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Memories of Victoria Rose
January 2018
Oh my Lord I can't believe you have been gone so long my baby! I hope your taking care of Minnieme and the Lil Boy and of course Charlie Brown Dog, I'm so sorry I didn't visit you last year. It's been a trying year for me lost a lot of friends and family and of coarse my Lil Boy on St Patrick's Day. I LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH, you all sit on top of my TV together. Someday, GOD willing, I will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge. Love and Hugs sent on Angel Wings my babies, Mama
January 7, 2016
My Dearest Pup, Mama has not forgotten you, it just takes me a little more time to remember you cause I'm getting up there in age. I Love You, I will always Love You and Miss You so much, I hope your taking good care of Minnie-me and Charlie Brown Dog. You were the Big Boss my sweetness. Some day I will be there to hug and give you so many kisses. My Heart and Soul.
Love Mama
JANUARY 4, 2015

December 22,2014

Oh my goodness my heart, I haven't talk to you in almost a year. How is my babies? I hope your taking good care of Minnie-Me. I miss you both so very much. January 4th will be 8years for you my Lil Rose and January 28th will be 3 years for you my Lil Minnie. Mr Charlie Brown I haven't forgotten about you either! My goodness my boy its been almost 20 years my Lil man. Take care of the girls for Mama ok? I really want to see you all so much. I can't wait to see you all at the Rainbow. Mama's 61 years old now. It won't be to much longer. I miss you all with each passing minute. By the way SaraJean is 25 yrs old now, living her life, still don't see her as often as I would like to, Love you both and Miss you very much. Merry Christmas my hearts
Love Mama

December 24, 2013

My Dearest Victoria I miss you so much. Life has had it's ups and downs. Almost 7 yrs. has gone by since I held you in my arms for the last time. I will never forget that night. I think of you often, especially when I look at FergiePie, she reminds me so much of you. She loves the snow and loves her Tennis Balls. Sara Jean is 24 yrs.' old now. Don't see her as often as I would love to, but, she has her life to live now. I will always be here for her God Willing. My God I miss you and Charlie Brown and Minnie-Me. Life goes on with all it's struggles and heartaches. I thank the Good Lord for being there for me, without Him I would not survive being lonely. I hope your watching over your brother and sister. I can't wait to see you all at the RainbowBridge to give you hugs and kisses. Mama loves you and misses so very much :( Merry Christmas My Babies.

May 16, 2013
Well my goodness another year has gone by. I hope your taking care of Minnie-Me. I miss you both ssooooooooooo very much. My heart is still broken. You both took a piece of my heart when you crossed over the Rainbow. I know God didn't put you on this earth just to take you both away for ever. Be sure to meet me at the RainbowBridge Gate when it's my turn to leave this place. I love you both so very much and will never forget you. Love and Kisses sent on Angel Wings my Babies, Mama

December 30, 2012
Hi My Big Girl, Hope your Christmas was lots of fun! Were you surprised to see Minnie-Me come to you last Year? Mama had to put her to sleep January 28, 2012, she was so sick and there was nothing the Vet's could do for her.((SOB)) I miss you both so very much :( I'm so sorry I haven't written to you both in a long time. It's been a terrible year for Mama financially. Just take care of your Sissy until we all meet at the Rainbow Bridge someday. I love you both soooooo very much! I have both your Urns and pictures with me on top of the TV set to remind me of you both. I still have empty spaces in my heart since you both left me, but I know the Good Lord has a special day set aside for us to meet again. Love You Both so very Much!!! Don't forget tp share the Tennis Ball with Minnie-Me! Hugs, Kisses, Licks, My Angels MAMA

