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Memories of WinkyTink
..we didn't have him long...but we love him all the more for the short time he was with us...missed by us and his brothers and sisters...Scout, Wongo, and Winnie!!!!
We all know he is happy, healthy, and playing with lots of new and old friends in kitty heaven!!!

...thanks to all the wonderful folks who have visited WinkyTink's site and written to us...WinkyTink and his family are blessed to be in the company of so many thoughtful and compassionate humans!!!

...It's been one year since you left us WinkyTink and went over that rainbow bridge. We all think
about you every day and miss you so very much. You will always be in our hearts and dreams and your
family of Liz, John, Scout, Wongo, and Winnie will always love you!! We know your days are filled with fun and happiness and will go on forever..someday we will all be together!

...Hey WinkyTink..Scout, Wongo, Winnie, mom and dad are all sending all of our love to you, buddy!
It's been not quite 2 yrs since you set out over that rainbow bridge. We think about you all the time
and miss you so very much. We are joyful knowing your days are full of running, playing, kitty smiles,
and know you are thinking of us too! Please, don't forget about all of us and we sure won't ever forget you. We will all be together someday! Take care WinkyTink and listen for our voices in the wind!

...WinkyTink...we all miss you so much! This is the two year anniversary of your leaving us. It makes us all feel so good knowing that you are healthy, playing with all your Rainbow bridge friends, and enjoying every day. We know that you remember us and are excited about us being reunited. Us too!!!
Always remember that mom, dad, Scout, Wongo, and Winnie are thinking of you every day and love you. LIke I always say...just listen in the wind and you will hear us calling you. Take care WinkyTink!!!

....Hey WinkyTink...it's now been three years since we lost you....but no memories have faded or dimmed. Liz, Scout, Wongo, and Winnie, and me(Dad) still miss you terribly. WE have a couple of new arrivals who are trying to work into the mix, Tomboy and Beezee(don't ask). I sure hope you have gotten up wut Houston and Ivan and you guys are having a ball. We think about you every day and hope you do the same with us. I know we will be with you again in the stars. Every once in a while just stop and you will hear us calling for you..just over the hill..waiting..waiting till we see each other in the distance. We love you WinkyTink and will never forget you!! Love from each of us!!

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