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Memories of Winston
My wonderful, loyal, loving dog spent almost 12 years with me, most of my adult life to be exact. He was a very active playful pup, one of the cutest ever!! He loved to play with his "babies", chew on a good bone, chase the vacuum cleaner and go after trash bags. He loved to sleep with his mommy all curled up in bed beside me or on the couch with me. He followed me all over the place just so he could be near me. He loved to lay outside in the sun and especially loved to go on walks or for rides in the car.
I couldn't have asked for a better dog. He will be greatly missed. A part of our family has been lost.
Oh Wii-wii, I miss you snoring at night and smacking your chops, I miss how you would come into the bathroom with me every time I walked in even if it was just to walk in and out, I miss you sitting by the bathtub during my baths waiting for me to splash some water for you to drink, I miss rubbing your ears, I even miss cleaning them. Thank you for always being with me through everything over the years, my heart aches with you gone, you took a piece of it with you.
I love you Winnie boo and miss you so much, hope to see you again at Rainbow Bridge.
Love, Mommy

My sweet boy, it will be 3 weeks tomorrow since I had to let you go, it still seems like a bad dream and I keep hoping I will wake up and find you here all comfy in your bed. I miss you so much it hurts. I have had some good days but then I will have some bad ones as well. I hope you are running and playing with your new friends at the bridge and that you know how much I love you and how terribly you are missed. Karson asked about you the other day, I told her you were in Heaven. She misses her Wii-wii. I only hope she can remember you and how special you are and always will be to us. Different memories from my past will pop in my head and I will remember you being in my life during that time. Wow! I can't believe how fast 12 years goes by, just seems like yesterday when you were a puppy chewing up everything. You were with me for such a huge portion of my life, how do I let that go??? I can only hope and pray that it will get a little easier every day. I miss you lovebug and I love you more than words!!
Love, Mommy

Hello my little Love Bug, I hope everything is so beautiful and peaceful at rainbows bridge, I hope you are having lots of fun running and playing with your new friends. I miss you just as much now as I did the moment you left me. I am doing a little better though, still your absence never goes unnoticed, your bed is still where it always was and will probably stay there for a long while. Karson can now say that Wii-wii is in heaven, which makes me feel so good b/c I know she still remembers you. We miss you so much, I just wanted to tell you how much i love you and once again how lucky I feel to have had you in my life for so long, not many bulldogs are able to give their owners that much time, you however, are one in a few. I love you boo!!!
Love, Mommy

Hello baby, I am so sorry it has taken me longer this time to talk to you, it doesn't mean I have forgotten you, I still think about you everyday, all the time. I am also trying to cope with the fact that this will be my first Christmas without you and then of course, your birthday as well. I guess one of the hardest moments lately was decorating the tree and putting up your ornaments, I also hung your stocking in its usual spot, I know you are still here with us in spirit, so you will never be left out. I also saw your hair on the tree skirt and that made it hard as well, since I light up now with the sight of any of your hair,haha, I don't see as much of it but every now and then I will come across something you rubbed up against or laid on. All those years of trying to get rid of the hair and I am looking all over for it now.
Winnie, I hope you are so happy with your new friends and I hope you are looking down at us and know how very much you are loved now, just as you always were. Karson kisses your picture all the time, she thinks it makes you feel better and I know it makes her feel better, as it does me too!!
I love you little man, Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, I miss you more than ever!!
Love, Mommy

Hello sweet boy, I miss you so very much, I can't beleive that it has been almost a year since I lost you! I miss you as much now as I did then, your presence is still very much in this house, Karson still talks about you all the time and she kisses your picture still too. Your bed is still there beside ours so she talks about how you are going to come home from heaven and sleep in your bed, i wish that were true, i would love to cuddle with you right now, I miss how you would lay your face right on top of mine, i miss hearing you lap up the water in your bowl, i miss hearing you snore at night, i haven't forgotten anything, the memories are still just as clear today as they were a year ago. I hope you have made lots of friends at Rainbow Bridge and know that one day mommy will see you again.
We all love and miss you so much pooh bear!!
Love, Mommy

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