon.

2/10/13 It's Vietnamese New Year's today & it's so sad to know that you will not be here with us this year. Being around other dogs always reminds us of the pure joy that you brought into our lives. The house is so empty without our babies. You are constantly in our thoughts & in our hearts. WE LOVE YOU. XO

2/11/13 One of daddy's client just lost her dog of 15 years. We hope that you will welcome her to the RB too, just as others welcomed you before. Take care of each other up there, even when you venture to the fences and back, like Meihr always does.

2/12/13 It gets really hard at night, when we go to bed and you both are not there. Even harder when the weather is cold and there's no warm Meihr or Yaw to snuggle up to. We hope you both are cuddling with each other every night like you do down here, and take car of each other always.

2/13/13 Want to let you both know that our friends still think of you. Mel and An signed your book recently. Just because you're not with us physically doesn't mean you are out of our minds. We always think about you and miss you constantly, forever. We are getting our ashes today for Lent, and will be praying for you both.

2/14/13 Happy Valentine's day babies. This will be the first one in 16 years that we are apart. That does not diminish our love for you. Tomorrow we are going on our annual trip to Guatemala to help the less fortunate. We won't be able to write our babies for a week. However, we will be constantly thinking of you, especially when we see the poor starving dogs down there. We hope you bless them and welcome them, whenever any goes up there. At least it is warm to know that if something happens to us, we will be reunited with you. See you next week, sweeties.

2/15/13 Hi Angels- we are driving to the airport now. We remember how hard it was to drop you off every year when we used to leave for our trips. At least now we know that you are in a warm & safe place. We love & miss you so much. Always know that wherever we are & whatever we are doing, you are constantly in our thoughts & hearts. ALL of our love to you...XO

2/22/13 We got back safely from Guatemala today, thanks to you both looking out for us. Although we couldn't write, we thought of you every second of the day. We hope somehow you can bless the poor dogs over there, who are suffering and are without love. It was very hard to come home knowing that this is the first time you both are not there to greet us. No matter wherever you are, you are always in our hearts.

2/23/13 Hi sweet babies. We remember the best thing about coming home from a trip was to be able to see you both again. We'd always look forward to that so much. We miss your wagging tails & bright eyes...and we especially miss being able to give you endless kisses. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Always XO

2/24/13 Today was another sun-bathing weather day. Ever since you both left us, daddy hasn't been outside in your sunbathing area. Too many painful memories there. We miss you terribly, and are always thinking of you both.

2/25/13 We wish there's a way for the RB to open up a little gate, so that you both can visit us, even if it is just for a day. We can close our eyes, feel and smell you. Meihr has a little bald spot on the right side, and Yaw's fur is very soft, from sleeping all day. We can always identify you amongst others, even if we are blindfolded.

2/26/13 Our friends still write you both, as everyone misses you. None miss you as much as us, though. We kiss your ashes every day and wish somehow you will appear again. Can't wait to see you again.

2/27/13 Many times just thoughts, pictures or memories of you make us cry. We just miss you so much. The kind of love & connection that we shared simply can't be compared to anything on earth. Especially when life was hard, you somehow always made things better. We love you. XO

2/28/13 We see so many poor dogs out there who need care and love. We are so happy that we gave you everything we could, and love you as much in your lifetime. We don't regret anything, because you both were perfect.

3/1/13 Daddy was telling mommy today that we both can close our eyes and still remember how you both feel and smell. Even a thousand years from now, we'll never forget you, and will see you as how we saw you the last 16 years, perfect children.

3/2/13 We saw Grandmom today. She said she and Grandpa saw a black Doxie that looked like Meihr, until it barked at them. We know you would never do that. The only time you ever barked was when you both were hungry. We miss that so much.

