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ERIKA WAS IN HEART FAILURE FOR THE PAST 16 MONTHS. THE VET GAVE HER 6 MONTHS, BUT SHE WANTED TO BE WITH ME AND TEACH ME MORE SO HUNG ON . CURT AND I LOVED OUR BABY GIRL AND WILL MISS HER SMUSHIE FACE. SHE WAS LOVED BY ALL WHO MET HER AND WILL BE MISSED BY ALL. HELLO AGAIN SCHMERRIE, ERIKA. 11/8/05. JUST WANTED TO SAY HI AND GIVE YOU A BIG HUG. I TELL YOU I LOVE YOU ALL THE TIME (WHICH YOU KNOW) AND WANTED TO SEND YOU THIS PICTURE OF HOW MUCH FUN WE HAD TOGETHER LAST THANKSGIVING (CRAZY FACE) AND WISH YOU A HAPPY T. DAY AND WISH YOU WERE HERE....LOVE YOU SMUSHIE FACE HELLO ERIKA. IT HAS ALMOST BEEN A YEAR SINCE YOU LEFT, AND IT SEEMS HARDER NOW, YOUR LIL GIRL "PIZZA PIE" WAS GOING TO HAVE A BEAUTIFUL LITTER 1ST WEEK IN AUGUST, BUT LOST THEM. I KNOW YOU HAVE THEM WITH YOU AND ARE TAKING GOOD CARE OF THEM. YOU ARE A GREAT MOM AND THEY WERE MEANT TO GO WITH YOU. I LOVE MY SCHMERIE AND WILL BE BACK SOON. LOVE MOMMIE AND DADDY AND ALL YOUR FAMILY SCHERRIE.. IT IS 1 YEAR AND 9 DAYS SINCE YOU HAD TO GO AND I MISS YOU SOO MUCH I AM SORRY BUT CRY FOR YOU ALL THE TIME. YOUR MOM IS NOW 9 YRS OLD AND OLE EEYORE IS ALMOST 10. YOUR LIL GIRL PIZZA PIE IS JUST LIKE YOU AND I AM SOOO HAPPY AND YET CRY ALOT WHEN WE ARE TOGETHER, AND I TALK TO HER ALL THE TIME ABOUT YOU. THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME HER AND YOUR CRAZY SON ZAPPA BEFORE YOU HAD TO GO. I WILL LOVE YOU ALWAYS MOMMIE. HI MY GIRL. HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY, SENT YOU SOME NEW COPHY THINGS, AND ALWAYS CAWWOTS AND CHEESE, THEY DO NOT HAVE CHICKEN...SORRY. LOVE YOU. YOUR MOM IS HAVING A BAD TIME, SHE WENT TO THE VET TODAY, AND GOING BACK WED., I GUESS YOU WILL KNOW BEFORE ME IF SHE IS COMING TO BE WITH YOU. I AM NOT READY FOR THAT, BUT IF SHE IS THAN THAT IS WHAT HAS TO BE. I DID NOT WANT YOU TO GO, AND I STILL HURT EVERY DAY , MY SCHMERRIE. SO LOOK OUT IF SHE;S COMING YOU KNOW SHE IS TROUBLE HA HA LOVE YOU MOMMIE 12/04/06. Hey schmerrie, mommy here (09/18/08) sorry it has been soooo long but as you prob know a lot has happened. Sassy died 12/09/06 my great friend terry died aug11/07 and your daddy ,CURT died 11/14/07. Mommy has been thru a lotsince you left and have a lot of bad days. Daddy died of m heart attack at 44 yrs old in his fav recliner, i was gone an hr and half and he was with you, but eeyore, bessie, and your daughter pizza were with him. I am sure by now all there have tought him the ropes, and were happy to meet him at the bridge. God i look thru all the pictures and cannot believe you are all there and me here, like is this a dream or was all that a dream. Let daddy know mommy hanging in there but very tough. Give all your fav head weeble and tounge curl, pizza and zappa do that too, and hen hen ur brother who is 8.5 now, tell everyone i miss and love them soooo much and wish to wake and we all together, but i guess that is the dream. mommie hugs for all love love love. hEY SHMERRIE as you you i have had a few more bad years your brother hen hen and your sister maxie are with you and ole eeyore and chessie and bessie. I miss and love you all give all kisses (like daddy said sealed with a lick) i have new pup luna-tic she a wild one but your girl pizza keeping her in line. I dream about all of you and miss your daddy so much but know you are all together and taking care of each other.I am sorry i had to dispose of the couch daddy bought for me and you to sleep on soooo many memories, sounds stupid but it was kinda unsafe, i know you are all here with me mega mommy hugs, i will try to write more often but it is hard for me not to cry and hard to look at all the pictures of all of you that are gone, but you will always be with me. Imiss you all soooooo much they say time heals, thats a bunch of bull crap.i got new computer, no curt i did not break it, it burnt up inside hehehehe. so cannot send new pix but will, pizza zappa at house loone toons at shop she jump thru house window so for all our safety there for now. Curt you would love / hate her like me and sassy she a bit like you (wild) AND pizza turned out to be a stuborn b like you lol. This is so hard for me to write because i want to be with the rest (most) of my family and i look at your pix all the time and just not fair it seems my life has been taken but im alive without my love and my babies, but i doing my best for pizza zappa ricky the bucket (must be the money) not sure how how i got her name outa that(ds)song loonie tuna is still a nut we hope zippy , zappa has viable (boys) for her to have pups with him. He is so much like eeyore, always playing with his ball although its a half a ball now but hes happy and dopey, always looks like he's smiling. Ok if, when luna has babies you all give me tips on names. I MISS AND LOVE YOU ALL ESPECIALLY MY HUSBAND MY SCHMOOPIE DOOPIE, CURT Ps Smoorees the calico kitty is with you know which i am sure you know take good care of her , there is so much i want to ramble on about but blah blah hehehe.I am ok just want my life with all of you back but i guess not on earth so me pizza zappa ricky will be fine and btw have a
new 9 yr old mastiiff named ladybyrd i rescued. , i know you are suprised curt lol. Mastiffs are like potatoe chips, you cant have just one.............I LOVE YOU ALL Sorry I have been gone so long today is Monday 2/3/2014 and I have been thru a lot in a few years. I gave you my Ricky god that was so so hard miss her so.much. pricilla was with me when she left and melody was with me for hen Bess and chess thank you.I am good now and pizza and Zappa and I are not nervous.on egg shells anymore.I promised them after trusting a person and he was .well not healthy for us .I tried but ..I got strong and we are not living in fear
Curt my psoriasis amazingly dissapeared in 2 months. Not that life isn't stressful but but he did not deserve us. I hope you all are getting along..never all been together before but Curt is the best daddy and keeps the peace .
I love and miss you all and will stay longer next time.I know you all got together and helped me and pizza Zappa and loonie get thru that crappy part lol

01/11/201 . I miss you all..so much to catch up on. Erika....As you know Zappa came to you last year..I almost came there in July but Pizza needed.. And Luna and new baby Ziggy..Pizza left to be with you 12/15/05 which about killed me then Dingo last week. Its been hell and I know Daddy (Curt) has his hands full..I love and miss you all..I will be back soon..All I can really emotionly handle for now..You all stay out of trouble..


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