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Memories of Whisper
When just a pup she followed me in a shallow stream as it got deeper she tried climbing along the steep bank when 2 deep she dove in & swam 2 me & rode on my shoulder. She would follow me anywhere I loved her with every fiber in my soul. I watched her teach my mom 2 get the ball when whisper threw it a really funny game of fetch she kept me warm when i was cold & company when lonely comforted me when sick & gave me immeasurable joy she went 2 work w/me & comforted my patients who missed her when she passed more then me when I retired!!.
HI baby, it's sept.2017 and I still think of you daily. I miss you so. I have had other fur babies but they just don't compare to you.I will never forget your love and the way you looked at me and said "no more mama, I can't fight this battle any more, and I held you close as you closed your eyes & crossed the bridge. Wait for me, I'll be coming to spend eternity with you.

Whisper it's 2013 & I still miss you I will until we are together again.

My sweet baby my rose, Whisper is in full bloom I am both sad and happy your body is with your namesake rose but you are enjoying a healthy new body no pain or fear it's 2014 and I love you more than ever. Wait for me I will come yo ypu. I miss you so much.All my love mama.

Hi my sweet baby, I'm here to visit and get that special love only you can give me. I have been having a hard time as you know and you always give me such comfort. UI have had to go back to work part time to pay for a new roof and other house fixes,and I am too tired and sore and old for even 2 days a week. But I think of you and look at your pictures and feel much better. Wait for Scruffy,he was badly abused and we rescued him, he is 12 now so he will be with you and Buddy and Hobbs and Bently. All of you greet him and share your stories. I must go for now, but I will always love you and be thinking of you. I miss you. Your Mama.

Hi Whisper it's 2014, and I still miss you so much. Have you met Buddy yet? I rescued a fur baby named Scruffy someone had hurt and dumped by the road. He's really loving but he can never replace you I can't wait to be with you I love you more as time goes by sleep we'll tonight.
Hi Whisper, it's 9-29-2016 & I'm a bit older now,I still miss &love you sooo much.I think of you daily. I have a new fur baby Scruffy badly abused. We adopted him and he is doing great. At 11 yrs he will be theasier next to join you. Watch out for him he will need you. And remember I will be joining you in theither future-watch for me! All my love mama.

Hi Whisper, it's mama. I still miss you snd think of you each day. I have a wonderful husband you would really like him, he takes good care of me. We rescued a severely abused miniature apricot poodle. His name is Scruffy, Wait for him. He is about 13-14 yrs old and is learning what love can do to heal his heart. Say hi to Hobbs and Bently, Steve's boxers. They loved me too. We'll baby, gotta go. Please wait for me, I am 70 now, can you believe it? Love, mama.