3/3/13 Hi sweeties. We watched a TV show today that had lil doxie puppies on it. Made us miss you even more (if that's possible). A typical Sunday would have been snuggling with you in bed & enjoying a lazy day together. Wishing we were somehow together again. We love you so much. XO

3/4/13 It's been exactly 3 months since Yaw joined Meihr at the RB. Yet our hearts still ache for you both, and we have not missed you both any less. Please know that we long to be with you again very very much.

3/5/13 There is such an emptiness that nothing else can fill. We seem to miss you more with each passing day. Sending the warmest & most loving thoughts to our perfect angels. XO

3/6/13 We thought about fostering a sickly dog, but we may not be ready. If and when we decide to do that, please understand we do it in memory of you two. NOTHING could ever replace you, and we will never feel the same love that we gave you towards anything else. You both are once-in-a-lifetime.

3/7/13 We miss our sweet angels so much. Everyday when we come home to a quiet house it feels so strange. The memory of your eyes lighting up & your tails wagging when you would greet us...Nothing could ever compare. XO

3/8/13 We still miss you so much that Daddy catches Mommy cry occasionally. It is always because you are no longer with us. However we have so many wonderful memories of you both, whenever we're sad, we think about the cute stuff you did, such as Meihr running from daddy in the driveway.

3/9/13 Today is Mommy's Birthday. The thing that she wishes most for is to be with her angels again. Every birthday, or everyday, just feels so empty without you. Can't wait to meet again.

3/10/13 Just found out today that daddy's best friend from law school, Keith, has a Great Dane (Duke) that passed away. They loved Duke as much as we love you both. Please welcome him up there. He's big, 220lbs, but very gentle. He protected Keith's daughter well. He'll be a gentle giant to you both, and may you 3 become lifelong friends.

3/11/13 Even though you are gone, the Love we shared still remains. We could never let go of 16 years of beautiful memories & the unconditional love that you gave us. No matter what we were going through, just seeing you & holding you always made life better. The pillow with your picture on it rests on our bed now...we wish you were here instead. XO

3/12/13 The weather outside is warming up. Wish you both were here to walk and enjoy it. I miss you when I walk and there's no poop on the grass. All your sweaters are cleaned and ready to be worn again.

3/13/13 What are you guys doing up there today? We were talking about how soft your fur is, esp Yaw's. We also miss you guys shedding all over the bed. We would rather clean dirty sheets than sleep without you by our side.

3/14/13 It's beautiful outside today. I can imagine walking you & watching your eyes squint as you enjoy the sunshine. We miss all the kisses that you used to give us. We miss how you used to walk up to the top of the bed and onto our pillows. You loved to sit right up on our heads :-) We miss being so close to you...everyday. XO

3/15/13 We talked about how we used to leave the bathroom door opened, and when we came home, Meihr would leave a few presents for us. Daddy did not like cleaning it, but now I would do anything to clean it again.

3/16/13 There are days where we feel so empty without you. Last nite was one of those where we wish we could snuggle with you in bed. Just feeling your warm bodies next to us were so amazing.

3/17/13 It's so hard to look at more than a few pics of you two and continue. The pain lingers and so many wonderful memories come back. Such a bittersweet feeling looking at them every time.

3/18/13 We always say that Yaw was so easy to take care of. We jokingly say that there is NO breathing/living creature that could be easier to care for. So funny, but true. And Meihr was definitely the most perfect & loving creature on earth. We miss our perfect family. XO

3/19/13 We still miss you both so much that we txt each other at work about you both all the times. Occasionally Daddy still sees Mommy cry to herself. You both meant the world to us.

3/20/13 Although we have so many pictures of you both, it's so hard to look at just a few of them without getting sad. We are glad we took as many pictures of the Meihr and Yaw, as we will always cherish them the way we cherish you.

3/21/13 Our basement is almost finished. Remember when you both came down there to explore and eat ham hocks? You would love to lay down there on the carpet.

3/22/13 We're so happy Mel got us pictures of you with us. Those always make us cry because they reflect how perfect you are.