January 4, 2012
Hi Baby Girl,
Five years ago I held you in my arms for the last time. I miss you soooooo very much. Me and Sara were looking at some old pictures of you. You were such a sweet Pup. So innocent and loving. Oh God Victoria Rose I still cry every time I think of you. You were the best. I hope your behaving yourself at the Rainbow. You have more friends than Mom:) now. I wish you were still hear my Baby. Don't forget to take care of Papa for me. I'll see you someday at the Rainbow Bridge. Hopefully sooner than later. I Love you MY BIG GIRL BABY. Hugs and Kisses sent on Angel Wings to you.
12/02/2011 My Dearest Big Girl Baby, Almost time again. I haven't forgotten you, my heart. It's gonna be 5 years since I held you in my arms. I sure do miss you and wish you were still with me. It's Mama's 58th Birthday today. Boy time sure does fly. Haven't heard or seen Sara Jean for a long time now. I think she forgot about her Mom. Maybe she is real busy at college. God I wish I could turn back the hands of Father Time, but that's not possible. I can only go forward and do what I can to keep Love in my heart, keep my soul from despair, and keep on smiling through my tears. Sometimes it is really difficult to carry on. Lonliness is not a good thing, you know but my sweetie pie I will meet you at the Rainbridge someday. Say hi to Charlie Brown and Papa for me please. Give them lots of Puppy kisses and Hugs for me. I'll be back to talk to you again my precious FurBaby. Hugs and Kisses to you sent on Angel Wings. Mama

1/4/11 Wow Baby Girl it's been 4 years since you left me. I think about you all the time. Sure do miss you. How's the Rainbow Furbabies? Hope your still having fun with all especially Papa! I finally met Ginny online. She is a wonderful person. Hope Charlie is giving you lots of hugs and kisses. I miss you soo much Big Girl! Just remember Mama will be seeing you at the Rainmbow someday. Don't forget. I love you sweetie pie. Love and kisses MAMA

12/26/10 Hi Baby Girl Merry Christmas. Noooooooooo Mom didn't forget you! I've been so busy working 7 days /week to keep up with the bills. Minnie and Boy send lots of Hugs and Licks. You know Momma loves you and still misses you whole bunches. Tell Caleb and Charlie Brown and Papa and my friend Charlie hello for me. I still have your Christmas picture with Santa. You were sooooo cute. I love you my baby and someday we will all meet at the Rainbow Bridge. Send me kisses on the wind Ok? Love you my precious Girl, Momma

6/26/10 Hi Baby Girl!! Mama is very sad today. My good friend Charlie passed away. He is now with your friend and his buddy Caleb. You be nice to him. He was one of the best E-Mail friends mama had. Tears from Earth are flowing for this very sad news. I hope your being a good girl. Protect Caleb and Charlie ok my pretty baby? I love and miss you soooooooo very much. Mama

Oh dear crying again for you. Missing you soooooooo very much my baby, I love you, I love you my big girl! I will never forget you, you hear me. Mama loves the Big Girl Baby. Happy Rainbow #3 my pup. I will be seeing you my sunshine some day. Be sure to watch for Mom ok? Lots of hugs and kisses sent to you on angel wings! MOM

Well my goodness. Coming up on a New Year already Victoria Rose and your 3rd Anniversay I can't help but cry for you my baby girl. I miss you baby girl. Sara Jean moved out. So it's just me, Fergie,Minnie, and Boy now. Lonely without you. I wish I could turn back the hands of time, little girl so we could play ball again. I will see you soon at the RainBridge so wait for Mamma ok? I LOVE You SOOOOOOO much!! Lots of Hugs and Licks my Sweetness,

Hi Big Girl,
I'm so sorry I haven't visited you in a long, long time. I still think about you every day. This hasn't been a very good year. Papa died, Minnie-Me got sick, and Sara Jean moved out. Fergie looks just like you did except she's a big fatty girl. I hope your being a good girl at the Rainbow and making lots of friends. I love you sooooooooo very much and wish I could just hug you one more time. I know the the good Lord didn't give you to me just to take you away. I'll see you again my Big Baby Girl. I hope you will wait for me at the Bridge. Please don't forget me my lovey.
Hugs and Licks,
Mommy XOXO

Hi big Girl Some very sad news today. Sara Jean left to go live with her Dad. My heart is so broken in pieces. I've lost you and Dad now I've lost my bestest buddy. When will these losses end. She doesn't even call me. (((((((((Sob))))))))) Watch out for her from the Bridge OK I love you my pet. Be good to the newcomers. Give my Dad a kiss for me. A Hugs and Kisses on the wind.

