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Memories of Wiggum/Mr. Pig
Sweetest kitty ever. You didn't deserve this. Cancer sucks.

Our lives will never be the same. We know you were sick and nothing was working, but I hope you know we would've kept trying. It was just so hard to watch you so sad. We love you and miss hearing your little feet clacking on the floors. Your sister was sleeping in your box in the attic today and she misses you, too.

6/30: Lady misses her brother. She's been crying for you. The world is a darker place without you.

7/1: there's a bad storm tonight and Lady is nervous. We remember when you'd get scared and get low. You won't have to be scared tonight. We got a stone for you and will have a memorial this weekend when it stops raining. We are going to set up your pirate ship and your pepper by the table where you watched the birds, up in the attic. Come visit us sometime. We miss you so much.

7/2: We are coming outside to have a memorial in a few minutes. We miss you so much. Pete cuddles with your pillow at night. Lady has been crying for you and she kissed your picture frames this morning. You are beautiful and wonderful and you are so missed. We hope you can run now and are having fun with Beef and your other new friends. We love you, baby.

7/3: I'm so lonely without you today, Pig. We miss you so much. We set up your ship in the attic. We are so sorry that you were sick and it hurts us so much that we couldn't make it better. We would have given anything to help you.

7/4: Happy 4th of July, baby. We miss you.

7/6: hi Pig. Yesterday was really hard. It was our first day back at work since you left us and the empty space you filled was so evident yesterday. Lady misses you, too. It's really hard. It almost felt like you were just on vacation until yesterday but we had to face the permanent loss and it was very hard. I don't feel like I will ever be the same without you. I love you.

7/9: Just wanted to say we love you. We were talking about you last night and how cute you are.

7/12: It's been a few days. We have not stopped thinking about you, though. I can't stop crying when I think of you and I miss you so much it hurts. I love you, Pig.

7/16: I cried today talking about you. Lady has her checkup at the vet. We think we may bring home another kitty soon and I hope it's what you'd want. We miss you so much. Lady cries for you at night. I'm so scared of hurting like this again and I'm so afraid you would think it meant we moved on. We won't ever move on. But we are so very lonely without you - all of us. Please guide us and send love, helping us find the right new friend who needs us as much as we need them. And someone we can love with the same love you always had and will always have.

7/17: We made a friend yesterday. He's been abandoned and he's so scared. We feel confident you sent us to find him knowing we could help. We miss you so much and no one will ever take your place, but we're grateful you helped us give a sad and scared cat a chance. We love you.

7/21: We miss you so much. It's hard thinking about it. We've been back to the vet and I remember being with you that day. It hurts not having you around. We love you and will always love you.

7/28: Hi Pig. It's been a month today. We miss you so much. I'm still so afraid we should've done something else. I love you.

8/1: I wish I could hug you. :(

8/12: Oh, Pig, your sister is being awful. Send her some love if you can and remind her that she likes snuggles. She's been so mean to our new kitty and we know you wouldn't approve. I miss you daily and think of you all the time. I love you so much.

8/18: just wanted to say we love you

8/22: We love you, Pig. I miss you so much.

9/4: Hi Pig. We're missing you. Lady is having a hard time adjusting to the new kitty and he's afraid to leave the one room. I wish you could come and visit them both and talk some sense into them. You were always such a friend to Lady and I'm sure you'd be a great friend to our new buddy. We miss you so much. You're very loved.

9/14: I miss you every day, Pig. I'm leaving town next week for a few days and I'm so worried about the kitties. The new kitty is kind of sick, too, and being at the vet has really been sad lately. We think it's just a virus and should pass, but we could use some love send down to us all. We miss you.

10/5: Thinking of you. New kitty is doing better. Lady is still very angry at him and is so mean whenever she sees him. It's really sad. I can't spend time with both kitties and it hurts. I wish you could tell her that we love you all and that you understand she could use a friend. We could all use a friend. We miss you and love you.