3/23/13 We had the Guatemala party at our house, and everyone saw how precious you two are through the pics. Some even remember you fondly. You are always so loved.

3/24/13 Daddy's parents are coming today. Meihr would like them, but Yaw will show teeth. These are what we love about you both, always so consistent.

3/25/13 Hi babies. We always wonder what you're up to each day. We pray that you are happy & that you always feel loved. Daddy saw meihr in his dream the other night & he didn't want to wake up. We miss you so much & wish we could hold you forever. Hopefully someday we will.

3/26/13 We are seeing the Adam Levine concert tomorrow, and wishing that he would change the words of One More Night to, "..cross my heart and hope to Meihr"

3/27/13 Miss you guys up there. Constantly thinking about you two when we look at the blanket An gave us.

3/28/13. We saw Maroon 5 concert. It was very enjoyable, but does not come close to as enjoyable as seeing you both everyday.

3/29/13 Hi sweet babies. We went to FL to visit our families. We miss taking you along for the trip. Grandma & Grandpa especially miss seeing you both.

3/30/13 We had prime rib today with Daddy's family. We miss sharing special meals with you. Anytime that we ate something yummy, we'd always make sure that you had some too. Although you seemed to gobble up Rotisserie chicken the fastest.

3/31/13 Happy Easter Angels. We often think about you in heaven. Seeing you up there is what would make heaven perfect. We love you so much.

4/1/13 We arrived back home safely late last night. It's still hard to come back to an empty house. On the drive home, mommy remembered how she couldn't wait to pick you up after a trip. We would always make special arrangements to come and get you as soon as we landed. You always gave us something wonderful to look forward to.

4/2/13 What Mommy misses most about you both is the perfect ways you are, and how loving Meihr is always to us. Yaw always is quirky, but he brings so much joy to mommy when he snaps at daddy. What daddy misses about yaw is how easy he is, sleeps anywhere. He misses Meihr when she steps on the bed end and searches for him. these memories are always engraved in our minds.

4/3/13 We miss carrying you both around in our arms, and esp Yaw would grunt whenever he's lifted. Meihr would just be curious and wonder where we were going. Just so many memories.

4/4/13. Yaw joined Meihr at the RB 4 exactly 4 months ago. Not an hour goes by that we don't think about you both, and that will be for the rest of our lives. We will always love you.

4/5/13 We sold the Echo Mill house today. That house also brought back many sweet memories of our babies there. Remember how we would leave you in your room in the basement, and would be so happy to come home and bring you up?

4/6/13 It's our anniversary. Remember when we got married 11 years ago, and Gramps had to leave you with the Ru brothers, b/c we had so much company? So many sweet memories of our babies.

4/7/13 So many songs remind us of you both and make us miss you tremendously. We would have dreams about you and don't want to wake up and not see you anymore.

4/8/13 Mommy bought some dog treats today, and they asked what kind of dogs she has. She said miniature doxies. You both are always with us, no matter where you are.

4/9/13 Please give us a sign and let us know whether we are ready for adoptions. YOu both can never be replaced. There are too many dogs who are in need of love and nurture, and we want to give them the same love we gave you, although it can never be 100% of what we gave you, because you two are once in a lifetime.

4/10/13 Daddy is sneezing bc of so many pollen out there. Meihr and Yaw used to make me sneeze too, but that's OK. I wouldn't have it any other way.

4/11/13. We're heading to NY this weekend. Normally we'd have a house sitter for you and would worry whether you're eating behaving OK. We wish we could have that worrying again.

4/14/13 We're back and feeling sad again as we come home to an empty home. The best feeling was coming home to you both, and we would do anything to have that again. We miss you so very much.

4/15/13 Diu just sent us two cute wall pictures of your silhouettes. Mommy cried when she saw them, because they remind her of you guys. Will put them in our bedroom soon.