Hi Baby Girl!
I cannot believe it's been 2 years since you left me and Sara. I still miss you so very much. I love you(sob). Are you watching over Papa? Did you meet him at the gate? Protect my Dad from harm OK? I miss you both so very much. It's so hard sometimes to even think about you both. I still cry for you both. We will meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge. Happy New Year (sob)!!!
Love You Dad and My Big Girl Baby,

Hi My Big Girl, Merry Christmas, I hope you like your presents I sent to you!! Take care of my Dad for me. OK Watch over him. He loved you very much. I miss you both so very much. Days months and years go by and I still shed a tear for you and my Dad. It was a sad Christmas this year without you both hear with the family, but I celebrate your lives and the many years we were blessed to have you here on earth with us. I love you both. Take care of each other. I will see you both one day God willing. Love from Mom and your daughter Daddy.

Hi my Big Girl! I'm so sorry I haven't talk to you for awhile but Mommy had to take care of her Daddy and Mommy for the last three months. I'm sure you already know that Papa passed on Thanksgiving Day. I sure do miss you and my Dad. I hope you will look after each other. Be very careful Papa is fragile these days. I Love you My Big Girl!!! Watch over my Dad OK? Nana is doing OK but she sure misses my Dad. They were married for 56 years, that's a long time in doggie years.
I love you Big Girl Baby. MOM XOXO

Hello my girl! I'm so sorry I haven't wriiten to you in a while. Your always in my thoughts daily. Sure do miss you though. Sara sends hugs and kisses. The other weiner dogs are doing fine but, whenever I mention your name Minnie-Me still goes looking for you. She misses you too! Someday we will be together. I heard that Charlie Brown is the gate keeper up there. You use to terrorize him. My God he would get so mad at you. I'm sure that your both taking good care of each other. Give him hugs from Mom ok Big Girl. I love you both so very much. Send me some licks and hugs ok. Love Mommy xoxo

Hi Baby,
Mom misses you! It's been 18 months since I held you in my arms. I remember that day so clearly in my mind. I wish you were hear with me. How's the Rainbow? Are you missing me to? I love you My Big Girl. Send me cool breezes and licks so that I know your ok. Happy 4th of July my heart.
I'll be with you someday my baby. Love and lots of kisses Mom

6/04/08 3:10 A.M.
Hi Big baby girl! Still have you on my mind and in my heart. Missing you every day that goes by. It's been a trying 17 months today. I remember that night so vividly and will never forget. I want you back(((sobbing))) I really miss you, my heart, my precious big girl it's not the same here on this earth without you. I know your having fun up there at the Rainbow with all the fur babies. Please don't forget me my precious one cause my first stop will be at the Bridge to see you.
Send me some Love and Kisses ok?
Love forever and beyond,

Hello my sweety,
How's Mom's Big Girl doing. Still think about you every day! Have you met Shoo-Fly, the little Bunny? I hope your cuddling up to all your furbaby friends. I miss you so very much, I cry everytime I think about you my heart:(. Minnie, Boy, and Fergie have become good friends finally. Minnie misses you too! I mention your name and her ears perk up.:) I will always keep you close my baby.
Love you lots,
Mommy XOXO

Hi Big Girl!
It's a beautiful day today. The sun is shining and it's nearly 55 degrees. Almost springtime. I remember, though, how you loved the snow to be kicked up and you would jump and grab it. It would be all over your face. :) Oh how I wish you were here with me. I miss you so much and think about you everyday. It has been 14 months today that you left me. I can still hear you singing so pretty, sitting up pretty on your hind legs swaying, almost looking like you were going to fall over LOL :)! I love you my Big Girl. Your in my heart forever until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge. Love, Hugs, and Lots of Kisses, MOM XXOOXXXOOO

My dear sweet Victoria,
Your tulips are finally peeking through. Oh how I miss you my heart my companion. Still not a day goes by without thinking about all the fun we had. I miss you my precious girl and love you so very much. Your birdies keep coming back to the old tree chirping away. They miss you chasing them around the yard. I hope your having fun Baby Girl. I will see you again Big Girl!!
She loved to sing, sit up pretty, give kisses, sneak up the stairs when she thought nobody was watching, play ball; actually would throw the ball with her teeth! Loved to have snow thrown at
her. We will always love you Big Baby Girl. We will see you at the Rainbow Bridge.
Hugs and Kisses,

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