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Memories of Winky Also
Reminisces of my Winky Baby:
I picked her out at a local kennel on March 8, 1993. (Or did she pick me?) She had such a cute black face & black markings. I kept her in the east part of the kitchen with a barrier up until she could climb over it (not very long).
She was a very good doggie. She was paper trained & was faithful to her papers.
She liked to be hand fed if possible. Thanks to Mary Ev starting it once when she was doggie sitting for her when I was away. When I used to come home for lunch from Vaughan's in the summer, she would sit across my left leg & wait for me to put food on my other leg. If I took too long she would raise her paw up & tap me to let me know she wanted more.
When she wanted to sit at my feet, if my feet weren't in the right position, she would poke at my left foot until I moved it over so she could be where she wanted to be.
She would sing to me when I'd wash my face in the morning. Sometimes when I washed my hair & sometimes when I'd go for my shower. Sometimes I'd get a song & dance, too. She'd turn all the way around & sing in each direction.
She slept in my bed from the time she figured out that she couldn't wet it. She'd sleep on the south side sideways of the pillow. Sometime during the night or early morning she'd change sides and come to snuggle up at my other side. She'd give my face a lick & I'd turn over and she'd snuggle up next to me. (She did that on our last night together.)
She would sometimes sleep on top of me when we took a nap on the couch. She loved chap-stick & would come to lick who ever might have some on. Sometimes I'd put it on my finger so she'd lick it. She'd kiss a lot for chap-stick.
She liked a lick or 2 or 3 or more of ice cream She'd lick my ice cream dish when I was through. She'd also finish the last drops of a Pepsi-float.
She used to like to go for a ride in the bike basket, but never did get to again after I fell off the bike & broke my arm in July, 2002.
She went to "puppy school" that first year over to Ringwood at Lucky E Kennels. She was the darling. She was the smallest. She never did learn the word "stay". But she did great on walking on the leash. She would halt & sit(for awhile) & she'd follow me around the driveway.
She loved people to come & visit & would look in their pockets for Kleenex, or purses for Kleenex or whatever that might be there that she'd like.
When I had my one Longaberger party she grabbed kugel (noodle casserole) off Diana's plate...a big hunk of food!
She liked to get up on my chair & look for Kleenex or something left on my side table & sometimes (usually) she would find something to run off to chew. We'd chase around the dining room table if she had something she shouldn't. But finally she'd let me catch her & take it away from her by making her open her mouth!
When we were settling into bed, she'd chew on her foot awhile & then come over to me & lick my face. If I was reading she'd put her nose under it or beside it so she could get to my face. I'll always remember those little eyes & her "tormenting" me with her licking! I loved it.
She liked to have her back scratched just above her tail & would "giggle" while you did it. She also liked the inside of her left leg (especially) scratched or tickled. She'd lift it up & balance on 3 legs & lean over so far I thought that she'd fall over.
Along about 10:00 at night she'd start with her 'hmph" that it was time for her treat. If I didn't get it right away she'd keep on & get louder until I would. Sometimes she'd start at 9 or 9:30. I'd tell her she was too early but that didn't matter. Sometimes she'd wait and sometimes she was very insistant. Especially when the time changed from DST to CST. There'd be a time of adjustment there & she didn't like it. She wanted her treat! She would come & sit in front of my chair or out by computer. Sometimes she would "rock" with her hmph it was so emphatic! Once in awhile she was ready for us to go to bed & she'd do her hmph in front of my chair to let me know.
When we were getting ready for bed, I'd ask her to "gocherpaper" & she'd go out & put a few drops on there at least. She was such a good girl & wanted to please me so much.
I'd be playing Freecell on the computer & I'd holler out, Do you want to help me? I would count to 5 & she'd be out here beside me to help. She'd let me hold her, sometimes she'd put her chin on my shoulder & sleep, sometimes she'd lick me unmercifully. Depends on how much chapstick I had on!
When I'd bend over to pick her up, especially in the bathroom, she'd back up & back up, but she seemed to have a radar & knew when she had to stop so she wouldn't run into anything.
The limping episode: One Wednesday when I came home after going to P.O., dropping off cans at Luth church, then going to Ethel's, she limped on her left front foot. It took my awhile to figure out which foot it was! The vet wasn't open until 3 so we tried to wait. We tried to have a nap on the bed but the dogs were out & barking. I didn't want her on couch because she'd jump off & maybe hurt her foot more. She'd moan when she moved on the bed, it was so bad. Finally at 3 I called & had an appointment for 6:00 or 6:30, whatever. When we got there & in the examining room, Dr Dan said to let her walk. She walked just fine. NO LIMP! $34 later, & she was miraculously cured!
When I'd bring home a "doggie bag/box" she'd dance around until I gave her some of it right away, then I could put it away until later.
I loved her so much! She was my 4th "Winky dog". First came Winkie Jane for over 11 years. Then it was Winky Too for 12 years. Winky Too Too for 13 years & 5 mo. I was privileged to be owned by Winky Also for over 13 years. They were all very special, but it is of course Winky Also that I miss most now.
September 25, 2006
Dear Winky Also,
It has been 6 months since we said goodbye & I miss you every day. I know you are OK & don't have any health problems now & I'm so relieved about that. I didn't want you to suffer in any way, so we said goodbye. You are always on my mind & I know you'll be watching for me at the bridge when God calls me home.
You were a gift from God & I appreciated it each & every day. You were such a sweet, sweet fur baby. I'll always love you.
