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Memories of Wilbur Bud
The beginnings <3<3<3

You were the one that mended our heart after the loss of our beloved Betsy (Betilda Belle) on September 30, 2002. You were way down in Woodstock, Virginia waiting for the right parents to come down and pick you up. Betsy was a golden buff cocker spaniel who passed away at 15 and your daddy-to-be thought the best way to heal would be to find another cocker who needed a forever home for these 2 people who needed to love another cocker. Your daddy really wanted a chocolate cocker and found you at Pineshadows breeders. You came from a very distinguished line from a very well respected breeder of cocker spaniels. You were 6 months old and you, and 2 of your litter-mates, were still waiting. You had a little sister who was being sent to Japan to start life as a show dog and you had a brother who was also spoken for. You were ours. It seems that it was meant for you to have a distended testicle, which seemed to be why you didn't get to go on the show circuit. We're very grateful for that! Oh, the anticipation leading up to that day, October 19, 2002, when we made the journey from Linwood, NJ down to Woodstock, VA. Prior to that day, we had quite a few calls with "Cindy" Mueller, first checking our references and then giving us updates on our little boy. The one thing we did not have was a picture of you. I didn't care what you looked like. You could have had 1 eye in the middle of your head and you still would have been mine since you were in my heart already. The night before we picked you up, I spoke with Cindy who told me that you went on you first car ride to visit the vet, maybe he made house calls before, and she was going to groom you so you looked especially handsome for us. I pictured our little man waiting patiently for us, with his new haircut and wearing a bow tie. OK, that's how I pictured it! Your father, on the other hand, was a little concerned since he did not see a picture of you. All we were told that you were chocolate with a little bit of white under your tail and a couple of white hairs in your chin. All your relatives had this. Your father kept on saying that if he was weird looking than he wanted the option of not taking you home. (FYI, this would not have happened. No way, no how....see statement above). So, here starts our journey. We got up really early on October 19th with everything we needed for you. Along our drive we stopped off at, what will become a tradition when picking up our new pups, Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Then we continued on our 5 hour drive. Another note was that this was during the very dangerous "Sniper" incident, which was happening in this area. As we made our way and were approaching our destination, we decided it would be best to gas up the car prior to picking you up, especially since the "sniper" was targeting gas stations that were just off the interstate and they were in a white van. So, we pull up to the gas station (off the interstate and with a white van, coincidently, across the road!!!). We weren't going to put you at risk so it's best to do this prior. Well, your father refused to get out to pump the gas so it was up to me while he slinked down in his seat pretending to be on the look out. Well, I survived and had a great story to tell ....often! Finally, we made it to Pineshadows. All we wanted to do is see you, but we needed to chat with Cindy, fill out paperwork, go on the tour of Cindy's house....ok, now was the time, Cindy went downstairs to get you and we were given instructions to sit on the floor and let him come by and sniff us but to not make a fuss. He had never been upstairs and may be a bit too excited. So, we waited for what seemed like hours although it was only a few minutes. I, of course, was torn thinking do I look at you, or your fathers face of approval :)The next thing I know is that you are scampering up the steps, into the living room and our hearts. Gorgeous, classic American Cocker Spaniel and then I saw the big smile on your father's face. You were definitely a "wiggle-butt" and as cute as can be. We finished what we had to do, made our way outside, took some pictures of you and Cindy and whisked you off on your new lifetime adventure as Wilbur Bud Kohler. On our drive home we stopped to see cousins Nancy and Zoe in Vienna Virginia. You were the first dog that Zoe wasn't afraid of and you were so friendly to their neighbor that came out to greet you. This would be our "Wilby" for the rest of his life. The handsomest, sweetest, kindest little gentleman we could ever of had the privilege to parent and be such an important part of our lives. Wilbur will live in our hearts forever.

August 31, 2015

My sweet Wilby,

I can't believe it's been 2 years since I've held and cuddled you. Missing you every second of every day. Please watch down on Beulah, Elmer, Louie and our newest, Rupert. Please show Riley around the RB and give kisses to Buster, Cody, Betsy, Pete, Buddy and Friskie.

Love you always,


August 31, 2016

My sweet little gentleman, Wilbur Bud,

Not a day goes by that I don't think about you and miss you terribly. I can't believe it's been 3 years since I hugged and kissed you. I hope you, Buster, Cody, Betsy and Friskie are keeping each other company and are being loved by your Grandpop Lenny, Sonny and Grandmom Beverly. Beulah and Elmer send their love along with Louie and Rupie. Beulah is doing amazingly well, so thank you for sending healing prayers.

Miss you and love you forever!


My dearest Wilbur,

It's been 5 years and I deeply miss you and think about you everyday. You have always been my heart and soul. Hope you are playing with Buster, Cody, Betsy and your beloved Beulah.

Love you always,


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