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Memories of Whisper
When just a pup she followed me in a shallow stream as it got deeper she tried climbing along the steep bank when 2 deep she dove in & swam 2 me & rode on my shoulder. She would follow me anywhere I loved her with every fiber in my soul. I watched her teach my mom 2 get the ball when whisper threw it a really funny game of fetch she kept me warm when i was cold & company when lonely comforted me when sick & gave me immeasurable joy she went 2 work w/me & comforted my patients who missed her when she passed more then me when I retired!!.
HI baby, it's sept.2017 and I still think of you daily. I miss you so. I have had other fur babies but they just don't compare to you.I will never forget your love and the way you looked at me and said "no more mama, I can't fight this battle any more, and I held you close as you closed your eyes & crossed the bridge. Wait for me, I'll be coming to spend eternity with you.

Whisper it's 2013 & I still miss you I will until we are together again.

My sweet baby my rose, Whisper is in full bloom I am both sad and happy your body is with your namesake rose but you are enjoying a healthy new body no pain or fear it's 2014 and I love you more than ever. Wait for me I will come yo ypu. I miss you so much.All my love mama.

Hi my sweet baby, I'm here to visitand get that special love only you can give me. I have been having a hard time as you know and you always give me such comfort. I have had to go back to work part time to pay for a new roof and other house fixes,and I am too tired and sore and old for even 2 days a week. But I think of you and look at your pictures and feel much better. Wait for Scruffy,he was badly abused and we rescued him, he is 12 now so he will be with you and Buddy and Hobbs and Bently. All of you greet him and share your stories. I must go for now, but I will always love you and be thinking of you. I miss you. Your Mama.

Hi Whisper it's 2014, and I still miss you so much. Have you met Buddy yet? I rescued a fur baby named Scruffy someone had hurt and dumped by the road. He's really loving but he can never replace you I can't wait to be with you I love you more as time goes by sleep we'll tonight.
Hi Whisper, it's 9-29-2016 & I'm a bit older now,I still miss &love you sooo much.I think of you daily. I have a new fur baby Scruffy badly abused. We adopted him and he is doing great. At 11 yrs he will be theasier next to join you. Watch out for him he will need you. And remember I will be joining you in theither future-watch for me! All my love mama.
Hi Whisper, it's mama. I still miss you snd think of you each day. I have a wonderful husband you would really like him, he takes good care of me. We rescued a severely abused miniature apricot poodle. His name is Scruffy, Wait for him. He is about 13-14 yrs old and is learning what love can do to heal his heart. Say hi to Hobbs and Bently, Steve's boxers. They loved me too. We'll baby, gotta go. Please wait for me, I am 70 now, can you believe it? Love, mama.

Hello Whisper, it July 27th, 2018. Mama was here today and loves you as much as ever.

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