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Memories of Weinne
There are no words to describe my feelings now. Both me and my husband were vacationing in Europe, my husband was flying home yesterday and I was staying to work another month. When he got to Toronto he called his sister about a ride home from the airport. Our 18 year old neice was caring for our dog when he passed. About three months ago he lost a lot of weight and began limping, we had a full work- up done at the state vet hostpial and they found nothing wrong. We feed him different food and gave him pain medications for his legs. He got so much better, he put on a bunch of weight and was even running again. The vets were so happy and then all of a sudden in the morning he passed. We are having an autopsy done to see what was wrong. Weinne was the first dog I ever owned for my very own, he was with me more then 14 and a half years. His personality was amazing, he just seemed part human. He had this look in his eyes like he was trying so hard to understand every word you said. It was so hard for him when I got married, he was no longer the main man in my life and at night he would try to slide between us in bed. I am happy to report at the end I think he loved him more then me. While I traveled for work my husband cared for him like an infant in his sick days, up every three hours to take care of him. God bless that dog for being in my life, even as sick as he was he made all the doctors at the vet hostpital laught with his antics. He was ball obessed and would insist on playing ball with anyone who would toss it. His eyes always shinned and his heard always glowed. I will miss him so much, I can not explain it. I miss you already Weinne, mommie and daddy love you so much, our hearts bleed that we will not be able to feel you lick our legs and love us anymore. We only wish we were there when you passed. Please run as fast as you can and play with balls up there and find Poochie and play with her. You are a part of my heart and as close to a child as I will ever have. You showed me unconditional love so many days, you kept me warm at night and loved me when I cried and licked my tears away. I will never forget you dear one, I love you more then words can say. Mommie

What can I say about Weinne that his Mommy hadn't already said. He was grumpy, stubborn and obsessive. He was also my true friend. He would always jump up to lay next to me on the couch. He always wanted to lick. He was so affectionate and even when he was growling he would kiss. Our family isn't the same without him. We will always love you and you will always be in our hearts. Daddy

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