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Memories of Willie ("Boo")
Thank You Wilson for being there with me for the past 15 years, and the rest of the family for the past 5 years. We enjoyed having you around, We will miss you sunning yourself by the back door and trying to venture outside whenever the chance presented itself. You will be dearly missed! We will always love you!

Please visit my kitty big sister Pressy.

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Good Afternoon, Grandpa's Boo. I sure do miss my handsome kitty man. I am sad you got sick and had to go on to Paradise meadow to be with big sister Pressy but I know she is taking good care of you as she always did. You were my special little kitty...and always will be. I love you and carry you forever in my heart and in many memories. Thinking of you and your many little kitty ways brings me a smile but there are still and always will be tears too because I love you and miss you. I know you are now young and healthy again playing in the meadow as you watch over us and wait for us to come for you one day to cross Rainbow Bridge together forever. Though I am still sad, I want to tell visitors about the Boo, Boo's adventures, and your cute quirks.

I'll begin at the beginning...how you joined our family. Your Daddy Casey was going away to college in August 1997...he was to go to the Odegaard School of Aerospace Sciences at the University of North Dakota at Grand Forks, ND. He was turning 18 also in August and had never been away from home before except for Boy Scout activities and Jamborees. Grandma and Grandpa thought he should have a "roommate" to keep him company so he would not be so lonely so far from home. We had bought a nice two bedroom condo in Grand Forks for him to live in while going to school...the house payment and condo fee cost less monthly than paying for him to share a single room in the dorms plus he got in-state tuition since we owned property in ND! Anyway, no problem with having a pet since it was a private residence. Off we went to the local animal shelter to look for a companion...Casey had been reared with kitties so a kitty would be just a purrfect roommate. We saw a cute little black and white tuxedo kitten...Casey picked you right out! We did the paperwork and you went through the medical process for exam, shots, neuter, etc, etc. We picked you up from the vet a couple days later...you joined our family. We named you Willie. That was June 1997.

You fit into the family right away and big sister Pressy took care of you from the beginning. Your Daddy Casey wanted you to sleep with him but that didn't last but a night or two. Seems you liked to cuddle/curl around his neck on the pillow. Grandma and Grandpa would hear his door open and close in the middle of the night...you were evicted. However, you were not upset...you just found another neck to curl around to sleep...Grandpa's! I guess you liked the warmth and feeling a heartbeat...you were still a little kitten, only about four months old, so it was comforting. You slept on Grandpa's neck every night until August when it was time to move you and Daddy to Grand Forks, ND. This is one of Grandpa's favorite memories of you...his little Boo kitty sleeping curled around his neck. Now it was time to be off to North Dakota with Daddy Casey.

Grandpa has to go right now but the next story about the Boo will be our adventures on the trip to North Dakota in August 1997. Love you, Booster!

