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Memories of Widger
You were a very special Cat full of fun and life. You kept us entertained and made us feel very loved for nearly 21 years. You comforted us when we were sick or feeling down. You loved people and made a beeline for our friends when they came to visit us. Everyone loved you too. You always thought you were a dog because of your Brother Mikie who went to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for you. Widgie we miss you and always will and we know you and Mike will be waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge when we will all be united for eternity. Meanwhile have fun with Mike, romp through the meadows and enjoy yourself as I know you have no more pain or suffering to deal with.
Love Mom and Dad

We have had such a hard week without you, I see you everywhere in the house. I know you are Happy where you are but I just wanted you to know you are sorely missed and you have left such an void in our lives. Please tell Mikie we love him too and miss him so much (09/08/2000).
Love Mom and Dad

Another week has passed and I miss you so terribly. I am hanging on to the fact that we will see you again when we get to the Rainbow Bridge. How is Mikie doing? We are comforted by the fact that he is once again looking out for you and protecting you. Time is easing my grief but I still look for you every day because you were such a big part of our lives for so long. Always that soft little Meow when you saw us even on the very last day when it was so hard for you.
We love you and Mikie
Mom and Dad

June 20/06
Hi Baby,
Just want to let you know we still miss you so very much, but time has helped us with our grief and your little brother Sam has been comforting us so much. He misses you too and looks for you where you used to lie all time.
I frequently look at your final resting place beside Mikie and am comforted to know you are at peace now.
You had such a wonderful life here on earth, such a ball of fire you were, you never missed a thing. We called you the Supervisor, had to know everything that went on in and around the house.
Sleep well my Baby.
Mom and Dad

August 19/06

Hi Sweety Pie
We still miss you every day, I visit your secret place often and wish I could just pick you up one more time and get a soft purr from you. I will always treasure the 21 years we spent together and I know you are waiting for us to join you and Mikie. Until we meet again my little soft furball I will treasure your memory.
Mom and Dad

December 5/06

Seven months now Widgie since you left us and I still think of you all the time, it is easier now and when we talk about you we can smile and laugh at all of your antics. I will always treasure our time together. I look outside at the sunshine and remember how much you loved to sit in the sun, you hated to come into the house, we had to carry you in most of the time.
Rest well my Baby, I miss you so. I am crying still as I write this and always will.

Mom and Dad and Sam

March 18, 2007
I still think of you so many times a day my Baby but now I can laugh at your antics and enjoy my memories. We have so much to laugh at and I am so happy to have these fond memories. I hope you and Mikie are happy and I will see you when I cross the Rainbow Bridge. I will recognize that little pink nose, those beautiful green eyes, the soft purr and your beautiful grey and white body. I love you both so much, thank you for spending your lives with us.
Love you forever
Mom and Dad

September 22, 2007

Hi Baby Boy
It has been along time since I came to see you and so much has happened. You have probably already met Auntie Kathy at the Rainbow Bridge, we lost her on May 1. She hopefully was met by her beloved Cody and Mikie and you.
I look at your picture and miss you all over again Baby. Dad and I talk about your antics all the time. Your brother Sam has taken over the house and we laugh at the comparisons to the two of you. You would get so mad at us if we left you for any length of time and turn your back to us, where Sam is usually happy to see us LOL. I could carry you everywhere and you cuddled into my arms and Sam won't let me pick him up. You were always a lap cat and he never sits on our lap. I think Dad misses that more than anything, the nice warm body on his lap purring like mad.
God it is so hard still to think about you and I hope and pray you are romping in the meadow, sleeping in the cool grass, drinking from the sparkling clear brooke and waiting for us, you and Mikie both.
Til next time Baby boy, I will visit sooner.

April 15, 2008

It is so hard to believe that it is almost two years since I last held you close in my arms. I still cry when I think of you my precious baby boy. I don't know if you know or not, but a little girl kitten found me a few months ago and she has so many of your habits that I sometimes wonder if she has your spirit. If so thank you so much for looking after me and Dad while we are still here this side of Rainbow Bridge. Misty is her name and she is a lap cat like you were and she loves to cuddle and snuggle like you did. Sam puts up with her but he doesn't really like her.
Anyway, my darling I will talk to you again on May 2 which is the second anniversary of your going to Rainbow Bridge. I love you very much and always will. I hold you near and dear to my heart.
Love you forever

May 2, 2008

Hello Baby Boy
today is the 2nd anniversary of your going to the Rainbow Bridge and I miss you still so much and I can't believe it is two years since I last held you and buried my face in your sweet smelling fur. I always think of you and we still talk about you and we miss you in our lives but you do live on in our Hearts and always will.
Sleep well my baby and I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge on day and until then you are always with me in my thoughts.
Mom and Dad, Sam and Misty

