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01-06-18 - Hello my Baby Cakes. Well, it's a New Year Welly and a new year that we don't have you in our lives. We miss you so, so much and we'll love you forever. Today is The Epiphany and it's the last day of Christmas. Today is also the 17th anniversary of your Big Brother Spunky's crossing over the Rainbow Bridge. Unfortunately, you didn't have the joy of meeting Spunky. I'm praying that your paths have crossed at the Rainbow Bridge. Pancho knew Spunky and they used to play. Do me a favor Welly, please give a big hug to my Spunk the Hunk and tell him I love him and miss him always and that I'll light a candle for him today he's in my thoughts. Thank you my Baby Cakes. Love you and miss you Spunky & our Pancho. RIP my boys. 😞😘🐾

12-25-17 - Merry Christmas My Baby Cakes in Heaven. It's the our first Christmas without you. I can't tell you how much grandma and I miss not having you with us Welly. It's just not the same. We decided not to put up a Christmas tree because it would have been too sad for us. The tree reminded grandma and I of you and Pancho and all of the excitement you too experienced with your gifts under the tree. Mom & I would get such a kick out of it. I also cannot believe tomorrow marks the eight-month anniversary since you left us. I know you're running in the meadows of the Rainbow Bridge with Pancho, Mickey, Spunky, Butch, Gumby and Rocky but the pain is still fresh in our hearts that we lost you. Grandma & I send you hugs & Kisses for Christmas & a delicious filet mignon steak for you to enjoy. Please give a big kiss to Pancho, Spunky, Mickey, Butch, Gumby, Pinta, Rocky, Carmencita, Teddy, Ralphy & Marie Antoinette from me & grandma. Merry Christmas my Welly. RIP. 🙏🎄😘😞🎁🐾

11-23-17 - Hello my darling Welly. Well it's Thanksgiving today and it's not as happy as it should be because you're not here baby. Grandma and I are going to miss you at the dinner table when you would sit waiting for your turkey with arroz con gandules and batata. We first set eyes on you on 11/25/2005 when you joined our family. Grandma & I miss you so much especially the holidays because you won't be with us. The holidays just be the same without you & Pancho. Happy Thanksgiving in Heaven Baby Cakes. Give a big hugs & kisses to Pancho & the gang from me & Grandma. We love you always and miss you always. 🦃😞💔

10-26-17 - Hello my darling Baby Cakes. I can't believe today marks the six-month anniversary when you left Grandma and I to cross the Rainbows Bridge. It seems like yesterday that we lost you and there's not a day that goes by that we don't think about you, love you and miss you so very much. We're always reminiscing about how much we loved you and you loved us and all of the adorable things you used to do to make us laugh. Until we see you again my Welly Baby Cakes, take care and give our love to Pancho, Spunky, Mickey, Butch, Gumby, Ralphy, Pinta, Whitey, Bute, Teddy, Carmencita and Marie Antoinette. We'll Love You & Miss You Always. 💔😞

Happy Birthday Welly, yesterday (7/25) would have been your 12th birthday. Today is July 26, 2017, I can't believe today marks three months a since you left me Baby Cakes. You left me and grandma with a huge hole in our hearts. Welly, we've been so broken-hearted since you left us on April 26, 2017. It was such a devastatingly awful night. You died in my arms after a long bout of illness. You were always sickly with lung problems. No matter how many times I took you to the vet to get medicine, it would only be temporary before you would get sick again. You suffered so much at the end. I was praying for a miracle that you would get better but you didn't.

I remember Welly what a lap lover you were. You used to jump from Grandma's lap to mine. You slept in my bed all of your life and of course you would hog up a lot of space and I would end up at the edge. You were such a joy and so much fun to me and Grandma. You were such a rascal but one thing was for sure, you loved us unconditionally which we will cherish always. I remember when you and Pancho were partners in crime. One Christmas week, you & Pancho snuck into the closet looking for your Christmas gifts and you ran out with one of your squeaky toys you grabbed one end and Pancho the other and you both took off. You both looked absolutely adorable.

I miss you and love you so much. All the joy I felt having you in my life is gone now. My heart is shattered at the thought of never seeing your beautiful face and watching your little body run around the house. You were quite the character Wellington Casanova. When you were naughty and we scolded you, you barked at us letting us know that you were the boss and we had to lump it. You were some sassy little dude. That's why grandma and I loved you so much.

I know you're happy now, you're healthy again frolicking with your pal Pancho and I know you have met your other sibs, Spunky, Mickey, Butch, Gumby, cousin Rocky and your feathered sibs, Ralphy, Pinta, Teddy, Marie Antoinette, Carmencita and your feline sibs Whitey and Bute. I hope they all gave you a birthday party Welly with lots of cake and a nice juicy steak the way I used to celebrate your birthday every year.

RIP my sweet Baby Cakes, Welly Cass. Until we see each other again in Heaven. I pray that you frolic and enjoy yourself at the Rainbow Bridge with your sibs and new found friends who are also at the Rainbow Bridge.

GRANDMA AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU and MISS YOU. You will always have your little paws wrapped around my heart. You're our angel in Heaven and I hope you'll always watch over me & Grandma. You left a BIG HOLE in my heart when you passed away. Our home feels so empty without you and Pancho, Ralphy & Pinta, Carmencita, Teddy, Marie Antoinette.

GOD BLESS YOU my WELLY!!! 🐾🐾😞💔💔😞

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