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Memories of Watty
Watson Theodore "Littleman" Chung is the best dog ever. A dear child has many names: Watty, Little Watty, Lid, Watson Theodorable, Watson The Adorable, Pookie, Peekie, Peekachoo, Cuddle-up, Cuddle-upagus, Puddle of Cuteness, Puddle, Little Boo, Boodaloo, Little Mania, Mania, Little, Buggie, Bugaboo, Little Angel, The Watty, Watt-man, Watty-Watt, Watsonian Q. Love-animal, Lovey-Buggs.

Watty came to us because of Hurricane Katrina. We went to look for a Siberian Husky to foster to help with the overcrowding but there were none. They sent us home with Watson who was billed as a puppy then later somewhere between 2 and 4. He sat in the back seat like he belonged there. We went walking with the two huskies and he looked so out of place and small. Originally disappointed that he wasn't a husky, the little boo sat on the couch next to me and rested his sweet little head on my leg and I was in love. But Cody bullied him out of jealousy so he had to move to Diana's house. That same day I was going to ask her to take him, Diana was going to come and get him because she said the first time she saw him he was up on the couch when she entered the house and he looked at her with his big expressive brown eyes and said "Take Me With You". So then Watty was formally adopted by Diana on December 4, 2005.

Watty had his own songs: His theme song was Littleman, that's me! And another favorite was "I'm so little, my head is spinning (yeah)!"

When he called to arrange for the canine limosine service or to schedule his visits, he said, "Em, hellowwww, it's me, Watty." And he signed his Watty's blog MW for Me, Watty. All his stuff was his his Wattyphernalia which now in a trunk where his bed used to be.

Watty liked having two houses, his city home and his country estate. He loved to be on the go and loved riding in the car to watch the scenery. As Cody grew older the bullying stopped. Watty used his superior agility to steal Cody's food.....Payback. Kalli, always the mommy, took Little Watty under her wing (paw) and he loved her.

Watty LOVED food - all kinds. He loved to go to Petco and get biscuits from the office. He always insisted on stopping at the office on his way in and out of the building. He loved going down snack lane near his city home, which is near the zoo so there was always lots to find. It took us 20 minutes to walk this one block. He also loved Georgia and Eastern Avenues near his country house. He insisted on going certain routes to maximize his snacking opportunities. If he didn't want to go somewhere, he gave us the wedge....paws firmly planted, body leaning towards the desired site, he dropped his anchor and wouldn't move. He would of course add "the look". TJ, our dog walker since 2003, called him "an anchor on a leash". He loved walking in the allies where most of the food could be found.

Little went to the Poconos over labor day weekend. He loved the ride and took up half the car....leaving little room for his cousin Pluto, the very long husky. He got to stay outside on a 30-foot lead so he could wander around safely and sniff stuff. He liked walking around the town of Stroudsburg. He also loved the dog rest area at the rest area en route.

He used to love going to the vet because he got treats and attention, but then he had to have a big operation on his neck. After that he wasn't so thrilled about it. He had to wear a T-shirt and looked so cute. Watty was very lumpy with lipomas. Even his lipomas had their own lipomas.

Watty would get so excited to go on his walks. He would jump around, twirl around and stomp his little paws from side to side and his whole back side would wag. He jumped around so much, you could hardly get his harness on. He left left paw had a little white patch that looked like a glove - his Michael Jackson look. When he wanted to get your attention, his little footsteps would get very hard across the floor. When he wanted to wake you, he would make Snoopy noises, if no response, they would get louder and more prolonged until he finally barked. He snored even when he wasn't asleep. This was called pre-snoring. Little Watty.

He loved to go to Bone Land, featuring Bone Hall and Bone Park in the back yard. He stole bones from Chama and Lark and feasted on them for hours. He would tire himself out gnawing on the bones. When he pooped he got into tripod stance with his forelimb behind his feet.

When when he came in from the rain he loved to be towelled down. He did a shimmy under the towel. He called this the rub down. He also enjoyed dog massage. His feet always smelled like corn chips. His breath was atrocious but he was otherwise perfect. He liked to sleep in the walk in closet. Sometimes, he wouldn't come out for TJ and TJ had to wake him up. If one us was home when TJ came, Watty wouldn't go out. When the phone rang at the apartment, he would go wait at the door expecting a visitor. So smart, little Watty. He love to lay in front of the bottom stair. This was a good position to catch the flow of chi.

Little Watty had an enormous barrel chest to house his enormous heart, and a waspish waist and skinny little deer legs, and crooked tail. His little Watty body. A cuter dog has never lived. He was so charming, he had a winning smile and expressive big brown eyes. He is the sweetest little dog ever and he will make a lot of friends at the Bridge.

From the Bridge, Watty has directed the placement of his memorial stone in his Watty garden this evening (24 Jan 2012).

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