4/16/13 We could never forget something that gave us SO much to Remember. Thank you for blessing us for so many years. We miss you angels. XO

4/17/13 We talked about how Meihr loves licking the bed to a spit-shine, while Yaw just sleeps cross-legged with his hairy toes. Images that are vividly in our minds.

4/18/13 We went to bed talking about how Meihr used to do the choking sound, and we'd feel so bad b/c we couldn't do anything about it. We'd never let anything hurt our babies.

4/19/13 We're not sure if we're ready for other dogs. We don't want you both to think that we're replacing you, b/c that will never happen. We just want to give some love to other dogs who might need them. We promise that we can never love anything/anyone as much as you both.

4/20/13 Daddy had another dream of you both. I get really sad b/c it brings back so many memories the next day, because it was so real.

4/21/1. Meihr went to RB exactly 5 months ago, though it seems like she was here yesterday. We miss you and Yaw dearly. Take good care of each other up there.

4/22/13 We brought home a foster dog today. She's a big pit bull that no one wants. She's very sweet, gives kisses all the times, and like Meihr, has a bald spot too. Could this be little Meihr coming back to us?

4/23/13 Yesterday, daddy walked Tater Tot in the pool yard, and I was extremely sad bc that area reminds us so much of you two. You are in our hearts forever.

4/24/13 Missing you both every day. It's still very hard to look at your pictures more than few at a times without sadness taking over. Can't just erase 16 years of memories in a few months, or few years, or lifetime.

4/25/13 Tater Tot is sweet, and she sniffs your spots all the times. We wish somehow she can bring you both back to us.

4/26/13 Sometimes dreams, songs & pictures remind us of you. It's bittersweet because we're sad & miss you so much. But we'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH. XO

4/27/13 The memories of you surround us everyday. We hope that you are so happy where you are, and that you can still feel ALL of the love that we have for you.XO

4/28/13 It was thundering this morning. Used to wake Meihr up, but Yaw would sleep like it's nothing bc he couldn't hear.

4/29/13 Has been raining the last 2 days. Your legs were so short, your bodies would get so wet whenever we walked you. Then Yaw would snap at daddy for trying to dry him

4/30/13 Another month has passed without you both. Even with pony, we're always comparing her to you two, b/c lots to live up to. No matter what, you are always engraved in our hearts.

5/1/13 Daddy went to see Dr. Toth today. That place reminded me of you both so much, where do I even begin? From the scale to the exam rooms to Dr. Toth. You both are forever engraved in our hearts.

5/2/13 We talk about how easy you both are, mostly sleeping on the bed in the evening, never causing any problems.

5/3/13 Weekend is here, which are hard. So many memories linger, esp. when we walk you more on the weekends.

5/4/13 It has been 5 months since Yaw joined Meihr at the RB. We miss you both as if you were here yesterday.

5/5/13 Has been raining all weekend. We remember how you both hated rain b/c your legs were so short, your belly would get wet from walking. So cute

5/6/13 Miss how Yaw was so easy to raise. You would eat and sleep and crap and that's it.<---Daddy wrote that.LOL! We miss you both SO very much. Such perfect angels in our lives.XO

5/8/13 Daddy gave pony some ham hocks today. I miss how you two used to love that and would go at it for hours, even though your mouths were too small to fit over them

5/12/13 We went to FL this wknd & saw K&K. We remember how much Kingston loved to go after Meihr...you were so irresistible cutie! We miss bringing you both with us & having you sit in our laps when we would drive.Sending you all of our LOVE. XO

5/14/13 We're near the limit of space to write you both, but will never run out of enough good things to say about you two.

5/15/13 Daddy & I listened to a song that really reminds us of you. Every time we hear it we tear up. Life was so perfect when you were in our arms. XO
5/20/13 When we run out of space, we'll write on your guest book. Love and miss you both so much.
5/21/13 Not a day passes w/o missing you both. Nothing will ever compare to your perfection

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