11/1: Pete just had his birthday and we missed you. Yesterday was Halloween. Remember last year when you kept coming up to the door to see what we were up to on the porch? I can't stop hurting for you. Every time we go to the vet's, I want to cry. I miss you so much and I wish I could have made you better. Lady is still having a hard time. We got her some treats to hopefully calm her down, but I hope they work. It's hard having to spend time going between kitties. She could use a snuggle buddy. She misses you. We all do. We love you, Piggy.

11/16: Just stopping by to say we love you and miss you. Lady isn't getting less crazy. :(

12/6: Hi baby. I missed you a lot at Thanksgiving and for my birthday. It's going to be our first Christmas without you and I miss you so much. You're so wonderful and I hope you know how much we love you. Lady is taking meds now, but she's still nuts. Hopefully she can calm down soon. I'd like to spend time with both kitties for Christmas, so if you can send her your love, please do. We love you and still miss you every day.

12/22: Merry Christmas, Pig. It will be hard not having you with us this year. We're still keeping the new kitty separated so it will be lonely all around because we can't all be together as a family. We're thinking of you. We love you and miss you. I hope you get lots of squeaky toys for Christmas.

1/8/2017: Happy New Year. It's so sad being without you. I think about you every day. I love you so much and I wish we could have fixed things. Lady is still a jerk to the new kitty and I don't know what to do. I miss you, Pig.

1/25/2017: I miss you so much. It's been really hard lately and I feel so lonely. I love you and think of you daily. It's so unfair you're gone.

3/15/2017: Happy birthday, baby Piggy. I love you so much. I'm sorry we haven't checked in more, but I promise we think of you every single day. I miss you every second of the day and it hurts so much to be without you. I hope you're having a wonderful birthday and eating all the plastic bag handles you can.

5/24/17: Hi baby. I can't believe it's been almost a year since you stopped eating. I miss you every single day. Lady is still cranky as always, though she's been a little less cranky about the new kitty. He's adjusting and loves all the places you did - the attic, your box by the window, etc. I wish they could be friends, because I know your sister misses you so much. We love you, Pig. We love you so, so much.

6/27/17: Hi Piggy. We miss you so much. Tomorrow will be a year since you've been gone and it still hurts so much. We'll visit with you tomorrow. Nothing new is happening here really. Lady is still being mean to the new kitty and we still miss your little feet. I'm so sorry that you aren't here.

8/1/17: Hi Piggy. It's Beef Cat's birthday today, so we hope you're both frolicking and having fun. We miss you so much and we love you.

8/22/17: Hey little pig. We miss you. It's so hard not having your snuggles still.

11/28/17: Hi Pig. I missed you a lot yesterday on my birthday. We're sorry we've been lax about checking in. I hope you and Beef are rolling around having a great time. We miss you here. Lady is still being antisocial and avoiding the new kitty, and it's so sad. I wish you could come back and remind everyone how to get along. We love you so much.

3/15/18: Hi Piggy. It's been a while. We have to move and it's been hard. I hope you'll be able to come with us in spirit and we're bringing your ship and stone. Happy birthday baby boy. We love you so much and still miss you every single day.

6/4: Piggy, I'm so sorry it's been so long since we've checked in. We set up your stone under the tree where all the birds and squirrels play. Lady likes having more space, but she still refuses to come down and join the new kitty. We miss you and she misses having a snuggle partner. She's been to the vet recently for some weird coloring in her eye. Hopefully she will be okay. Keep looking out for her. We hope you're playing with Beef and rolling around up there, eating all the plastic bags you can.

6/28/18: My sweet little pig. I can't believe you've been gone for two years. We miss you so much every single day. We love you, baby.

8/1: Hi Piggy. Today's Beefcat's birthday, so give him an extra snuggle. We love you and miss you.

8/22: Piggy, we miss you. We are visting with Beef today. Please give him a hug for us. We love you.

12/6: Hi Piggy. I know it's been a while, but I still think about you all the time, and I hope you know how much we love and miss you. Lady has never been the same. I feel bad, because I barely get to spend time with her. She refuses to be around the newer kitty, and it's really sad. Send her some snuggles, because she misses you tremendously. I wish we could pet your little head and you could snuggle into a hammock with us. I love you.

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