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Memories of Wilbur
My precious Wilbur, beloved brother of the late Yoda, and cage mate to his beloved friends, the late Carmella and Dusty, left us suddenly after a very short illness on 11/15/17. This is extremely heartbreaking for me, as Wilbur is more than likely, the last piggy I will ever own. He is my 7th piggy since 2002, and the loss of each one has taken a piece of my heart, and I don't think I can go through it anymore as it totally devastates me. Wilbur came to us at 3 years of age, in January of 2014, and originally we were "piggy sitting" him for a friend of my son's, and I found out later that the friend couldn't keep him and the plan was to get him into our house where they knew I would fall in love with him. The plan worked. Wilbur was an extremely friendly, outgoing piggy who bought me so much joy, light and love. He was such a character. He had his little "pigloo", which he would pick up on his back and spin it around or march it across his cage, looking like one of those "Battlebots" on TV. He would perch it up on his food bowl. He was a very strong piggy, and although he turned 7 in September of this year, I felt he was going to live to be 8 or 9, there was just no signs of any illness, right up to 2 days prior to his passing. He gave me solace after losing his mates Carmella in 2015 and Dusty in 2016. I knew he missed them but I took extra special care of him, really doting on him. He was more than a piggy, he was my friend. On Monday November 13th he went for his 6 month checkup and was proclaimed "in great shape" for his age, but the doctor spotted a runny nose, which he said was the start of an upper respiratory infection, but he felt we caught it in time, and gave him medicine that he has had in the past for the same issue. Monday night he got very quiet and retreated to his timber hideaway, which he used as a secondary retreat, his favorite being his pigloo. I figured it was just the meds and would shake it off. Tuesday, he still seemed out of it when I got home from work, and I spoke with the doctor who had me bring him in Wednesday. His kidneys were extremely swollen and appeared to be shutting down, but my doctor who is extremely good, and treated my daughter's hedgehog for the same thing prescribed meds for him, but it was too late for Wilbur. We did our very best to treat and force feed him and keep him warm, but he lost his battle Wednesday night, with all his family at his side. There will never be another piggy for me like Wilbur, and I really, really need to believe that he is happy at the bridge with Yoda, Carmella and Dusty. I am still looking at his cage which I don't have the heart to dismantle yet. I still see him in it every time I look over. It is a C&C 4x2x2 double decker cage with ramp, that I originally built for Carmella and Dusty before Wilbur came into our lives. Once I dismantle it, I am hoping to find a guinea pig rescue by me, and I will donate the cage, wee-wee pads and fleece along with many piggy peripherals and hay to them, in all their memories. Maybe if it is close enough, I can volunteer some time, it's a thought. I need to get past my grief first. Sorry if this is a little long, but I need to get some closure with Wilbur's passing. God Bless all my piggies from 2002 on.... Fluffy, Nacho, Salsa, Rusty, Dusty, Carmella and Wilbur. Until I meet you at the Bridge, please remember Daddy & Mommy who loved and cared for each and every one of you, and for who no time or expense was too great, it was all about the love. Please check in on us, however you can, and we will hold you all in our hearts forever. God Bless you Wilbur! All our Love, forever, Daddy & Mommy. XXXOOOXXX

Please also visit Carmella and Dusty.

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