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Memories of Wingman
Hello, Wingman!

I write this at just about the exact time one week ago when you were pronounced deceased on Tuesday, February 28th, 2017.

After leaving the Veterinarian specialist in Orlando last week, you were completely washed out after a day of testing to see if your cancer had spread. The devastating news was - it had. Surgery to remove your heart tumor and chemo were no longer an option. On leaving, you would normally hop into the right front seat of the car and pay attention to where we were going. Once satisfied, you would inevitably retire to the back seat and sleep, leaving the routine en route duties to me, your crew and best buddy.

This time, after leaving the doctors office you struggled to get into the back seat. Since you were so trim and athletic, this was highly unusual! There was heavy traffic on I-4 at 5:30 PM and I was quite busy, so not much attention could be given to you right after we got underway. About half way to our home in Daytona Beach you managed to get up to the right front seat, sit down, and put your chin on my right leg. I stroked your head, rubbed your stomach, and told you everything would be just fine. A few minutes later you struggled back to the rear seat and stretched out along its width.

Arriving at our house, you did not jump up to the front seat and wait for me to secure your leash as usual. Rather, you just lay still while I unloaded the days mail and some purchases made in Orlando while waiting for your testing to finish. When I got back to get you, a great shock began to set in as I tried to wake you up; your body was warm - but your paws were cold. You were unresponsive to being touched; you had no pulse; and your eyes did not respond when I opened your eyelids. A mad dash immediately ensued to the closest emergency veterinarian. As I already knew deep in my heart, this was an exercise in futility, but I had to at least try to get you back to life. But . . . this was not to be; you were gone. Somewhere on I-4 you had peacefully passed away in the car in which you loved to travel so much.

I love you Wingman. The thought crossed my mind to now spin a story or two about the wonderful times we shared over the years. The decision to not do so was made for several reasons; telling one story would just lead to telling another, and then another, etc., etc. There are so many great ones!!!! Which ones do I pick? So I'll just "put a period on it" here and let it rest.

Suffice to just say, Wingman, you and I have an incredible bond which will never be broken.

Keep the faith, my #1 buddy . . . someday we WILL be together again!!!


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