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Memories of Whitey
You came into our our home, our lives and our hearts when you were just 6 weeks young from the soft sand beaches of the North Shore of Hawaii. (FYI: I had a residence here for 2 years for Whitey, but late last year my Mom passed away and I accidently let the residence expire. I've renewed Whitey's residence here so all can come to know him as we did. I usually make an entry every monthly anniversary). We miss you buddy. We'll be together again before you know it. You should have met up with Grandma now. Give her a kiss for me. Luvya, Dad 03/20/05. 4/20/5 - Hey Whitey. Springtime again. We'd be walking today in a light rain. There are so many grassy areas around here now. You'd love it. 5/22-A liitle late this month. Jem/Ed are expecting in January. Summer is here early. Very hot. Missya, Luv Dad. 6/20/05-Hi-miss ya boy.. Dad. 7/20-Hi Whitey Doing well? Dad 08/20/05 Well my best buddy, its been 3 years today. Army sent Ed to Iraq. Please protect him for me. Love.. 09/20/05-Hey Whitey. how are you? not much happening here. see ya at the bridge. love, dad. 10/20/05-Whitey, how ya doing? Miss ya. Luv Dad, 11/20/05 - Hi Buddy. How are things at the bridge? Eddie is fine, Jemma is fine. Grandpa & I are fine. Love/miss you. Dad. 12/20/05 Seasons Greetings Whitey. Well Ed&Jemma's baby due next month. Eds still in Iraq. Granpas brother Bill passed away. Take care. Love, Dad. 1/20/06 Hi Whitey. Ed/Jemma had a girl, Jasmine. Beautiful little girl. Love, Dad. 02/20/06 - Hi Whitey. Boy you sure would hate the cold. Its been 10-15 below 0. Stay warm, luv, Dad. 03/20/06 Hi Whitey. Hope things are fine. Eddie may bring his daughter back to the states. Take care.Love Dad 04/25/06 - Sorry Im late. PC probs. Eddies back from Iraq. Hope u r fine. luv, Dad. 5/20/06 Hi Whitey. Sure miss ya. Could use u here buddy. Take care. Luv ya, Dad. 6/20/06 Hi Whitey. I was talking to a friend of ours today. She misses u very much. Said u were very special to everyone. Yes u were.U still are. Love ya, Dad. 7/20/06 Good Boy Whitey. Dad 8/20/06 Hi Whitey. 4 years now. Its hard. Miss ya. Dad -9/20/06 Hey WhiteyBoy. Chill in the air. Winters coming. Love ya, Dad. -10/20 GoodBoy Whitey. Love, Dad 11/20/06 Hi Whitey.Ed's in the PI with his family.Another year's about to end.Love ya.Love,Dad 12/20/06 Hey Whitey, its snowing.Stay warm.love ya Dad. 01/20/07 Happy New Year. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Luv ya, Dad . 02/20/07 Hi Whitey. the neighborhood is looking really nice. so many places we could go walking now. Miss ya. Luv Dad.. 03/20/7 Springtime in the Rockies, Whitey. Our favorite time to walk. Love, Dad. 4/20/7 Hi Whitey. Nice day today. sunny, greening. Nice day for a walk. Luv,Dad. Whitey. How ya doin'? I'm fine. Luv, Dad 6/20/07 Howzit Whitey? Luv ya Brah. Dad 7/20/07 Hey Whitey.how ya doin? its hot this month. but yud like it. Love Dad 8/20/7 5 years bud. nice day for a walk. miss ya, dad. 9/20/7 Hi Whitey. Fall is in the air. Leaves are turning. Nice day for a walk. Luv,Dad 10/20/7 Hi Whitey. spose to snow tomorw. stil gt ur jkt. Miss ya, Luv, Dad. 11/20/7 Happy Thanksgiving Whitey. Luv ya Dad. 12/20/7 What a busy month