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Memories of WHISKEY
Whiskey was my companion for almost seventeen years. From the day that my Mother and I brought her home at age 16 and I laid her to rest at 34 she was the love of my life. Although in the last few years with me moving out on my own I didn't see her everyday, but I always knew she would be in great hands with my Mom and Dad and she was. I would visit her at least once a week when the weather and work permitted and it was like I never left. She would come to me if she was outside and greet me with her "hello" meow or if she was inside sleeping, as soon as I snuck into the room she would roll over showing me her belly along with her giggle-like purr that I have never heard from any other cat. She was very intelligent, loved to have her picture taken, always grooming herself, and would eat at the table with us especially on Sunday when I would visit, sitting on her own chair awaiting for her portion to be cut up in her bowl and placed there to her delight. She would leave in the morning especially if the weather was nice like going to work and always return around 3:00p.m. like another day at the office done. At Thanksgiving her favorite, she would have all the turkey she could eat and eat she did! At Christmas she would get a bright green bow to wear around her neck when she would decide to come downstairs and join the rest of us for the festivities, and a red one when she would become our SPOOKY Halloween cat. Her favorite toy believe it or not was a plain old paper bag that she would spend hours in teething around the edges when she felt like it, and zooming around the house for no apparent reason at all giggle-purring as if wanting to play tag with me. She always got what she wanted when she wanted it and was showered with love from all of us. She survived 2 dogs, the last passing in 2000 and when it was her time She went out the way she wanted at home, in the kitchen where she would await all kinds of snacks to be served to her and by herself because she didn't want any of us to see her go. My mom was lucky enough to be able to say good-bye to her that morning before work and I was the one who found her later that day. That will be one of those moments that I will always remember where I was. Strangely enough, I could not get out of bed that day early to check on her as if something was keeping me there making me fall behind schedule. I'll always believe that she wanted to go alone although she fought hard the last several days as if she really didn't want to. Towards the end, she spent her days under my bed away from everyone and I would sit there petting her softly, so she would know she was not alone and that I was there. She died quickly of Glandular Lymphoma despite everything we did to help her. In the end all we could do was make her as comfortable as possible and I am glad that I had that time although heart-breaking as it was to make sure that she knew how much I really loved her. We laid her to rest in a special casket my father built and we buried her under her favorite pine tree in the back yard under a clear sky. You always know in the back of your head that one day your special one will go but you're NEVER really prepared when it does happen. I will always miss my Beautiful green-eyed princess, my friend and companion, and you will always be in my heart. Sleep well my Wowie, I will always love you. Anthony

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