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Memories of Winston
My precious beautiful boy Winston ,a special gift from my Breeder .
He is an English Toy Spaniel also know as a Charlie , a Cousin to the Cavalier King Charles ,
They are similar but different in their own right.
My Winston was so shy ,timid , but cute as a button .
I was Winston love his mommy ,he loved his dad ,and his sisters and brothers but he always looked for me ,I will miss that the most.
Winston didn't play much he loved just lying on the deck taking in some sun and fresh air ,while his siblings were on the lawn playing ,that was my Winston.
All of my babies slept together on my bed ,they always loved to cuddle such a loving breed they come with a lot of illnesses that you should watch out for but still this breed took my heart sometime ago when my Sebastian came into my life ,My first Cavalier King Charles ,It was like having a LAY'S potato chip you just can't stop at one !
Although My Winston is ETS, there was no difference in personality.
They all took My heart .
My Winston passing i didn't expect he was diagnosed with MVD but it wasn't were he needed meds which is good then in Feb. of this year he was diagnosed with a collapse Trachea and I guess that played a toll I don't know I groomed Winston on May 1 and he was gone the next morning at 6:45 he went into respiratory distress he passed in my arms at home I was screaming no,no please God Please but he was gone I held him in my arms until my Vet open and they took him they were all shocked and I still am .
He was barking for his food like usual , I took pictures of him cause he looked so cute after he was groomed that my groomer who is a close friend of mine told me that he was a movie star people were saying Oh look how adorable he is they didn't know the Breed and Nikki my groomer told them ,even she was shocked and felt terrible over the loss of my Winston,I'm still in disbelief...
My baby slept on my chest every night and snored and snored i will miss that the most
My heart is torn apart because this was so unexpected but I know that all my babies are together at The Bridge ,My Sebastian,Gabriella,Star,Scarlett,Tristan ,and now my Winston all Cavalier King Charles spaniels , for this it gives me some comfort .
Mommy will miss sleeping together,taking the sun together and just looking at that beautiful loving face each and every day .
Thank you My Winston for your love and companionship while you were with me ,it was only 9 years but you brought me joy,laughter,and so much love ,mommy will always visit and send you lots of Belly Rubs cause you loved those rubs each and every day just know my boy that this is not good bye but just good night
Until we meet again my Winston ,you will always be remembered,never forgotten and forever loved always ,your mommy misses you so so much and in my heart I knew you wanted to go and mommy Knows you can breath again and you are free from all illnesses, playing in beautiful green pastures and eating plenty of treats which you love with your sisters and brothers and your angel friends always know I love you ❤️ I carry you in my heart ,your mommy 🌈🦋💙💔🙏🏼💋💋💙❤️❤️🩷💕💔🌈🙏🏼.

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