Good Afternoon, Boo! Grandpa is back to write some stories about his little kitty man. This time is about the adventures on our trip taking you and Daddy back to Grand Forks< ND. It was quite a trip. Daddy and I had spent all day before the morning we left loading up yours and Daddy's furniture and possessions into the big 25 foot yellow Penske rental truck for the trip. We left early the next morning to start the trip. Grandpa was driving the rental truck, Daddy was driving his pickup with you riding shotgun with him, and Grandma was driving Grandpa's pickup so we would have a way to get back home from North Dakota...we were leaving the rental in Grand Forks. We drove all that day across Washington and Idaho, then into Montana all on Interstate 90. It was getting late at night and we drove through a terrible storm as we crossed the Continental Divide east of Butte, MT. We stopped at the top of the Divide for a bit as the storm had stopped. We decided to stop for the night in the next town, Bozeman, MT. We got there very late at night and found a motel...the Lewis and Clark. It was a pretty big place and set up really different from other motels. The wall on the entry side of the rooms on each floor all were big glass windows like a store display window but hung with privacy drapes. The motel did not allow pets so we had to smuggle you in! Being so tired from the day's trip, we all went to bed. You slept with Grandma and Grandpa since you were still a "neck curler" but early in the morning I guess you had rested enough and got up to explore. You definitely blew our cover for smuggling you into the room as you had parted the privacy drapes and were surveying the outside sitting in plain view...Grandpa caught you. Fortunately, it was so early in the morning that noone saw you! When you parted the curtains, you also revealed Grandma's buns to the world...she had pushed the covers off during the night and she was lying there in her nightgown plain to see in the opening you had made in the drapes! Well, we didn't get "busted" and packed up to get back on the road after everyone, including you, had breakfast. The next day the weather was nice, clear and sunny but not too hot as it often gets in August in Montana. We drove to Billings where we turned on to Interstate 94 to drive north into North Dakota. We stopped at a nice rest area near Miles City, MT to take a break. You were such a good little kitty...you wore a cute red harness and walked on a leash better than most dogs! So we had our Boo with us and Grandma and Grandpa went over to rest on the grass under some shade trees...Daddy wandered off on his own probably to stretch his legs. Grandpa decided he should give you a chance to get some exercise after riding so long so Grandpa took you for a walk on your leash. You enjoyed walking on the grass sniffing things then you decided to climb partway up one of the shade trees...Grandpa gave you enough leash so you climbed to a bottom limb. You looked so cute looking around at everything from your perch in the tree! While you and Grandpa were strolling around, a group of young ladies aboout your Daddy's age noticed you walking on your leash and came over to see and pet you...they thought you were so handsome and such a smart kitty to walk on a leash. Well, Daddy showed back up about then and saw how the young ladies were attracted by you...Grandpa could read the thoughts in Daddy's mind by the look on his face. His face said "My Willie is a 'chick magnet'! WOW...and he's my boy, how great for me!". No doubt Daddy was already thinking how much more fun college life would be with you as his roommate. We continued on our way to spend the next night in Bismarck, ND, then drove on to Grand Forks the next day. The next several days were spent unloading the rental truck and putting everything away in the condo. Sure wore us out. Grandma did a lot of shopping for groceries and other things for Daddy and your new home while Grandpa and Daddy set up everything in the condo. Then it was time for Grandma and Grandpa to leave to drive back to Washington. It was about 6:00PM when we hugged you and Daddy to say goodbye...Grandma was very sad with tears leaving her two boys. The last sight we saw was Daddy standing on his condo deck holding and petting you as we pulled away from the curb in front of the condo. It was such a sad picture...Grandma and Grandpa remember it so clearly to this very day so many years later. Daddy and you were all on your own so far away from home. The only thought that helped Grandma and Grandpa feel better was that Daddy had his Willie to keep him company and not feel so lonesome. You have always been our special kitty boy for your Daddy. We loved you then and we will always love you, Boo.

Well, Boo...Grandpa has to go for today but I will be back to write more memories about a special little kitty man. Love you, Booster!

