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Memories of Willy Beebe
Willy was a very special cat. Willy was with us for 22 yrs. He is now with his brother Sammy who left us also on 7-31-15. Willy was born with 3 legs. He had the forth front paw but it was only half of a paw. It never stopped Willy from doing anything. He was very kind and loved being around his family. Willy had his fair share of sicknesses in the past and made it through everything. He was always very plump. He loved eating. Every night at dinner, he knew when it was ready because he would sit on the floor next to the table and wait for his mommy to give him whatever was for dinner. He also loved milk and whipped cream. He had a cute routine. Whenever he was done eating breakfast or dinner, he would come into the kitchen and wait on his favorite kitchen floor mat for milk and whipped cream. Its was like clock work for him. As Willy started getting older he began to loose a lot of weight. It was very similar to his brother Sammy. It came to the point where the weight loss was so dramatic and when we pet him, you could feel bones. He was still eating, jumping, and using the litter box. He became very dis-oriented with his surroundings. Almost as if he was forgetting where he was. He would use my rugs as the litter box until I had to pick up every rug and throw them away. After a while I could not have any area rugs in the house. We got through it. A lot of times we would just keep an eye on him and run with him in our arms to bring him to the litter box. He slowly started going down hill. We had just taken a family vacation to the Tennessee mountains and we put Willy in the boarding facility of our vet. Everyone in the vet knew Willy and our cats were always there whenever we would go on vacation. Three days after returning home from our vacation is when we had to make the hardest decision and put Willy to sleep. He came home from the vet and he couldn't walk, he had no appetite, he wasn't using the litter box because he could not get up. He was not in the greatest condition when we brought him to the vet but, this was way worse. So on March 28th 2016, we made that very hard decision to put Willy to sleep. We had a vet called Lap Of Love come to our home. We all are very sad, and its the end of an era without Sammy who we had 20yrs and Willy 22 yrs. I have there pictures to look at everyday and not a day goes by where I don't kiss there pictures. Willy our sweet mane coon will truly be missed!!!!!
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