Feb. 18, 2019

Hello Whisper, it July 27th, 2018. Mama was here today and loves you as much as ever. Hi my baby,it's 2019 and I think of you often and miss you. Keep a lookout for Scruffy, he's a little poodle puppy who will be coming to you probably soon. He is really hurting and not able to enjoy life as he used to. It is so hard to lose one you love as I love you and Buddy and Scruffy. It breaks my heart to have to lose one you love so much. I will never forget you for teaching me what unconditional love is. You taught me that and I will always love you for that. I will talk to you soon my baby, take care and watch for Scruffy, he will need your love and playfulness. Bye for now, mamma.
2-20 2019
Dearest Whisper, we had to let Scruffy go home to you tonight. Please look for him, welcome him and share stories with him. His mom and dad were very mean to him and it took us a year of love to get him to not be so scared. He had a tumor in his brain that grew too fast and we couldn't do anything to help him. You will love him he's a little poodle about your color. Love on him as he was special to me and Steve. Steve would've been your daddy & you would have loved him too. Please sleep well and I'll make Scruffy's memorial tomorrow. Love mamma. I made Scruffy's memorial, I hope you. Liked it. Love you always, mama 2/21/2019
3/28/2019 Dearest Whisper, have you met and greeted Scruffy yet? We lost him on 2/19/19, he had a brain tumor. I miss you so much. I just had my left hip revised for the 3rd time so I have pain in my hip muscles. I can't wait to see you and love on you again. We can play fetch, your favorite game. Steve's sister is staying with us for a long time helping Steve & I get through our days. Whisper I miss you so much & I can't wait to see you again. Run, play and sleep well wait for me, I want to be with you so very much.
Hi Whisper, its mama. Just wanted to say I still miss and love you. Your rose is starting to bloom. I love you and will never forget you. Talk to Scruffy about Penny, a new 9 week old puppy daddy and his sister Pam got as a playmate for Shadow. He really missed Scruffy and moped for weeks. She's a handful, but smart and cute. I'll send you a pix of her, all 3 lbs. of her. She's funny,and smart. You and Scruffy and Hobbs & Bentley wait for me & daddy and Shadow. Remember how you taught my mom to play fetch? You would throw the ball & my mom would go get it & give it back to you & of course you would throw it again, how fun to watch. Bye for now, mamma.
June 2,2019
How fast time flies. I think of you every day and miss you so much. I have had Scruffy who was so badly abused and loved him back to happiness, he is there with you so love him and wait for me to join you. I'll be there as soon as God wants me. Love mamma.
July 27,2019
Hi my precious baby. I miss you and wish I could be with you again. Dont forget me, I think of you often. I got to tell Steve's sister,Pam, about how I got you. You were the last of the litter and they may not have found you a home because of your foot being a little turned in and your tongue not quite fitting your mouth. When I picked you up and you curled up in my jacket I knew you were the one for me. I miss you and love you. I'm 72 years old now and not in very good shape. Maybe it won't be much longer till I can join you and Scruffy. Talk to you soon my baby, mama.
Hi my special baby. I talk of you so often, I married a very special man, Steve. He knows all about you and cares for my relationship with you. I still miss you and can never thank you enough for teaching me how to love & be loved. You have such a special place in my heart that no one will ever replace. I hope you have found Scruffy & Hobbs and Bentley & Buddy. Wait for me & Steve we will be there looking for all of you so we can be together again. Have you seen my mom? She crossed the bridge 12 years ago & I know she would love to play ball with you. Be well my baby I will come when it's my turn, love mama
It's mama baby, I miss you so much and I want to see you. Don't forget me I'll be there as soon as possible. All my love, mama. Did you find Scruffy yet? You 2 will have some great stories to share. I remember when you looked at me and said "I have to go now mama" it breaks my heart you left so soon but I will be there with you just wait & watch for me, I love you so mama.
Hi baby, watch for Bobo, Steve's sister's cat, she just left us to cross the bridge. I miss you & love you, mama, 11/23/19.
1/15/2020 dearest Whisper, I know you have been sending me hope and love, you always knew when I was sick. I've been getting shoulder surgeries 3 of them since last Aug. I finally got rid of the bone infection & got my replacement shoulder done last wed. my arm hurts a lot & it will be a few weeks B/4 I'm back to normal. I love you and miss you so much. Take care, mama
Hi Whisper, my first love. I still miss you so much and I love you so much I hope you are happy and playing with Scruffy. Daddy has a puppy who is 10 years old, we had his hip replaced and he is doing well. Just wanted to say hi and wait for me. I'm coming when God wants me. Love you, mama. Wait for Shadow he's 9.6 yrs old and acts like a puppy but he's getting older and he will join you, Scruffy Buddy, Hobbs, Bently and me when I am able to join you. Love mama.
My sweet baby I miss you so much you taught me what love is & I'll be forever grateful to you. Wait for me I'll be there asap. Love, mama.
I love 💘 and miss you so much wait for me I'll be there ASAP 4-25-2020 I'M 73 now see you soon my love.
7/9/2020 hi my 2st love. You are ever in my heart and mind. I miss you much. Did you find Scruffy & Buddy & Hobbs, Bently & Buddy? They are looking for you, show them all the love you have

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