Whitey. All kinds of visitors. Moms, Daddies and even Grandpas. Say Aloha to Jake,Ralphie,Caleb,Jasper,Pressy,Dusty, Cyrano, Sasha Joy,Alice,Muchacha & Princess. At least I know you are in good company. Luv ya, Dad. 1/20/08 Happy New Year.Luvya,Dad. 2/20/08 all your friends coming over tonight.. Love,Dad 3/20/08 1st day of spring. lots of furbabies walking their moms&dads. Miss our walks. Love,Dad. 4/20/08 Hi Whitey.Time for spring storms and rainbows. I'll be looking for ya at the end of the rainbows. luv, Dad 5/20/8 Been talking about you. friends still miss you. Love, Dad. 6/20/8-Saw a rainbow today. I know you were there. Luv,Dad 7/20/8-HOT HOT HOT good day to stay under the tree. Luv,Dad. 8/20/8 6 years, but I see your face everyday.Miss ya just as much.Luv,Dad. 9/20/8-Miss you! Love,Dad. 10/20/8-Brrrr-Colddd.Winter is coming.Have you seen Smokey? My friend's furbaby came to join you last week. So sudden,so sad..Take care of him. He's a black, longhaired shepard. Take care,love,Dad.11/20/8 frosty morning.My friend got a furbaby.her name is Harley (they're bikers).Luv Dad 12/20/8 Snow,snow,snow.I assume its always nice at the bridge. hope so. Luv,dad. 1/20/09 Happy New Year! Miss you. Love, Dad. 2/20/09 Miss you, luv, Dad 3/21/09 Hi. Sorry Im a day late. Had to take care of G'pa.Love,dad.4/20/9 Hey Whitey. We had some snow. all the furbabies had a blast. Miss ya,luv,dad.5/20/9 Springtime in Colorado. Still not the same without you. Miss/luv ya buddy.Dad 6/20/9 Gee I still miss you. dogs get it, humans don't. Love Dad. 7/20/09 Hi Whitey. Gee I wish you were here. I need you more than ever.. Love,Dad 8/20/9 got an email from Ginny today. 7 years now you've been waiting at the bridge.I'll get there eventually. We'll go visit Sunset beach in hawaii where we first came together. love,Dad 9/21/09 Sorry I'm late Whitey. Ed came to town. Gpa in hospital, moving house. Luv ya lots,Dad 10/21/9 Hey Whitey. its snowing. Luv,ya, dad 11/20/9 autumn,beautiful.some snow. luv dad. 12/20/09well moved in with gpa. sold our house. can take better care of him now.lov dadstay safe. 1/20/10 Happy New Year!! Whitey 2/22/10 rough couple of weeks,missed you alot, luv,dad 4/20/10 hi Whitey.miss you Dad 05/20/10 happy springtime luv dad 624/10 Hi Whitey. Sorry.. a little late this month, luv dad **07/20/2010 Granpa should up there with Grandma and you. He passed away last night. Jump on his lap and give him a big wet sloppy kiss. Love you all.. 8/20 kindof lonely down here. miss ya all, love dad 9/20 leaves are turning. luv ya, dad 10/20 Miss ya, luv dad. 11/20 :) luv Dad 12/20 no sno yet, luv DAd 1/20/2011 Happy New Year ;)2/20/11 Love dad 3/20 miss you luv dad 4/20 springtime things are turnin green love ya dad 5/20 :=) love dad 6/20 :-) miss ya love dad 7/20 its hot & humid. love dad 8/20 Hi Whitey. Marion & Nick are visiting. miss you love dad :-) 9/20fall is here, getting cool, leaves are changing-love dad 10/20 indian summer nice for walks love ya dad 11/20 miss ya luv dad 12/20 its cold :) luv dad 1/20/2012 Happy New Year Whitey! love dad 2/20 miss you. luv dad 3/20 its springtime luv dad 4/20 happy spring rain today everthing is turning green love dad :D 5/20 total eclipse of the sun today, nice day for walking, luv ya Dad :p 7/8 I'm late, sorry. Holy cow!! it's been hot. luv Dad 7/20 Hi Whitey. Sad day in Aurora. 