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Memories of Velveteen
Dearest Velveteen, you were my fist pet and roommate. I decided to adopt you at the shelter because of your spunky personality and the look in your eyes. You had so much life in you! You were strong and happy in the times that I wasn't, and I want you to know how much I appreciated that. You never asked for anything except love, munchies, and my hands and feet to pet you. I miss you, bunny. You represented something huge for me--learning to care daily for someone close--and I will continue to honor that great lesson you taught me. I will miss sitting on the couch and feeling your head nudge my feet for petting, or those rare times when you'd jump up there, brave girl, to come check things out and get a bunny massage. I will miss your beautiful, soft tan and white coat. I will miss how you jumped back and forth in the cage with excitement when you knew greens or carrots were coming!! And I will simply miss watching you clean your face and lay out in the sunshine coming through the window. I hope that you are enjoying every bit of summer sunshine by the lake.. it's frigid here anyway. You were immensely special to me. I cared about you so much.. it's shocking to think of how just two short days ago you were playing happily at home. Athena will miss you, too. My heart hurts thinking about how much more time we could have enjoyed together, but I would say that you lived a most full and happy life in your 11 months at Snowpea. I wish Murphy could just keep you in a bunny cave safe and sound for one last time! Though it broke my heart to witness your final suffering, I'm grateful I didn't step on the train to go to work and instead drove home to take you to the vet sooner rather than later. I know you were thankful that we fought for your life together, and when you were ready to move on, you were in the best hands possible. You were such a trooper and now you're at peace in the safest place of all. I really miss you, but love you so much more. The one holiday we missed in our 11 months was valentines day, so I'm sending all that powerful love to you here. You were an incredible rabbit and you will always have an irreplaceable spot in my heart, cutie bun.
2/14/14--Happy Valentine's Day sweet Velvee!! I can't stop looking at pictures of you, thinking about you, and missing you, but I can feel your love so close when I remember all those moments of joy you bring me! Several lovely friends stopped by to say hello and I'm sure by now they are cuddling close by in the sunshine, so excited to welcome you into their family by the lake! Athena just stopped by and nudged me to tell you "hello" and "I love you" too! We miss you so much, and before the day is over, we wanted to let you know just how swollen our hearts are with love for you. Endless X's and O's my valentine angel!!
2/16/14--Today all of us came home from Newport News, and no amount of imagining what it would be like made facing all of your toys and happy space made it any easier. I took a deep breath, read some more kind words from your new friends, and started to clean your cage for the last time. And then, guess what! Fragments of Time came on randomly on Spotify... The song Murphy played to clean your cage every single time! I couldn't help but laugh and cry at the same time, that was perfect of you!! You ARE always with us! I missed you terribly tonight being back home, and please help me and Athena be strong tomorrow and the coming days being without you in the house. You are missed so much but of course only a thought, prayer, and heartbeat away. I love you sweet cutie bun. See you in my dreams! Xoxo
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