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Memories of Uhura
Uhura was born 5/29/1984 and entered the Rainbow Bridge 3/30/2005 at the age of 20 years, 10 months & 1 day. I got her from a dear friend who named all of her cats for Star Trek characters. Uhura was the communications officer for Starship Enterprise and this turned out to be the perfect name for this vocal Siamese kitten. We actually took her away from her mother too soon. She was only 6 weeks old when she came to live with me and adopted me as her Mother. Of course it wasn't long before she had me wrapped around her tiny paw. From the start, Uhura was a cuddle kitty. She always went to sleep curled up at my stomach or in the bend of my knees. She also became my "alarm clock". She would begin by purring and putting her face close to mine to see if I would open my eyes. If not, she would then start jumping on and off the bed and/or from one side of the bed to the other. If that didn't work, she would put her cold, wet nose onto my face and meow. While I was at work Uhura got lonely and let me know it as soon as I got home. She would meet me at the door meowing in a scolding tone as if to say, "Why did you leave me alone, you are supposed to stay here and play with me." When Uhura was 6 months old, I adopted another kitten (a Calico named Jessica) to be her playmate. Jessica's "laid back" personality was a perfect counterpoint to Uhura's somewhat "high strung" traits. It took awhile from them to bond but once they did, they were inseparable. A black short hair cat named Choco (for Chocolat) was brought in from the cold in 1993. Jessica then left us in 1994 due to cardiomyopathy and we all grieved, Uhura more than anyone. We adopted two more strays (Nikki, a white long hair, and Ginger, a calico longhair) in 1995. Uhura put up with many changes during that period of time. By 1995 Uhura was already considered a "senior citizen". Most of the time she was patient with these newcomers; however, she had little use for kitten behavior, so they received swats from her paw when they started to annoy her. She bonded with Nikki and they became cuddle buddies and remained so until the day Uhura had to leave us. She had renal failure and congestive heart failure. Uhura had a long, loving life and she was always a faithful, loyal friend. I think of her and miss her every day.

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