12 people (so far) killed in movie shooting.. I need u buddy.. 8/20/2012 10 year rememberence. Gosh I miss you as if it were yesterday, even the love birds are crying outside. I miss you, I love you Whitey, Dad. 9/20 nice autumn day luv ya dad.. 10/20 had r 1st sno luv dad 11/20 squirrels are fattening up. luv ya Dad 12/20 snow on the ground,luv dad 1/20/2013 Happy New Year Whitey. luv ya Dad. 2/20 Happy Valentines day luv dad 3/20 1st day of spring luv dad 4/20 been cold, much needed snow, luv dad 5/20 Hi Whitey. rough start for oklahoma this year. prayers to all, luv dad. 6/20 HOT! luv dad 7/20 Hi Whitey. 3 yrs memorial for Dad. Luv ya. miss you alot right now. 8/20/13 11yrs I hope youve been reborn by now. close by. let me know. Love and miss you, Dad 9/20 I miss you luv dad 10/20 miss ya Whitey love dad. 11/20 snow tomorrow cold day, luv dad 12/20 another year buddy love ya dad 1/20/14 Happy New Year Broncos won AFC on to Superbowl love ya dad 2/20 Hey Whitey \000/ 3/20 Hey Whitey. 1st day of Spring love ya Dad 4/20 love you Dad 5/20 getting warmer love ya dad 6/20 miss & luv ya dad 7/20 summertime :) luv ya dad 8/20 14 years. I miss u so much. love ya Dad 9/20 love Dad 10/20 <3 Dad 11/20 its cold luv Dad 12/20 Merry Christmas Love Dad 01/20/15 Visited Marion&Nick luv Dad 2/20 getting rdy 4 big snow this wkend miss ya luv dad 3/20 Springtime Love ya dad 4/20 love ya Whitey dad 5/20 strange weather cold/rainy love Dad 6/20 happy fathers day love dad 7/20 love ya Whitey Dad 8/20 13 yrs miss you bud, luv dad 9/20 beautiful day luv ya 10/20 Saw June & Russell luv dad 11/20 cold,snow prayers to the world luv dad 12/20 Seasons greetings Whitey. Love Dad. 1/20/16 Happy New Year! luv Dad 2/20 Happy February. luv dad 3/20 Springtime! loveya. dad 4/20 it's cold!! love ya dad 5/20 Our favorite time spring, sunny and warm love ya dad 6/20 HOT HOT HOT! Love ya dad 7/20 More HOT! good day to lay under a shade tree. love ya, dad 9/20 sorry missed august. Marion & Nick got married & r having a baby girl November. I miss you. love dad. 10/20 Luv ya Whitey. Messy election :( 11/20 hiya. Marion's Baby Aliya due any day now. love ya. 12/20 Marion/Nick had baby 11/26,going to see. luv ya,dad. 1/20/2017 Happy New Year Whitey. luv Dad 2/20 dry winter luv you dad 3/20 Happy Spring! Love ya dad 4/20 Love ya Whitey, dad 5/20 Crazy weather luv dad 6/20 HOT! Marion,Nick,Aliya coming today. love dad 7/20 Miss ya love Dad 8/20 15 years i miss like it was yesterday. Luv you dad 9/20 Love ya Dad 10/20 :) Dad 11/20 Happy thanksgiving Whitey, luv Dad 12/20 Seasons Greetings, love Dad 1/20/2018 Happy New Year Whitey! Luv Dad 2/20 love ya, dad 3/20 springtime love dad 4/20 crazy cold spring love ya dad 5/20 springtime hot love dad 6/20 still hot love dad 7/20 hot summer love Dad 8/20 still hot love ya Dad 9/20 end of summer still hot record 90s love dad 10/20 getting cold 1st snow love dad 11/20 Hpy Thanksgiving love dad 12/20 merry xmas luv dad 1/20/2019 Happy New Year, love Dad 2/20 cold,snowy love dad 3/20 springtime cold end to winter, love dad
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