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Memories of Wilson
Tomorrow, August 5th, marks the 25 year anniversary of Wilson's flight to the Rainbow Bridge and I want to honor this special little canary by giving him his own, long overdue, residency. His story will be posted soon.

"This is the tale of a little orange canary...and how he came to live with our strange fambly. One day from Hauert's Pet and Garden he came...and from then on, things weren't the same. His name was "Wilson", but that didn't stick...it wasn't long before we started calling him "Dick". In the morning he'd beg for bananas and fruit...then he'd sit on my finger and peck at my snoot. In the palm of my hand on his back he'd lay flat...wait a minute, canaries don't do that!! And I still can't believe how one little bird...could make such a mess and leave so many turds! We'd tell him he'd be dinner if he was a little bigger...May 1st was his hatch day, as far as we could figger. Inside his home from perch to perch he would hop...protecting his turf from big brother ""Chop". And here's the moody artiste performing live...his special rendition of "Power Dive"! He had the soul of an eagle in a body so slight...don't let his size fool you, that Bad Bird could fight! On the great adventure, across the country he did go...and partied at the Virgin River Hotel and Casino! At sunrise he'd sing, around the room he would fly...and I don't think I will ever understand why...such a dear little creature lost his sight; but to the very end he showed us his might. Now the Dickster has gone to his special place...with Mr. Sun on his back and a warm breeze in his face. But these sweet memories of you will never end...BLUE SKIES FOREVER, MY DREAMSICLE FRIEND!"

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