12/6/12 Happy Saint Nikolaus Day, little Boo. Know you'll like the new toys and treats Saint Nikolaus brought you today...Saint Nikolaus bring gifts to furangels in Paradise meadow on this day just as he brings them to little boys and girls around the world. Help big sister Pressy take care of the little furangel babies with their new toys and treats...also help Char tell Master Thomas about Saint Nikolaus. Love and miss you, Boo. Grandpa
12/17/12 Good Morning, Boo. We have left a Christmas present for our little old kitty man...it is filled with our love for you that we hold in our hearts now and forever. Love, Grandpa
12/25/12 Merry Christmas, little Boo. We heard your sweet voice singing to us last night...it was beautiful! We love and miss you so...we feel you with us in spirit but we wish we could be cuddling you in our arms as we once did on this glorious day. Love, Grandpa
1/1/13 Happy New Year, Boo. We start this year without our handsome little kitty man Willie in our arms...but you are always with us in our hearts and memories. We love and miss you so, Booster. Love, Grandpa
2/14/13 Happy Saint Valentine's Day, Grandpa's Booster. Thinking of you today as always and missing you. Asked big sister Pressy to give you special kitty love headbumps from Grandpa today. Love, Grandpa
3/31/13 Happy Easter, handsome Boo. Know you and all furangels attended the beautiful Paradise meadow sunrise service with big sister Press to celebrate with Him. Love, Grandpa
11/28/13 Happy Thanksgiving, Grandpa's Boo. Know you and big sister Pressy are enjoying a wonderful turkey dinner in Paradise meadow. I miss you. Love, Grandpa
12/6/13 Happy Saint Nikolaus Day, Boo! I know St Nikolaus left you candy and a special present in your shoe today...big sister Pressy told me you had a big smile on your kitty face when you showed it to her. Love, Grandpa
12/21/13 Good Morning, Booster. Grandpa set up a Christmas tree for you and set Christmas music for his little kitty man. The music is Grandpa's favorite Christmas hymn...you share it with big sister Pressy and Grand Lady Mare Char. Love, Grandpa
12/25/13 Merry Christmas, Grandpa's Booster. Grandpa heard your sweet voice singing for us at the magical midnight hour on Christmas Eve...it was beautiful as you and big sister Pressy sang Grandpa's favorite Christmas hymn "O Holy Night". Thank you, my little kitty man, for your special Christmas gift to Grandpa. Heard you and big sister Pressy sing wonderful Christmas hymns to your Mommy and Daddy as your special Christmas gift to them. We love and miss you so very much...and always will. Love, Grandpa
1/1/14 Happy New Year, Willie Boo. Everyone sure misses you, handsome little kitty man. You are a special kitty to so many...starting another new year without you is so sad but we know you are always with us in spirit watching over us. Love, Grandpa
4/20/14 Happy Easter, Boo. Know you are spending a wonderful day in His presence celebrating a most glorious event for mankind. Love, Grandpa
7/2/14 Good Morning, handsome kitty boy Boo. Please go to meadow's gates with Pressy and Char to welcome your doggie sister Hannah. Daddy sent her on to Paradise meadow this morning to be young and healthy again with you as she waits for him to come for her one day. Daddy gave her the ultimate gift of his love to send her on to Paradise meadow to be free from pain and to be young and healthy again. Wrap her in your soft furangel wings of comfort as she comes to her new forever home. Love, Grandpa
12/21/14 Good Morning, handsome Willie, the Boo. We put up our Christmas tree last night so we put your Christmas tree up here so you're celebrating Christmas with us. We know you are always with us in spirit but we deeply miss your warm loving presence with us during the holidays and always. We have left a present of our forever love for you. Love, Grandpa
12/25/14 Merry Christmas, little Booster. We miss you with us today as we do every day but feel your sweet kitty presence always watching over us. Love, Grandpa
1/1/15 Happy New Year, handsome kitty Willie. Love, Grandpa
7/4/15 Happy Independence Day, little Booster. We're thinking of you today...as we do always. We miss you but we know you would not be happy with the loud noises of the fireworks. Know the beautiful Paradise meadow fireworks make no noise so all furangels feel safe. Love, Grandpa and Grandma
9/23/15 Good Morning, little Boo. Grandma and Grandpa miss our little boy kitty as we know your Mommy and Daddy miss you so. We keep you always in our thoughts and deep in our hearts alongside your pawprints. Love, Grandma and Grandpa.
11/26/15 Happy Thanksgiving, Booster. Love, Grandpa
12/21/15 Good Morning, little kitty man Boo. Grandpa put a Christmas tree for you and a gift...it is filled with the forever love for you of your family. We know you are smiling down at us from Paradise meadow with Hannah, Pressy, and Ausie celebrating this glorious time of year with us. Love, Grandma and Grandpa
12/25/15 Merry Christmas, little Booster. Love, Grandma and Grandpa
9/22/16 Good Morning, Grandpa's little Booster. Sure miss my little kitty man when I visit your Mommy and Daddy...know you're having fun playing with Pressy, the Monster, Ausie, and Hannah in Paradise meadow. Grandpa loves you, little kitty man. Love, Grandpa
12/17/16 Good Morning, little Boo. Grandpa put a Christmas tree and a present filled with the family's love for you at your place so you can celebrate Christmas with the family in spirit as we know you are always with us. Love, Grandpa
12/25/16 Merry Christmas, little kitty man Willie. Really miss my Boo so much but know you're celebrating with the family today. Love, Grandpa
12/6/17 Happy Saint Nikolaus Day, little kitty man. Know Saint Nikolaus came to Paradise meadow today to pass out new toys and favorite treats to all the animal angels...we're sure there were many happy smiles, wagging tails, and loud purrs today. Love, Grandpa
12/25/17 Merry Christmas, little kitty man Willie. Heard you and all the furangels sing to us at Midnight last night...thank you, sweet kitty Boo. Love, Grandpa
12/25/18 Merry Christmas, Grandpa's little man kitty Boo. We miss you so much on this special day and all other days...we keep you always in our hearts. Love, Grandpa
1/1/19 Happy New Year, little Booster. We begin yet another year without you which makes us sad but we know you're forever with us in our hearts. Love, Grandpa

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