April 12/09
Happy Easter to my Baby Boy,
Hi sweety, it has been awhile since I visited you at the Rainbow Bridge and alot has happened to us. We moved from the house you knew to a new house at New Years and your brother Sam jumped the
wall and has not been seen since, I fear he is now with you at Rainbow Bridge and I hope and pray
he is safe in your company. We went to a shelter and adopted another big boy who is also named Sam and he has brought us comfort also and of course little Misty who reminds us everyday of you. Mom and Dad still think of you and miss you all of the time. I will visit you again on May 2 which will be three years since we lost you, how time goes by........
Mom and Dad Misty and the new Sam

May 2, 2009
Hello Baby
today is the third anniversary of your going to Rainbow Bridge, both Dad and I woke up this morning and the first thing on our minds was you and we hope you are happy where you are, we still miss you all of the time although time has helped and I can now think of you fondly and with great love without crying all the time. I hope and pray that you and Sam have found each other at the Rainbow Bridge he loved you very much and I know he would be looking for you, so please watch out for him and tell him that we love him and we are so filled with sorrow at not knowing what happened to him............Well sweetie, Mom will visit again soon and I know I will see you
when I pass over to Rainbow Bridge.
Mom, Dad, Misty and Sam 2

May 2, 2010
Hi Baby
today is the 4th anniversary of your passing, we still talk about you frequently and miss you too of course, I know you are happy. Our beloved Jam met you at the Rainbow Bridge on March 25 and I know you greeted her by wrapping yourself around her legs, she loved you so much too. It makes me happy to know you are all waiting for us there and one day we will all be together again.
Be happy my darling baby until we see you again. Mom and Dad love you to our dying day.
Mom, Dad, Misty and Sam 2

May 2, 2012
Hi my Baby Boy
I can't believe it has been two years since I came to visit you but I still think of you alot and we talk about you and the things you did. I can't believe it has been 6 years now, I still feel the pain of the last day....Misty and Sam are doing fine they kind of fill in for you with purrs and loves.
I hope you are with Mikie, I miss him so much too. This is what keeps us sane at times is knowing everyone will meet again one day.
All my love, kisses and hugs
Mom and Dad

January 5, 2013
Well another year and soon it will be 7 years since we lost you, a lifetime ago it seems, I still think of you often and we talk about you still and your
antics, I don't believe there has been another Special kitty like you. I hope in my lifetime that I will come across another one just like you, although
you are all special, you were extra Special.....and a gift from God to us. I hope you are happy and are romping in the green grass and sweet smelling
dirt. I know you are still waiting for us to meet you at the Rainbow Bridge, keep smiling and keep happy and we will meet you again one day.
Mom, Dad, Misty and Sam 2

May 2, 2013
I can't believe it has been 7 years ago today that I had my heart ripped out. So many people can't understand why we continue to keep our boy in our thoughts and prayers but then they did not have the special bond that we had with you. You were our child, our love as well as our pet. I continue to hope to see you one day at Rainbow Bridge. We still talk about you all the time and still have many laughs. Sam 2 and Misty continue to be with us and give us comfort.
Sleep well Baby and we will see you one day soon, be happy and romp in the sweet smelling grass. Keep Mikie safe and Happy too.
Love you
Mom, Dad Misty and Sam 2

October 15, 2014
Hi Sweety
I am so sorry I didn't write on your anniversary, but I was thinking of you that day. We still think of you all the time and talk about you, we miss you and will til
we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. I am hoping you and Mikie are together and happily playing together. One day we will be together again and I will hold you close to me once again. Meanwhile, continue to look over us and I will continue to send you good thoughts. I know one day we will be together at Rainbow Bridge and until that day, play happily with Mikie and look after each other. I miss you Baby Boy so much, no one can ever take your place in my Heart.
Hugs and Kisses
Mom and Dad

May 2/2015
Cannot believe it has been 9 years now my Sweety, Dad and I spent a lot of time talking about you this morning and missing you all over again. You truly were a very special being and touched our Hearts forever, we still miss you and hope you are safe and happy. I pray we will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge one day.
Sleep well my Baby Boy and say hi to our little Mikie for us.
Hugs and Kisses
Mom and Dad

May 2/2017
11 years since you left us and we still miss you. I never believed that you would stay with us so long but I am happy happy happy you are still with us in our thoughts and dreams. I know its you as sometimes I feel your soft purr and your soft whiskers touch me. I hope you are happy where you are and are whole and happy and sitting on DoDo and Jam's knees to keep them comfortable and warm. Auntie Barb and I were talking about your nine lives the other day and you truly had nine lives and I really should write a story about your life as it was so interesting and varied, you never let any grass grow under your feet for sure. Take care Baby Boy until we meet you at Rainbow Bridge. We love you always and forever. Hugs and Kisses
Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad

May 2/2018
12 years today a lifetime for a Cat. I still think of you often and we talk about you still, I don't think there has ever been a Cat like you, you were such a big part of our lives. I cant believe after all of these years I still shed a tear for you, but I know you are waiting for us whole and happy at the Rainbow Bridge. Til we meet again my love
Mom and Dad

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