With all my love I'll close for now,
your mommy
11-25-06 Dear Winky Also,
Today is 8 months since you've been gone from me. I miss you so, but know you are waiting & watching for me. I want you to know that you have a new sister, Winky Fifi (Fifi is for five-fini). I have had such a lonely time without you my dear precious baby, that I couldn't stand it any longer. Winky Fifi is now 11 1/2 weeks old and a real rascal (as I'm sure you were when you were that old). She came to live here on Nov. 16th at night. I'm hoping she will grow up to be as sweet & precious to me as you were, I compare her to you all the time, but it is hard, if not impossible, to remember back over 13 yrs. ago to when you were that age! As this song says, you are always on my mind, & I still love you so. I didn't want a puppy, I wanted YOU. Love, your mommy
March 25,2007 -- My dear Winky Also,
It has been a year since you left me & went to wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge. I still miss you so. This past week has been very difficult remembering your last week when you were so sick. We had some good time together your last two days & I am so thankful for that. But I had to let you go on the 25th, I couldn't let you suffer, because I would've suffered with you. It was a difficult decision & I hope & pray that you are OK with that. Your sister is NOTHING like you were as a puppy. Well, you were a rascal puppy, too. But Winky Fifi is much bigger now at 6 1/2 months than you were when you were all grown up. She makes me laugh & keeps me busy. But, you are always on my mind & I will always love you & will look for you on the rainbow bridge, my dear precious baby.
With all my love, your mommy
March 25, 2008
It has been 2 years now since we said good-bye. Your sister, Winky Fifi helps me get through the days & nights, but I still miss you. You were so special. I hope you are singing to everyone at the Bridge. I look forward to hearing you again. I have it on tape, but I want to see you do it! Your Aunt Linda is still sorry she never got to see you perform.
Your sister is over twice as big as you are, but she does some of the same things as you did, too. She loves Kleenex & hunts them down. She does not sleep on the bed with me, maybe never will. I miss you so much. I love you always. We will meet again. I thank God for you & the time we had together. Love, your mommy
March 25, 2009
To my dear Winky Also, Especially on this day I picture you waiting for me at the "bridge". I still miss you so. Your sister, Winky Fifi, is by me now as I write to you, but you are still my sweet, sweet baby, and always will be. I miss the way you'd snuggle up to me through the night & how we'd "change sides". I still haven't ridden my bike since we fell off & I broke my arm. WF will not fit in the basket, so if I should ride she would not go with me. That is for you. I know you are happy & well where you are & watching for me. I will see you some day. Thank you for all the good times we had together & I thank God for you. I love you so much. Love, your mommy
March 25, 2010
To my dear Winky Also, I thought about you today especially. 4 years ago it was a difficult day for me, but I hope & pray that you understand. I picture you playing at the Rainbow Bridge, not sick any more. Your sister, Winky Fifi, does not sleep on the bed with me & probably never will. She sleeps in a crate beside "our" bed. She doesn't seem to mind & goes in there at bed time to get a treat & waits for me to get up in the morning. She is getting to be a better behaved girl, but not as good as you were, my precious. I still love you so & miss you so very much. I thank God for all the good times we had. We will meet again at the bridge & I look forward to that. Love, your mommy
March 25, 2011
To my dear Winky Also, It doesn't seem like 5 years has gone by. Your sister, Winky Fifi & I went to the vet today for her heart worm test, toe nail trim, check up & a shot. The vet is now in a new office, so it wasn't the same place where I took you that last day. I know you are having a good time by the Rainbow Bridge, playing with the others waiting for their people. You are still my sweetie pie, my sweetest Winky. I still love you so much & miss you. Love always, your mommy
April 5, 2011 -- My Dear Winky Also, you are "famous" today. Your picture is on a calendar for today. It is the picture on this page also, sitting in the bike basket. Many people will know how cute you were, my dear sweet Winky Also! Love, mommy
March 25, 2012 - My Dear Winky Also, I often think of you playing by the Rainbow Bridge & waiting for me. I still miss you & love you so very much. Love, mommy
March 25, 2014 - My Dear Winky Also, Last year was a tough year for your mommy & at one time I thought I might be seeing you. But I made it & your sister, Winky Fifi, guards me & helps me as much as she can. "Aunt" Alice came to take care of her for 6 days in May while I was in hospital & 4 days in June when I went to NI Conference in St. Charles. I still miss you & love you so very much. Love, mommy
March 25, 2015 My Dear Winky Also, A note to let you know (as if you didn't know!) that I still love you & miss you so much, my precious baby. Have you visited with the other Winkys? I picture you playing at the Rainbow Bridge & you'll be watching for me when I come to go across & we'll go together. Love, your mommy
March 25, 2016
My dear Winky Also, I've been thinking about you all day. I still love you so much & miss you. I will keep your memory here for another year at least. But it has been 10 years now. Do you have "visiting hours" at the Rainbow Bridge? I'd like to hold you & kiss you & scratch you one more time. This is so difficult, so I must go. Love, your mommy
May 29, 2017 My Dear Winky Also, as I read your story & remember you, my precious sweet baby, I am crying. It is still so difficult, so I must let you go. love, your mommy
March 25, 2018 My Dear Winky Also, Reading through this brings it all back. I have your sister, Winky Fifi, but she isn't much like you except for the Pomeranian traits that all have had! You were my sweetest baby. How I wish I could see all my Winky Poms together here. I think Winky Fifi would be the boss! She is the biggest.
I still love you & miss you so. Your mommy

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