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Memories of Whiskers
This is the first year in 16 years we are missing our little Whisk. She always loved the Christmas tree. In her early years she would always climb up through it. We once found her perched at the top. But after those initial years it became a place for her to curl up underneath and sleep. It also was in front of a heat vent so she kept nice and warm. As soon as the tree went up that is where we would find her. She was a very special little girl and we will always remember her fondly at Christmas. Merry Christmas in heaven baby girl. I am sure there are plenty of Christmas trees for you there. Rest peacefully.

It has been just a little over 3 weeks but it seems as if you have been gone for a much longer time. I miss you everyday and actually have shed tears everyday this week. It seems to be getting a little worse but I know you would not want me to be sad. I think of how you would sit on my shoulder and rub my face. I close my eyes and wish you would be here to do that again. Daddy and I love you so much. We keep your memory and your heart alive in our hearts and home. Have fun over the bridge and I know I will see you when it is my time. LOVE YOU!!

Today has been one month since you passed over the rainbow bridge. I remember that whole morning as if it was yesterday. You obviously were ready and we did not want you to suffer. I held you in my arms in the car as we drove to where we had to go. I kissed your nose and Daddy and I rubbed your head. It was so hard but I held you as you passed over. I would not have missed that moment for anything. We love you and miss you. We miss you sleeping under the Christmas tree in the living room. We miss all the funny, sweet and sometimes annoying things that you did. But would give anything to have you back here to all those things again. Love you sweet baby. Your Christmas stocking is now an ornament on that tree that you loved to sleep under. Until we meet again.....All our love and kisses!!

Starting the New Year without you this year. It is still so hard but I know your health has been restored and you are playing and running just as you always did. Today I really missed you as I was sick in bed almost all day. When that would happen you would always be right at my side. I felt your loss today especially but know you are with me in my heart everyday. Love you baby girl. Mommy

Tomorrow will be 2 months since you went to the rainbow bridge. It seems like you have been gone for so much longer than that. I miss you everyday and everynight - even when you used to come in and wake me up. Oh how I long to hear your sweet voice again in the middle of the night. And you used to make me come out to the kitchen and you would not eat until I picked you up and you rubbed my face with yours. Then I would put you down and you would start eating. I used to be so tired sometimes because you woke me up - especially the last few months when you would want to keep Daddy and I up at night - but i know it was just that you wanted to spend as much time with us as possible before you had to go. I love you sweetie and hope someday I am able to move on and share the love I have for you with another sweet kitty. Rest in peace dear baby girl. Mommy

Hi sweet girl. Just wanted to write down my thoughts today. I still miss you so very much. every night I sleep with your little bean bag kitty that you used to carry around and throw in the air and catch. i just hold her close to me and know that you loved to play with her. I think of you all the time...I will never, ever forget you. Love you to the moon and back. Mommy

It has been 3 months...miss you still so very much. Remember all the sweet, funny things you used to do and those things make me smile and make our memories so very sweet. RIP sweet girl - will see you at the Rainbow Bridge someday when it is time.... LOVE LOVE LOVE - Mommy

Today is a bad day baby. I miss you so much more than usual. Little things all day reminded me of you.
I am so glad you are at the meadow now playing with all the other kitties and puppies.... no longer sick, no longer having to take medicines.... but I really do miss you so very much. I sleep with your little stuffed kitty every night. It comforts me. Love you forever. Mommy
Four months and 2 days ago you received your wings and flew to the rainbow bridge. Everyday I miss you more. I keep your picture, you in your beautiful wooden box, your collar and a candle (which is always lit) on our desk in the office under the lamp where you loved to sit and sleep. I have your favorite little stuffed cat that you used to play with and sleep with in my bed and sleep with it every night. I feel you on my bed on my feet and legs at night and last night I swear I heard you opening the closet door like you always used to. I will never stop missing you nor will I ever forget you. You were the best kitty every in the world. All my love - Mommy

Can't sleep tonight and I miss you so much. These nights we would sit together or lay together and i would rub your back and your head. It's not the same without you. Just wanted to say how much I love you. Forever in my heart! 💜💜💜 Mommy


Happy 17th Birthday in heaven sweet Whiskers. My heart breaks today more than other days. I miss you and love you forever. Mommy and Daddy
So, today you sent a cardinal to me. I looked out the side window and there he was. It was that special sign from you on your birthday which told me you are happy and you are still with me. It made me happy. Thanks my sweet baby. Will never stop missing you. 💜💜💜 Mommy

It has been 7 months sweet girl and I am still so sad and miss you so much. Know that when we meet at the rainbow bridge I will be ecstatic to see you again. You are the most beautiful girl ever. All my love - Mommy

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